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PREMIERE Producer: Philip Grigoryan In the lead roles: Lera Gorin / Victor Terelya, Yuri Duvanov, Irina Grineva / Irina Savitskova , Elena Morozova The great comedy of Moliere is one of the key texts of the world theater, a play with a grandiose scenic history and a turbulent prehistory, which includes a scandal and a two-fold ban. Tartuffe in the play of Philip Grigoryan is not a vulgar fool, as Belinsky wrote, and the universal evil that does not hide its deadly, vampirical nature, Orgon (Yuri Duvanov) is not a comic monster, as stated in the preface to the 1954 play, but a good man, deeply and Hopelessly infected with a virus of fear. Characters surrealistically multiply - the themes and subjects of Moliere travel in time and space (the costume designer Galya Solodovnikova). But no matter how fantastic this trip is - the monstrousness of evil, which does not remember itself, and the wonderful ability of decent and decent people to self-deceit - all this in the performance of Philip Grigoryan is absolutely genuine. That's exactly what happens. Olga Fedyanina, the playwright of the project: "Director Philip Grigoryan has built a kind of parallel worlds in which the same people, phenomena, objects look different. And this means that viewers will see in the evening not one performance, but two different ones - or, if you will, one with a multiple perspective. And the characters, in turn, will make several trips in time and space. " Roles are played Tartuffe: Lera Gorin / Victor Terelya Orgon: Yuri Duvanov Elmira: Irina Grineva / Irina Savitskova Ms. Pernel: Tatiana Mayst Cleant: Oleg Bazhanov Dorina: Elena Morozova Mariana: Julia Abdel Fattah, Ekaterina Andreeva, Anna Daukaeva, Anastasia Fursa Damis: Yevgeny Kapustin Valer: Dmitry Chebotarev / Anton Filipenko Officer: Lyudmila Rozanova Bailiff:   Azamat Nigmanov Cossacks: Dmitry Myagky, Mikhail Sokolov
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