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Тайный мир Сталинских высоток

Тайный мир Сталинских высоток1+

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Москва, Садовая Б. ул., 14
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M Myths and legends of the seven Moscow hills. Sacred continuity of the Third Rome from the First and Second. Pagan temples and occult Soviet projects. Legendary "Shvivaya Gorka" and Moscow legends about the biblical Mosokha on the banks of the river Smorodina, which became the Moscow River. Generator of immortality for Soviet leaders. High-altitude and astrologers. Secrets and legends of the construction of the century. High architect and blood curator. Builders are saboteurs and prisoners. Komsomol building or regime object with barbed wire? The secret life of the pyramids of the 20th century. Secret bunkers and mysterious dungeons, underground tunnels and secret subway lines. Custodified cellars and "freezing" floors. Secret passages and forgotten shelters, underground garages and secret "wiretaps". Star residents of the royal palaces and family secrets of the celestials. From the great to the funny - as joked elite residents. The robbery of the century. Diamonds of Bugrimova and Galina Brezhneva. During the excursion you will see all seven Stalin skyscrapers and places where the most grandiose Soviet skyscrapers should appear, whose projects were not implemented, you will visit one of the high-rise buildings and admire the unique layout - the panorama of Moscow in the late 70's, you will learn: what The skyscraper hit the Guinness Book of Records, where to this day the bronze statue of Stalin, where the entrance to the legendary Metro-2 is located, was immured, as the Chekists helped Faina Ranevskaya to settle in the royal palaces, whom President Roosevelt called an actress of the century whom Stalin compared With Charlie Chaplin, who of the actors said the catch phrase "Money is eaten, but shame remained." About whom friends said "Eleven laureates in one bed", where the beloved "Dog show" was born, in which house the action of the film "Moscow does not believe in tears" and "True friends" takes place and much more. The beginning at 11:00 Art. M. " Mayakovskaya " , st. Big Garden, 16 at the entrance to the garden "Aquarium".
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