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Clinical case

Clinical case12+

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115093, Moskva, Pavlovskaya ul., 6
02 h 30 min



Ray Cooney
David Mortimer: Igor Livanov
Hubert Bonnie: Roman Madyanov / Sergey Stepanchenko
Jane: Elena Biryukova / Elena Surodeykina / Evgenia Dobrovolskaya
Rosemary Mortimer: Yana Arshavskaya / Natalia Shchukina
Casteliance: Elena Galibina / Elena Bushueva
Sir William Nelson / Bill: Yuri Nifontov / Vladimir Ershov
Leslie: Stepan Abramov
Sergeant: Ilya Sozykin / Vladimir Shulga
Mike Connolly: Sergey Bataev / Sergey Lavygin / Rodion Vyushkin

The premiere took place in October 2008.
Translation and editing: Mikhail Mishin
Director: Roman Samgin
Artist: Olga Shagalina
As always before Christmas in the central clinic of London reign fuss and
confusion. And, indeed, there is a lot of work: an annual
reporters conference, the rehearsal of the Christmas
holiday, gifts are distributed to the staff of the clinic, they are urgently prepared for discharge
patients ... But the most responsible is entrusted to the neurologist David Mortimer and
therapist Hubert Bonnie. The first is to open an international conference
doctors, the second - to fulfill the main role in the Christmas theater
David and Hubert are friends with twenty years of experience, between them there is no envy, nor
offenses. And let one of them, luckily married to the daughter of the chairman of the academic council
clinic without five minutes head doctor, and another ordinary therapist and an avid bachelor, -
they are just as faithful and faithful to each other as in the days of their turbulent youth,
held in companies with pretty nurses and carers. And who could
To think that after eighteen years one of these nurses will come to David
Mortimer with the news that he is the father of her child today, on her own day
of age, their son only wants to see his own father ...
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