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Хрустальные струны вечерней Москвы

Хрустальные струны вечерней Москвы1+

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Москва, Садовая Б. ул., 14
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The water of all the peoples of the world was a symbol of life and an irrevocably lost time. Water - an animated character of folk mythology - affectionate and insidious, alive and dead, unpredictable, like all earthly elements. In ancient times, hundreds of rivers, streams, streams, fontanelles bore their crystal waters along the expanses of the Moscow lands and up to ours water is an indispensable element of the urban landscape. A hundred years ago, the Moscow River flooded our city, turning Pyatnitskaya and Ordynka into the streets of Venice, and the Neglinnaya, escaping from the chimney, terrified residents of the central streets with cloacal waters. Now we think that the elements are in our hands, closed in pipes and granite embankments, but ... the element has remained an element, and we will gladly plunge into the royal waters of its history. We offer you a romantic evening tour of the central streets and squares of Moscow. You will see the luxurious decoration of the night capital, millions of shining lights reflected in the waters of Moscow's rivers and canals, and splashed with multicolored sparks in the cool streams of Moscow fountains that give freshness and relaxation after a hot day in the stone jungle of the metropolis. Before our eyes will pass a series of magnificent capital fountains - historical and newly constructed. The old classical water fountains and new, dynamic, modern, with malachite and ruby ​​lights dancing in the musical rhythm, the powerful pillars of water quietly streaming and sweeping upward, reminding us of the tales of our childhood, ancient myths, biblical legends and taking them to the futuristic jungle of the abstract future. Some burn carnival sparks, others - red funeral candles. We will remember the history of Moscow's water supply and the first water cannon for amusement of the most respectable public, see the oldest Moscow fountain, we will try to guess how our ancestors used its bowls, make a wish, passing under the water arches behind the four magic horses, see floating fountains and fountains-monuments , We learn where and for whom the first light and music fountain of Moscow was organized, where in the capital there is a fountain for eternally thirsting lovers with drinking water, and as an unexpected gift of the Belgian city hall became an occasion for Creating one of the most beautiful modern Moscow fountains. The beginning at 19:00 of Art. M. " Mayakovskaya " , st. Big Garden, 16 at the entrance to the garden "Aquarium".
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