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Feud Love. Hatred. Friendship. Envy. Cooperation. Contempt. Delight. Betrayal. Forgiveness.

In the life of the two great actresses of the Golden Age of Hollywood was all. But they never worked together. One loves the movie, selflessly, passionately, the second - the theater, believing that only on the stage you can live for real. Everything seems to be in the past: the set, the stage, love, betrayal, money, ceremonies, scandals, the front pages of newspapers and magazines, youth, beauty. But they came together and decided to make their last, their best film.
Leading actresses Elena Yakovleva and Tatyana Lyutaeva have teamed up to play the play “Enmity”. Through the destinies of American movie stars, tell not only about Hollywood, but also about yourself, about the creative actor's quest, unimaginable ups and painful falls, fame and loneliness, disappointments and happiness ...
The play "Hostility" takes place in parallel in two worlds: the real world and the film set. A Kinotriller, which is filmed in the presence of spectators, is fancifully intertwined with existence in life. And this transition is not always clearly marked. The action is intense, unexpected, sharp, full of humor and bitterness, passion and beauty. And, of course, music. After all, the director is the play Vladimir Pankov, the creator of his own direction in the theater - Soundrama.

Directed by: Vladimir PANKOV

Play: Anna Chaika with the participation of T. Lyutaeva and E. Yakovleva

Cast: People's Artist of Russia Elena YAKOVLEVA, Honored Artist of Russia Tatyana LYUTAEVA
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