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К125-летию со дня рождения Эдуарда Багрицкого Нас водила молодость...

К125-летию со дня рождения Эдуарда Багрицкого Нас водила молодость...16+

Москва, Пушечная ул., 4/2
02 h 00 min



Eduard Bagritsky occupies a special place in literature. This is the last Russian poet who, despite the difficult time of the formation of Soviet power, perceived the surrounding reality through the prism of romanticism. His work, imbued with the spirit of creativity, influenced the formation of a whole galaxy of Soviet poets.
Bagritsky possessed a phenomenal memory, spoke many foreign languages. His translations are still considered the same canonical as, for example, "Hamlet" by Boris Pasternak.

From the book by Valentin Kataev "My Diamond Crown":
“His arms with tense biceps were bent like a wrestler's, the side parting was disheveled, and his hair fell on his low forehead, Baudelaire eyes looked darkly from under his eyebrows, an ominously twisted mouth at the word“ laughing ”revealed the absence of a front tooth. He looked like a strong man, an athlete. Even a small scar on his muscularly tense cheek - the mark of a child cut by a shard of window glass - was perceived as a healed wound from a pirate sword. Subsequently, I learned that since childhood he suffers from bronchial asthma and his whole, as it were, gladiatorial appearance is nothing more than a difficult position given. "

The theater "Academy of Words" presents the premiere of the musical and poetic solo performance "Youth led us ...", in which the viewer will hear poems by Eduard Bagritsky. In addition to them, the performance will feature songs to the verses of Mikhail Svetlov, a contemporary of Eduard Grigorievich.
The play is about time, about life. A performance that evokes nostalgia and gives hope ...

The play is attended by the leading artist of the theater Ivan Shcheglov and the artist of the Concert Philharmonic Association, laureate of the international competition Alexander Blok (grand piano).
The director is the artistic director of the theater Sergei Mikhailovsky.
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