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Oleg Mityaev "Why haven't we been seeing each other for so long?"

Oleg Mityaev "Why haven't we been seeing each other for so long?"12+

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115035, Moskva, Kosmodamianskaya nab., 52/8
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“Why haven't we been seeing each other for so long?”

The concert is attended by:

Leonid Margolin, keyboards

Rodion MARCHENKO, guitar

The mystery artist, he is scenic, simple and modest. Fans of the author’s song unconditionally give him first place in the “new wave” of bardic creativity. His famous hit “It's great that we all gathered here today!” became the anthem of the bard movement, despite the fact that not everyone considers his songs to be bard. “I would not divide creativity into an author’s song, thieves, jazz,” the author himself admits. “This is one world ...”

People's Artist of Russia, member of the Writers' Union, winner of the Ovation Prizes and the Russian Poetry Foundation, Oleg Mityaev traveled all over Russia and many countries of the world on tour: he was in Germany and the USA, France and Israel, Italy and South Africa. His performances can hardly be called a "concert" in the usual sense of the word. Each performance is pure improvisation: it is unpredictable, witty and lyrical; sincerely and warmly communicates with the audience. The choice and order of the songs depends on the mood of the audience, and comments and stories from life - on the intonation of a random line from the audience. Most of the songs of Oleg Mityaev are riddled with sadness, but on stage he is always cheerful and happy to respond to the traditional notes of the audience.

In the program “Why haven't we been seeing each other for so long” (quote from the song “Holiday”) Oleg Mityaev, along with new songs, will certainly perform his old hits - soulful, soulful popularly beloved, repeatedly becoming hymns: “It's great that we are all here today gathered, ”“ Good morning, my love, ”“ Fasten people, summer is coming, ”“ Neighbor, ”“ Heavenly Calculator, ”and many others.

You can find more information about the event on the official website of the House of Music.

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