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ридинг-группа Натэллы Сперанской по текстам Гомера

ридинг-группа Натэллы Сперанской по текстам Гомера16+

Москва, Тверская ул., 23
02 h 00 min



In every era, under the influence of Homer, the chosen one of the Muses, poets, artists and philosophers fell. The epic of Homer was inspired by Virgil and Dante, Keats and Blake, Shelley and Juan de la Cruz, Byron and Leconte de Lille, Goethe and Nietzsche, Joyce and Kazantzakis, Peter Ackroyd and Alessandro Barikko. Homer is the source that gave life to world culture. He became the guiding light for Heinrich Schliemann, who devoted his life to the search for the legendary Troy. It was a difficult test for Samuel Butler, who dared to put forward the hypothesis that the author of the Odyssey was a woman. What fate awaits the legacy of Homer in our era? Can we solve the mystery of the “great blind”, will we find the key to Antiquity if we approach it not as an era that has remained in the distant past, but as a living force that continues to exert its influence on us today?

Participants in the reading group on the texts of Homer will go on a mythological journey through the Iliad and the Odyssey. This journey will lie on the other side of the boring “study room”. We suggest treating the books of Homer not only as the most ancient monuments of European literature, but first of all, as sacred texts. The practice of reading them slowly is an attempt to survive the Homeric myth as a living reality, drawing a wide range of interdisciplinary knowledge into the process.

Leading Riding Group: Natella Speranskaya

Natella Speranskaya - philosopher, specialist in antiquity, culturologist, publicist. Author of the books “The Path to a New Metaphysics”, “Dionysus the Persecuted”, “Essays on the Revival of Antiquity” (in the process of writing), as well as a number of articles on philosophy and culture. Participant of the Orphic Games (Stanislavsky Electrotheatre). Founder of the JanusAcademy cultural and educational project.
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