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Director - Danil Chaschin

On October 2 and 3, 2019, the Gorka tragicomedy will take place at the Taganka Theater after the play by playwright Alexei Zhitkovsky, which was recognized as the best play of 2018 at the Culmination Festival. The director is Danil Chashchin, the nominee for the Golden Mask 2019. His performances are being performed at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, the Praktika Theater and other Russian theaters. "Gorka" in the Taganka Theater will be the first production of the play in Moscow.

“This play is about the daily feat of a little man. Kindergarten teacher Nastya is trying to build Gorka, organize the purchase of gifts for the New Year, prepare a matinee, help the migrant boy left by her parents, not lose the love of a loved one and not go crazy for fifteen thousand rubles a month, says playwright Alexei Zhitkovsky. “At the same time, Gorka is a play about the good that exists in spite of everything.”

The author of the play, Alexey Zhitkovsky, is a multiple participant and winner of dramatic festivals and competitions: Eurasia, Actors and others. In 2018, the "Hill" was presented at the Lyubimovka festival. Zhitkovsky's plays were staged at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, Theater.doc and the School of Dramatic Art, and his film “Monument” in 2016 was included in the non-competitive program of the festival “Artdokfest”. Lives and works in Nizhnevartovsk.

Danil Chashchin - director from Tyumen, graduated from the course of Viktor Ryzhakov in the magistracy of the Moscow Art Theater School at the Center named after Vs. Meyerhold, participated in laboratories under the leadership of Yuri Butusov, Kirill Serebrennikov and Konstantin Bogomolov. In 2019, his performance “Youth” in the Tyumen Drama Theater was awarded five nominations for the “Golden Mask”.

“Gorka” is a funny story about the absurdity of everyday life of a kindergarten teacher. I think many of us have nostalgia for childhood mixed with sad memories. In this duality and recognition I see a lot of humor, but also a reason for reflection. For me, this performance is about how dangerous involuntary and coercion are and how important it is to preserve the human, ”says director Danil Chaschin.
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