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Старший сын

Старший сын12+

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121069, Москва, Никитская Б. ул., 19/13
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Mayakovsky Theater begins the new year with the premiere of the play “Eldest Son” by A. Vampilov, one of the playwright’s most personal and penetrating plays. Alexander Vampilov lived only 34 years and wrote only 4 large plays, but managed to go down in the history of Russian literature as one of the main playwrights of the 20th century.
Evgeny Leonov in the movie created an unforgettable image of the head of the Sarafanov family. Now, on the stage of the Mayakovsky Theater, one of the most profound and soulful heroes of Russian drama will be played by People's Artist of Russia Igor Kostolevsky.

“The Eldest Son” is a comedy based on strange circumstances. Student Busygin and his friend Silva, seeing off new girlfriends, are late for the last train and try to find an overnight stay under the false pretext that one of them is the illegitimate son of the father of the family and came to visit him. The impostor enters the world of the Sarafanov family and in just a couple of days, warm feelings arise between him and the household that even a revealed fraud cannot destroy them.

A tragic and at the same time funny performance about how the hero, who was originally looking for just an overnight stay, as a result finds a real home and family.

In the nature of the Vampilian play, chance determines the beginning of the story, but how it all ends depends on the characters themselves: they must make their own choice - to run and not become attached or risk and fall in love.
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