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Метод Гронхольма

Метод Гронхольма16+

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Москва, Суворовская пл., 2
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Jordi Galseran-i-Ferrer "The Method of Gronholm"
Psychological Detective
Directed by Tatyana Morozova

The dramatic psychological drama "Gronholm Method" based on the play of the same name by the Spanish playwright Jordi Galseran-i-Ferrer. Director Tatyana Morozova offers her interpretation of the picture of the destruction of moral values ​​in modern society.
Space is an office space, in which there are four characters. These young people are candidates for a vacant post, who came for an interview. Instead of answering questions, they are invited to participate in the "battle of survival", in which one who will be able to wrest from his soul compassion, conscience, and trample on the principles of morality.
Directed by Tatyana Morozova not accidentally chose a play written 15 years ago and transferred her action to our days. Young performers raise the actual topic today that the generation of 30-year-olds had a substitution of human values ​​and the foundations of morality. Love has turned into sex, friendship - into chatting. It is easier for them to "hang" in social networks and revel in victories in online games than to build relationships with real people, overcoming their own selfishness and cowardice, envy and cruelty.
"The task of the theater is to present the burning topics with art tools, to show the danger of separating people, when everyone is hiding behind the screen of his gadget," says director Tatyana Morozova. The performance is built rigidly, from the decorations of only a few office chairs and two doors. There is almost no musical accompaniment that could fill the images and characters. For an hour and a half the artists work in one breath, they need to keep the spectators' attention, maintain the dynamism and the "degree" of the presentation of the material. "
Young actors, graduates of Boris Afanasievich Morozov's studio (GITIS), the main director of the Theater of the Army: Ivan Grishenkov, Sergey Smirnov, Anna Voropaeva, Yaroslav Berezhnov, Alexander Makarov take part in the play.
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