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Uliya was 27 february on The Cherry Orchard

A great performance ... a very interesting production ... a terrific play of actors ... I recommend everything to everyone ..

Вишневый сад

Вишневый сад18+

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Москва, Сретенка ул., 19/27
03 h 00 min


The garden froze. Only noise of time is heard, inexorably approaching the change of the era, the departure of ideals and former values. In the cold light pouring into the windows of the old house, Chekhov's characters tell of themselves. Igor Yatsko refers to the last play of the playwright "The Cherry Orchard", revealing in it the mysterious theme of passing through death.

"For me, the Cherry Orchard is a Russian mystery," says director Igor Yatsko, about the performance. "The heroes of this play are that Cherry Orchard, which is dying, and with it the ideal goes away. However, despite the powerful symbolism of the play, it is impossible to put it without a psychological approach, without a story about a Man. Therefore, I decide many scenes through monologues, which the characters pronounce as confession. I want each character to sound as distinct as possible. Nevertheless, the climactic scene with Firs, an old servant, forgotten in a boarded-up house, I understand as absolutely symbolic. This is the very "burial alive", through which all the heroes of the "Cherry Orchard" passed, the whole class of people whose destruction Chekhov had predicted. "

The artist Nikolai Simonov creates the poetic atmosphere of the play, in which the signs of the past century - from the painting of Salvador Dali to the aesthetics of Tarkovsky's films - were mixed.

Premiere - January 29, 2015

Ranevskaya Lyubov Andreevna, landowner - Lyudmila DREBNEVA

Anya, her daughter - Anna LITKENS / Regina HAKIMOVA

Varya, her adopted daughter - Olga BONDAREVA / Maria VIKTOROVA

Gaev Leonid Andreevich, Ranevskaya's brother - Igor YATSKO

Lopakhin Ermolai Alekseevich, merchant - Kirill GREBENSCHIKOV / Oleg MALAKHOV

Trofimov Petr Sergeevich, student - Fedor LEONOV

Simeonov-Pischik Boris Borisovich, landowner - Sergey GANIN

Charlotte Ivanovna, governess - Maria ZAYKOVA

Epihodov Semen Panteleevich, clerk - Evgeny POLYAKOV / Ivan TOVMASYAN

Dunyasha, maid - Alisa RYZHOVA / Darya RUBLEVA

Firs, lackey, old man - Oleg Okhotnichenko

Yasha, a young lackey - Roman DOLGUSHIN

Head of the station - Igor Danilov

Postal official - Vadim Andreev

Violinist - Igor KORNIKH

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Uliya was 27 february

A great performance ... a very interesting production ... a terrific play of actors ... I recommend everything to everyone ..

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