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Аномальные, Мистические и Загадочные Места Москвы

Аномальные, Мистические и Загадочные Места Москвы12+

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Москва, Садовая Б. ул., 14
04 h 00 min



We invite you to the mysterious and mysterious

author's bus tour of Moscow at night!

Mysterious Moscow legends and legends, phenomena and inexplicable phenomena.

Exciting legends about Ostankino. Threats of the old thing. "The Damned Ostankino." Why one of the most beautiful manor houses of the world brought only misfortune to its owners. Prophecies in the Sheremetyevsky Manor.

Careless curse of the "eternal wanderer" and the monastery that has left under the ground. The quicksand.

Geopathogenic zones. The failures. Legends and legends of the Red Village.

Anomalies of Losiny Island and Sokolniki. Stromynsky legends. "Bad prison"

Secret business "of the plant named after Stalin. Saboteurs disguised as ghosts.

Legends and legends of the Izmailovsky Island. Secrets of Rasputin's treasures. "The Holy Devil."

Prophecies and predictions. Fatal damnations of Solomoniy Saburova, Marina Mnishek, Anna Mons and

the elder Rasputin. Who is he a "great prophet" or "greatest sinner"?

The Perovski marshes are the clan's nest, the famous ponds of the warlock Bruce.

"The Assassin's House." Unexplained deaths of young men. The ghost of a suicide girl. "The House of Suicides"

Gireev's legends. The famous old Gireev woman and her curses.

Who are Moscow enthusiasts? Why is it at midnight the ghost of a terrible convict?

Why does the ghost of False Dmitry 2 appear in one of the Moscow monasteries, "what's on the poor place"?

The shadow of a gray monk.

Anomalous and mysterious places in Moscow.

Mystical and unsolved mysteries of life and death of famous Muscovites.

The beginning at 17:00. from Art. m. "Sukharevskaya"

- Collection in the center of the square at the monument "300 years of the Russian Navy"

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