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Сказка об Иване-царевиче, Жар-птице и о сером волке

Сказка об Иване-царевиче, Жар-птице и о сером волке6+

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129327, Москва, Рудневой ул., 3
01 h 10 min


As in the capital city, let the wise king live about three sons, and that king sent his sons across the world for a golden bird about golden feathers. The younger brother Ivan fought that bird, and not only the bird, but also the golden-maned horse and Elena the Beautiful. He visited both the kingdom of Dolmat and the palace of Afron. And everywhere his companion was faithful friend - the mighty Gray Wolf. Soon the fairy tale affects, but not soon the thing is done. There is envy and malice in the world. And whether friendship and loyalty will win, and I myself don’t know, I only know that without your help it will be difficult for the Gray Wolf to defeat both the Serious Serpent and greedy envious people. If you come and listen to the songs, and look at the eastern beauties, and do a good deed, but at the same time you will please yourself. And you can watch it for everyone who has an interest in weapons, and for those who caress songs, dance the eyes. And small children, and gray-haired sages. I was there, my legs went to the dance themselves - you won’t stop! And honey and beer - I left you!

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes.

Director: Mikhail Mizyukov

Artist: Olga Sokolova

Actors: Pavel Suetin, Roman Bulatov, Anton Chudetsky, Sergey Vasilyev, Mikhail Mizyukov, Tatyana Sharabarina, Natalya Mikheeva, Vasily Dyshko and others.
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