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Старший сын

Санкт-Петербург. Старший сын16+

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Санкт-Петербург, Народная ул., 1
03 h 00 min


Two young people - a student Vladimir Busygin and a sales agent Silva, escorting girls to the suburbs, are late for the last train. In search of warmth and overnight hapless lover get into the house of the eccentric musician Sarafanov. To stretch out time and get a little warm, young people on the run make up the story that one of them is the son of the owner of the house. This lie leads to the most unexpected consequences, turning the life of all the heroes of the play ...

The comedy of Alexander Vampilov - the classic of Russian drama - has long been included in the "golden fund" of the Russian theater of the XX century. After the cult film of Vitaly Melnikov, where the main roles were played remarkably by Eugene Leonov, Nikolai Karachentsov, Svetlana Kryuchkova, Mikhail Boyarsky, there seems to be nothing to add to the stage-by-stage reading of the famous Vampilov play. Especially - plays written in the distant 60's, significantly different from the realities of this time.

However, it is impossible to speak about any exhaustion of the plot after the diploma performance of the course of Grigory Kozlov (2010 edition). Few people among today's directors are as sensitive as Grigory Kozlov, refers to a detailed study of the characters and the relationship of stage characters. The director has a unique gift of understanding human nature, he gazes intently and lovingly at his heroes, not being afraid to seem old-fashioned and sentimental.

Opening in the play new meanings, boldly revealing the sharp comedy and piercing lyricism of the plot, the creators of the play tell a funny and sad story about love and loneliness, about finding yourself and about the necessity of every person to be heard and understood.

Superbly staged and brilliantly played by young, talented artists, "Elder Son" became one of the favorites of the audience demand of the past theatrical season. Young people follow the twists and turns of the plot, while the older generation of spectators nostalgically recalls youth, singing along to artists performing music hits of the 60s and songs of Bulat Okudzhava.

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The more a person has family ties, the better! Even if they are not really related ...

The young man pretended to be "his" when he had no time to spend the night: he said that he was the lost son of the owner of the house. And he instantly believed: he remembered his old love. Now Busygin was like a big brother to a new-born brother and sister, the eldest son of a "father".

And my brother in the meantime is in love with a neighbor, and my sister is getting married ... All around - young passions, and the father is glad to find his son - which means it does not matter who and when deceived, the main thing is that they are now one family!

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