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Сказки для взрослых. Такие странные сны

Сказки для взрослых. Такие странные сны16+

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105082, Москва, Спартаковская пл., 9/1а
01 h 30 min



The play "Tales for Adults" includes seven bright stories based on famous fairy-tale subjects: Pinocchio, Alice through the Looking Glass, Hansel and Gretel, The Invisible Man, Three Wild Turkeys Waiting for the Corncobs, Passion Marilyn, Gingerbread House, Sleigh Ride.
In these short plays, well-known fairy tales gain a whole new sound - absolutely not magical, but very modern - sounding. In them - the search for truth and faith in a dream, the pursuit of miracles and the reality of life.
For the first time, viewers will receive a unique chance to see the “inside out” of fairy tales: find out how the matriarchy issue is being solved in the family of matured Hansel and Gretel; when Pinocchio faced the problem of tolerance towards those who are somewhat different from the majority; Immerse yourself in the heart-rending experiences of Alice from Through the Looking Glass of her childhood trauma! But what if the hackneyed, but so relevant expression of “positive thoughts” is rooted in the same childhood? And what is the reality of the difficult relationship of "teacher and student"? Do you know what are the illusions and mirages that you build so hard every day? And perhaps the most curious: do you want to spy on the erotic details of the life of the Invisible Man? ...
Welcome to Adult Tales!
The premiere will take place on January 22, 2020.

Actors and performers:
Fairy tale "Three wild turkeys waiting for ears of corn"
George - Yuri Sokolov
Bob - Sergey Aronin
Penny - Margarita Shilova, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation
Fairy tale "Alice through the looking glass"
Alice - Nadezhda Menshova
Mabel - Karina Zhukova / Irina Lukina
Fairy tale "Marilyn's Passion"
Marilyn - Sergey Aronin
Vivienne - Margarita Shilova, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation
Tale "The Invisible Man"
Griffin - Yuri Sokolov
Milli - Karina Zhukova / Irina Lukina
Fairytale "Pinocchio"
Pinocchio - Sergey Aronin
Gloria - Margarita Shilova, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation
Waitress - Nadezhda Menshova
Fairy tale "Gingerbread house"
Hans - Yuri Sokolov
Greta - Karina Zhukova / Irina Lukina
Witch - Nadezhda Menshova
Fairy tale "Riding in a sleigh"
Lady - Margarita Shilova, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation
Gentleman - Sergey Aronin
The performance is without intermission.
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