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Брюсов Переулок

Брюсов Переулок16+

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Москва, Арбат ул., 26
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In the play are busy: Olga Tumaykina, Igor Kartashev, Yuri Polyak, Ekaterina Kramzina, Vitalis Semenovs.

Andrei Maksimov, the author of the play, the director of the play "Bryusov Lane":

"Since it became known that I'm putting on a play in the Vakhtangov Theater based on the works of Valery Bryusov, they began to ask me:" Well, why exactly Briusov, now almost forgotten, well, what's so modern about him? "

We - people are funny creatures. It seems to us sincerely that the most important actions in our lives we do, focusing on the mind. In fact, we trust our feelings much more. What is love? Feeling. Is it possible to explain why you love this lady or that? What is a vocation? This is the desire to do this or that thing. A desire is also a feeling. In fact, feelings are much stronger than reason. And they deceive us much less often, which is important.

I love the work of Valery Bryusov. Moreover, prose is more than poetry. I love his strangeness and mystery. Incredible combination of a detective story (our story begins with murder), melodramas (one woman is loved by two men, and then another falls in love) and a profound, philosophical attitude to life.

All these words about the love of Bryusov do not explain anything, as no words about love explain anything. In his prose there is an inexplicable mystery and an inexplicable same attraction. A philosopher-dreamer ... Such in the world literature meets not often.

We tried to match. We wanted that, in deciphering the detective story, plunging into the melodramatic collisions of our heroes, the viewer finally thought about himself, about his life, about how hopelessly sad life can be if there is no God in it. The epigraph of the play is Dostoevsky's words "Without God ... everything is allowed."

I am grateful to the head of the theater Rimas Vladimirovich Tuminas, who, after reading the first version of the play, did not point me to the door, but began to think about how to improve the play. His short, and always very correct remarks were fundamentally important for us, and, I hope, fundamentally improved the dramatic material.

I am grateful to the director of the theater Kirill Igorevich Krok and the whole fantastic theater team named after Vakhtangov who create for the director almost ideal working conditions.

My low bow to people who believed in this idea and went with me.

First of all, of course, thanks to the artists. I always try to do plays in which the main role will be played by the artist. I believe that the viewer comes to the theater hall to see the actors creating new interesting people who are interested in guessing. Olga Tumaykina, Vitailis Semenovs, Igor Kartashov, Ekaterina Kramzina, Yuri Polyak - you are the best! In our performance there are no episodes. You created real real ones, and, what was especially important, different characters.

The amazing world of the performance was created by the striking Maxim Obrezkov. The performance is musical, the characters are dancing and singing, and it's a great honor for me that one of the best contemporary composers Faustas Latenas wrote music for the production. Tatiana Dokukina is known as the creator of the best balls in Moscow, and for me the joy that she created a very difficult plastic of this performance.

Together we tried to express our love, ineffable by words, to Valery Bryusov.

Love, her absence and her imitation - probably in the work of Bryusov is the main theme. A theme that can never become obsolete. "

The performance is recommended for viewers over 16 years old (16+).
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