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Маус Хаус Штраус

Маус Хаус Штраус2+

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Москва, Басманная Стар. ул., 15
00 h 40 min


"Mouse House Strauss" from 2.5 years old

Genre: baby theater

Director: Elena Labutina

Artist: Alexandrina Trapeznikova

Actors: Marina Vorozhishcheva, Mikhail Filippov / Irina Latushko, Ilya Sobolev

Production: Fanny Bell's Lodge

Duration: 30 minutes

The interactive play "Maus House Strauss" directed by Elena Labutina was created in the framework of the "Baby Scene" project and appeals to the smallest spectators in a language and visual images that they understand. Two children come up and tell a story about the mouse-fidgets, which go to a great trip, when the cat settles in their house. The mice discover the city vanity and village silence, they go where the eyes look on the huge truck, they get acquainted with the Moon, the Cloud and the big good Dog, which allows them to wait out the rain in their booth ... And they swim across the river in a hat-ship and build their own Own new House.

"Mouse House Strauss" combines the formats of baby performance and educational baby-concert. The action is accompanied by live music - arrangements of well-known themes from waltzes, Poles and musical jokes of Johann Strauss-son. Simple props, at the discretion of the artist Alexandrina Trapeznikova, easily transformed into elements of the imagined world of children. The play contains play moments and involves active communication with the audience.

Elena Labutina, director: "I hope that our performance for the youngest will allow not only children but also parents to discover again the insanely interesting territory of the composition of the game from nothing, from the simplest that is at hand."

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