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Rock'n'Roll mystery

According to Margarita White's play The Door to the Prince

There are strange people in the world. They can not sleep if the dog barks behind the window. And when they do, they dream of guitar riffs with overdrive, flashers, glissando, the sixth string of bass guitar and blast beat. They compose fairy tales, in which there is more truth than in any eyewitness account, more than in reality itself. Because it is the truth of the soul and the heart. It's rock'n'roll. It is said that Mozart's "Magic Flute" influences microbes that purify water-on living cells: increases their productivity. For rock music, such an influence is not noticed. But with her our life is definitely lighter.

Talking about the fate of a rock musician with her ups and downs, the authors of the play tried to comprehend and show how and how they pay the daughters of fortune, talents, princes of music for what they are. With love and bitterness, not justifying and not condemning. As the well-known rock journalist wrote, "the plot describes not only events, but also adventures of thoughts and feelings." This is also an offering to the Rockenroll idols - all those who played and sang, and gave their heart to rock music, thereby making this world much better than it could be without them.

The music for the songs that sounded in the play was written by rockers from the small Latvian city of Liepaja: it is an old kind rock, beautiful, romantic, with a charming accent of sweet, almost native overseas, and true to the best traditions of the late sixties and early eighties.

On stage, the play will be presented for the first time.

And this story could happen anytime and anywhere. Everywhere there is music and there are musicians. Where they compose music, breaking their hearts and performing it, smashing strangers.

Directed by Ivan Koldare

Artist Vadim Grigoryev

Poems: Margarita White

Music: V.Box, A.Virga, R.Dinters, E.Dreblatts, E.Silatserps, K.Sudmalis

Animation Entertainment by Alexey Grigoryev

Video: Oleg Vavenko

In the performance participate rock band FONDARIUM and Dance Company Yatheater.

Cast: Anton Dolgov, Elizaveta Angert, Dmitry Efremov, Roman Morozov, Vladimir Gorislavets, Julia Perkova

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