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Москва, Земляной Вал ул., 76/21
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In March 2020, the premiere of the performance “The Snow Maiden” based on the work of the same name by Alexander Ostrovsky will take place. An important topic of the production will be the question of the existence of true love in our time. The Snow Maiden comes to people in search of romantic feelings, but do they exist in the modern world? In a world that has not been adapted for this for a long time, where there is not enough time, and desires are imposed from without. The performance will lead the viewer into the world of dystopia, in which the incompatible was combined. As in the play of Ostrovsky, the Snow Maiden enters the country of Berendeys, violating all the Laws of Nature, and in the play director Denis Azarov will show resonance with reality. Artist Alexei Tregubov and composer Ivan Kushnir will recreate the metaphysics of the modern world on the Taganka stage. All superfluous elements and sounds will disappear to show the true nature of the characters and the dramatic conflict.

Denis Azarov, director of the play: “There is a world of Winter, Frost and Snow Maiden, but there is a world of Spring, Yarilo and Berendey. They are diametrically opposite and there is a conflict between them. In our performance, we want to show the idea that one society devours another society. One love absorbs another love. One view of life will prevail another view of life. This is an unfair but uncompromising situation. ”

Roles and Performers:
Snow Maiden - Daria Avratinskaya
Kupava - Ksenia Orlova
Spring - Maria Matveeva
Lel - Yuri Mezhevich
Berendey - Alexander Metelkin
Misgir - Semyon Shkalikov
Frost - Alexander Trofimov
Bobyl - Igor Pekhovich
Bobylikha - Philip Kotov
Bermyata - Anton Anurov
Yarilo - Pavel Komarov
Performance team
Director - Denis Azarov
Artist - Alexey Tregubov
Lighting Designer - Maxim Fomchenkov
Composer - Ivan Kushnir
Assistant Director - Tatyana Grazhdankina

The main scene.
Released March 28, 2020

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