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Мольер (Кабала святош)

Мольер (Кабала святош)16+

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Москва, Суворовская пл., 2
02 h 00 min


Drama in two acts

The new production of TSATRA "Kabala svjatosh" - the third appeal of the director Boris Afanasievich Morozov to the genius of Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov - the great Russian writer, playwright, modern classicist. The first Bulgakov's production "The Moon in the Window" according to the writer's early stories was successfully carried out by Boris Morozov on the stage of the Moscow Dramatic Theater named after AS Pushkin. Pushkin, The second appeal to the work of Bulgakov - was held in New York on Broadway, where Boris Afanasyevich also with great success put the play of MA Bulgakov "Zoykina apartment".

In the new staging of the Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army "Kabala svjatosh" by MA Bulgakov, the object of the study of director Boris Morozov is the personality, creativity and fate of playwright and actor Jean-Baptiste Poclen de Moliere.

"Kabala svjatosh" or "Moliere" is one of the most mysterious and best plays of the domestic theater. The first production of this play was performed at the Moscow Art Theater in 1936, where it was seven times sold out, but was removed from the repertoire. Then the play "Kabala svjatosh" was repeatedly staged, had a lot of different readings. It is in demand today.

The theater, creativity and life, love and betrayal, devotion and betrayal, tragedy and farce, vicissitudes of fate, palace intrigues, mysterious rituals of bondage sessions - are weirdly and enthrallingly intertwined in the new production of TSATRA "Kabala svjatosh". Director Boris Morozov reveals the veil over the mystery of the life and work of the great playwright, actor Jean-Baptiste Moliere, touches the subtle nature of his artistic Renaissance nature, his human qualities, relations with the actors of his theater, women, the king, the churchmen. Moliere is a great artist, even if he experiences weakness at times, uncertainty, acting thoughtlessly, spontaneously, making unreasonable acts and heavy mistakes, nevertheless remains faithful to himself, his vocation, talent, theater at the most difficult moments of his life. According to the idea of ​​director Morozov, there are three different worlds. One world of Moliere's theater is the world of Creativity, High Art, Talent, spirituality, and natural feelings. Another world of the theater of King Louis XIV or the Sun King, as it was called at that time, is the world of the theater of politics, despotism, rationalism. The third world is the world of the theater of the Archbishop, the Marquis de Sharon - a dangerous, insidious, hypocritical world of militant religious fanatics or bondage pious, hostile to spirituality. From the clash of these worlds - destinies are falling, people are dying, Moliere is dying. But his talent, his creativity conquers death, making the Moliere theater the standard of genuine art, great dramaturgy, pleasing to today's viewer.

True theatricality, complex plot intrigue, intertwining of characters and destinies, simultaneity of what is happening, a mixture of tragedy and farce, mystery combined with virtuoso choreography, stylized in the XVII century with luxurious costumes, enchanting sounds of music, filled with a sense of romance, drama and tragedy, psychologically accurate, rich And creatively free at the same time masterful direction and talented actor's performance - makes this performance fascinatingly entertaining, spectacular, dynamic, modern m, fully integrated in the global theater context.

Director of photography - People's Artist of Russia, laureate of the Moscow Prize Boris Afanasievich Morozov

Composer - Ruben Zatikyan

Choreographer - Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Alexey Molostov

Costume Designer - Andrey Klimov

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