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Eageniya Lihnikevich was 16 april on Storm

Thanks to the whole troupe and director for a new reading of the wonderful texts of Shakespeare!

Anna was 25 february on Storm

Thank you, we liked it)

Irina was 15 april on Storm

Thank you, liked the production!



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The theatrical sage, who staged all the great plays of Shakespeare, Robert Sturua, along with his co-authors, artist Georgi Alexi-Meskhishvili and composer Gia Kancheli created a fascinating world ruled by Prospero, who owns all the secrets of nature.
He is subject to the elements and spirits, but even he is not able to change the sinful nature of man. He can cause a storm, save the ship, place his enemies on the island, but not in his power to make the sinners repent.
The play "The Storm" is like a fairy tale, but in reality it is a philosophical parable filled with bitter meditations.
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The brother wants the death of his brother. And all for the sake of power.

The villains planted Prospero, the duke of Milan, and his daughter on a small ship and sent them to the open sea. Brother Prospero and his friend, the King of Naples, doomed them to an imminent death.

But the ship came to a small island. The wise Prospero subdued Ariel, the spirit of the air, and Caliban, a formidable savage.

One day a storm broke out on the sea, so that a ship that sailed past crashed against the rocks.

An attractive young man, thrown by waves on the shore, fell in love with Prospero's daughter at first sight.

The ruler came up with severe tests for the boy. What can he overcome for the beautiful eyes of the daughter of the ruler of the island?

Among the survivors of the storm were Prospero's enemies. Even on the island they are plotting.

Brother Prospero convinces the younger son of the King of Naples to kill his father in order to become ruler himself. The Ariel spirit prevents murder.

The young man, who fell in love with Prospero's daughter, was the eldest son of the King of Naples.

Prospero in meditation. Can one close his eyes to the crime of his brother and the King of Milan?

The daughter begs Prospero. She so wants to marry a beautiful young man.

Only a noble person can forgive offenders.

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Eageniya Lihnikevich was 16 april

Thanks to the whole troupe and director for a new reading of the wonderful texts of Shakespeare!

Anna was 25 february

Thank you, we liked it)

Irina was 15 april

Thank you, liked the production!

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