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Праздничный сон Бальзаминова

Праздничный сон Бальзаминова16+

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Москва, Сухаревская М. пл., 10
02 h 00 min


According to popular belief - a dream seen on the eve of the holiday comes true only before dinner! The petty official Misha Balzaminov also knows this, and therefore, when he dreamed of a successful marriage to a rich bride, he took this seriously. However, nothing can save the unlucky groom from hilarious and ridiculous situations on the way to achieve his goal! After all, even a loving mother does not flatter her child, admitting that “God offended him very much”!
The skill of the director Alexander Vilkin, the set design of Vasily Valerius, the costumes of Yulia Alekhina, the music of Nikita Shirokov, as well as the vivid images of the characters and the incredible relevance of the play even after almost two hundred years guarantee the audience many unforgettable minutes!

Stage Director: A. Vilkin
Director - A. Savelyev
Set Designer: V. Valerius
Musical arrangement - N. Shirokov
Costume Designer - Yu. Alekhina
Lighting Designer - A. Yudakov

Actors and performers:

Pavel Petrovna Balzaminova, widow: Marina Sauskan, Irina Sologalova
Mikhayko Dmitrich Balzaminov, her son, official: Vladimir Roganov, Alexander Volochienko
Cleopatra Ivanovna Nichkina, widow, merchant woman: Irina Novikova, Natalya Kabaeva
Kapochka, her daughter: Alina Gorbenko, Alena Derkach
Ustenka, friend Kapochki: Ksenia Romenkova, Alina Maznenkova
Akulina Gavrilovna Krasavina, matchmaker: z.a. Russian Federation Maria Ostapenko, Evgenia Mironova
Neil Borisovich Neudenov, merchant, brother of Nichkina: Igor Brovin, Nikolai Sakharov
Matrena, cook at the Balsamins: Maria Malkova, Aksinya Oleynik
Malanya, the maid at Nichkina: Maria Ilyakova, Sofia Zentsova
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