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Григорий Остер. Вредные советы

Григорий Остер. Вредные советы8+

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121069, Москва, Никитская Б. ул., 53
01 h 20 min



Grigory Oster - the author of the famous "Bad Tips" - will talk about how to teach children as adults not to stop being children.

A secret and overtly harmful adviser to the Country of Soviets, which has sunk into oblivion, GRIGORY Oster will come face to face against a mixed family audience and will remind why a kitten named Gav in the yard will face only trouble. And why are they waiting for him. It will measure not only a boa constrictor in parrots, but also someone else’s grandmother by her own grandchildren.

Tells CHILDREN: where do adults come from. MOTHER: how dads differ from moms. DADDIES: why do all mothers dream of becoming a walking skeleton. CHILDREN: why in the fall, along with migratory birds, the teachers do not fly south.

Oster will explain to the kids which fertilizers should be quietly put into slippers by angry adults so that they become kinder.

He will prove to parents that naughty children are not so scary, because obedient adults are much more dangerous than naughty children.

Will teach everyone, how to achieve the triumph of justice. Suppose a friend gave you a neck seven times, and you gave him only five. Want to know how many times you need to give a friend a neck to make justice triumph?

A short course of clairvoyance will be given to children’s audience. He will teach boys to look into the future, and girls - to wake up their drowsiness.

Grigory Oster will send the adult part of the audience to the past. For a number of unforgettable moments, it will return the parents to a happy childhood, but will have time to get out of there before they are hacked for something like goat goats.

Then, to warm up, all those present will do a number of physical exercises (more precisely, sights).

Such as:

slamming mosquitoes
cramp rye
startle from surprise
bouncing from fear
horror squats
catching moments
waving yourself
Impressions of yourself from different angles.

After which another damn thing will happen, that there is a lot of unexpected things.
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