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Evgeniya was 06 april on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Very pleased!

Mar`ya was 06 april on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Very grateful for the performance. Went with a friend, we are 25-27 years old. We are close and understandable about what and how tells Eugene Grishkovei. The mood is wonderful!)

An was 23 june on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

It is delightful !!!

КАК Я СЪЕЛ СОБАКУ  (Е.Гришковец)

КАК Я СЪЕЛ СОБАКУ (Е.Гришковец)16+

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Москва, Страстной б-р., 8а
02 h 00 min


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Mono performance by Evgenia Grishkovets

This performance with a very strange and original title "How I ate a dog" is a "universal history of growing up", in which the main and only stage character Grishkovets tells about his service as an ordinary sailor in the Pacific Fleet. His story, constantly interspersed with memories of childhood and adolescence, is built in such a talented, subtle and sympathetic way that each of the spectators naturally has a feeling of personal involvement in the narrative. All the details, very carefully noticed by the author and clothed in the form of sincere spiritual revelations, produce a terrific impression.

"How I ate a dog" - the first performance of Grishkovets. Eugene describes this play as a "universal history of growing up." He shares the experience of the sailors' service in the Pacific Fleet as if this experience was personally received by each of the spectators. The play appeared in the "Kemerovo" period of Grishkovets' life. Long played for a small number of spectators.

For example, in Moscow it was first played in the smoking room of the Theater of the Army for 17 people. The premiere took place in 1999.

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"It's so scary when someone leaves, and you stay."

The past goes away irrevocably. I want to return it, remember all that was so expensive once.

Evgeny Grishkovets puts on a sailor's cap and remembers his three years of military service in the Pacific Fleet.

The story will go both about the school where he studied, and about the long journey by train to the destination, and about how scared he was of the unknown.

He talks simply and frankly, but with the smallest details. And the main thing is precisely these minor details, in which the air of time and the moments of his youth are enclosed.

In the service, he yearned for home, dreamed of returning from the Far East sooner. He went away as a boy, a recent schoolboy, but returned as an adult, a patriot of the Soviet country.

In the play there is a lot of humor, funny absurdities and funny tales. For example, about how he allegedly defeated the Japanese pilot. But there are serious stories about the heroism of our sailors, about the fate of his generation.

"... And you are not offended. Because you still do not know how to be offended, because as soon as you learn to be offended, at the same second, not the next, and at the same second you will learn to offend ... "

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Evgeniya was 06 april

Very pleased!

Mar`ya was 06 april

Very grateful for the performance. Went with a friend, we are 25-27 years old. We are close and understandable about what and how tells Eugene Grishkovei. The mood is wonderful!)

An was 23 june

It is delightful !!!

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