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«Юнона и Авось» (спектакль театра «Ленком М. Захарова»)

«Юнона и Авось» (спектакль театра «Ленком М. Захарова»)16+

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Москва, Тверской б-р., 22
02 h 00 min



A. Voznesensky, A. Rybnikov. Modern opera in two parts
Modern opera 2 parts.

Rezanov Nikolai Petrovich (1764-1807) - Russian traveler and statesman. One of the founders of the Russian-American trading company. Descended from a poor kind of nobles Smolensk province. He served as a lieutenant of the Life Guards Izmailovo regiment. Later he served as chief secretary of the civil department and managing director of the main board of the Russian-American company. In 1806, he traveled to California, where he helped establish trade links between the Russian-American company and the Spanish colonists. On the way back to Russia he died in Krasnoyarsk.

“Let me somehow appreciate my feat, but, with the help of God, I hope to do it well, I’m the first from Russia to wander here, so to speak, on a knife-edge ...”
From the letter N.P. Rezanova, November 6, 1806

Contemporaries about Rezanov:
“Still, justice must be paid to Ober Chamberlain von Rezanov, which, for all its flaws, it is still distinguished by great administrative powers. And not all human is alien to him. One would think that he immediately fell in love with this young Spanish beauty. However, in view of the inherent attentiveness of this cold man, it will be more cautious to admit that he simply had some kind of diplomatic views on her. ”
From the diary of Dr. Langsdorf

“This Rezanov was a quick, hot, intricate man, a talker who has a head more capable of creating castles in the office than for the great things happening in the world ...”
Fleet Captain 2nd rank and Chevalier V.M. Golovin

Staging: Mark Zakharov
Director-set designer: Oleg Sheyntsis
Direction: Dmitry Pevtsov
Choreography: Vladimir Vasiliev
Costumes: Valentina Komolova
Lighting Designer: Mikhail Babenko
Choirmaster: Irina Musaelyan
Teacher-Ballet Master: Anton Leschinsky
Technical Director: Dmitry Kudryashov

Dmitry Pevtsov, Semyon Shkalikov, Alexandra Volkova, Anna Zaykova, Sergey Piotrovsky, Alexey Skuratov, Gennady Trofimov, Ilya Trofimov, Stanislav Ryadinsky, Kirill Petrov, Svetlana Ilyukhina, Lyubov Matyushina, Viktoria Solovyova, Sergey Dyakovsky, Nikolay Samsonov, Maxim Amelchenko, Evgeny Boytsov, Dmitry Groshev, Victor Dolgiy, Pavel Kapitonov, Igor Konyakhin, Levan Mshiladze, Dmitry Nikonov, Ekaterina Dracheva, Elena Yesenina, Angelika Koshevaya, Anastasia Marchuk, Alena Mitroshina, Alisa Sapegina, Anastasia Chernikova, Ivan Leshuk, Andrei Sergi Vsky, Alexander Sado, Marina Korol-Kova, Alexander Kargin, Nina Gorshkova, Inna Pivars, Andrey Garist, Alexander Gorelov, Oleg Knysh, Alexey Kokorkin, Dmitry Maltsev, Levan Mshiladze, Nikita Ovsyannikov, Alexander Salnik, Andrey Sergievsky, Dmitry Simonov, Stanislav Tikunov, Sergey Yuyukin, Sergey Yakovlev

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