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"Baby and Carlson, who lives on the roof"

"Baby and Carlson, who lives on the roof"1+

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125009, Moskva, Triumfal`naya pl., 2/1
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Duration 2 hours, with one intermission
The premiere took place on March 3, 1968
The performance was staged in 1968 and still does not leave the stage until today, becoming a symbol of the children's repertoire of the Theater of Satire; moreover, it is one of the oldest children's productions in the country.

A performance based on the famous story Astrid Lindgren appeared in Russia even earlier than in Sweden. In the role of Carlson, Spartak Mishulin performed more than 2,000 times, having traveled the whole country with this spectrum. The actor himself said that Carlson would be one of the most beloved Perso nazhey, until the children cease to be lonely, and this will not happen, since even the most loving parents are more busy with material concerns. And while the child feels lonely, he believes in Carlson. Carlson, as Spartak Mishu-ling saw him, is a grown-up child, in which the baby soul lives. It combines shyness and boasting, whims and caress, greed and sensitivity, self-confidence and shalov-livnost, sadness and enthusiasm - all that paradoxically fills the inner world of the child.

Today, theater artists are trying to do everything so that with Mishulin’s departure, the performance stays on top and continues to delight the audience. The scenery for the performance was created by the famous theater artist Boris Messerer. The revolving city of Stockholm, Carlson’s closet, surrounded by chimney pipes and the cozy room of the Kid, where the fireplace burns, and nice curtains hang on the windows, open to the audience.

Author of the performance: S. Prokofiev
Staged by Margarita Mikaelyan
Director: Spartak Mishulin
Composer: Andrey Eshpay
Artist: Boris Messerer

Kid - Marina Maniakhina / Arina Kirsanova
Karlsson - Sergey Churbakov / Pavel Misailov
Astrid - Veronika Agapova / Elena Sinilova
Betan - Maria Kozakova / Arina Kirsanova
Mother - Olga Surkova / Tatiana Titova / Olga Kuznetsova
Freken Bok - Natalia Fecklenko / Natalia Zashchipina
Fille - Anton Buglak / Sergey Belyaev / Artem Minin
Rulle - Maxim Demchenko / Sergey Belyaev
Pelle - Evgeny Tolokonnikov / Artem Minin / Nikita Manilov
Old Women - Tatyana Titova / Olga Surkova / Anastasia Kuznetsova
Olga Kuznetsova / Lilia Sharapova / Maya Gorban

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