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The play opens a series of the premiere of the anniversary, the 95th season of the Mayakovsky Theater.

Following the novel by Karel Capek "The Life and Work of the Composer Foltyn" (for which the play "Maestro" was staged), director Yuri Ioffe continues to acquaint the audience with the little-known works of the world literature classics. "Blah" is perhaps the least familiar play by AN Ostrovsky, and it was co-authored with PM Navezhin.

It is believed that everyone in life falls happy to meet their love. Someone meets her in youth, someone at a more mature age. As the main heroine of the comedy of A.Ostrovsky and P.Nezhin admits, the landowner-widow Serafima Sarytova (Honored Artist of Russia Tatyana Augshkap), her youth "passed without joy, she did not squander her feelings," but one meeting changed everything. And now the culprit of these changes - Stepan Barkalov (Mikhail Kremer) - serves as a manager, but rather dominates the estate of a landowner in love with him.

The comedy about how feelings, as well as the fear of losing their newly acquired happiness, often prevail over common sense.

For all the twists and turns of the dashingly twisted plot, the audience will be able to observe, sitting along the perimeter of the chamber space of the Little Mayakovka stage.

An interesting historical fact:

playwright Pyotr Mikhailovich Nevezhin (1841-1919), informing in his memoirs that he, having been educated in the works of the great playwright, took up his pen and wrote three plays that were rejected by the censorship, writes: "I was finally confused, I went to Ostrovsky told his misadventures. He liked the plot of my last play, and he approved the script, but added: "You can hardly get along with censorship." Then, having mustered courage, I addressed him sincerely: "Help me. Without your instructions, I will vanish decisively. Perhaps you will do me a great honor and, having recycled the play, honor me with the honor of being your collaborator. " So there was a comedy "Blah", which was subsequently published in Shchedrin's "Notes of the Fatherland." (PM Nevezhin, Memoirs on AN Ostrovsky, "Yearbook of the Imperial Theaters", 1909, issue IV.)

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