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Легенды и тайны спящего города

Легенды и тайны спящего города12+

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Going to this night trip, do not forget to leave at home a bad mood and high heels.

A cheerful and fascinating walk to the world of dreams of your beloved city awaits you. Mysterious phenomena and little-known facts. Ghosts of the past and ghosts. where to find them and how to deal with them? !!. Abnormal zones and places for making wishes. And all this through the prism of the history of the ancient city and the city that lives now.

With the general agreement of the group, it is possible to call at "Coffee House" at four o'clock in the morning!

For lovers of romance, hiking and adventure.
Excursion route
Theater Satire and B. Sadovaya 10, Patriarchal Ponds and Spiridonovka, the "accursed theater" in Tverskoy, the magic oak and the arch of fulfillment of desires, Bryusov lane and and the sinister house of the director, the ghosts of the conservatory and musical kicks, the Alexander Garden and Red Square, the House Pashkov, Ancient Chertolye, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the dawn over the river.
On our tour you will learn
why Moscow entered the top five of the most mystical cities in the world,
which places in Moscow are considered "dark", and which - on the contrary,
what does the solar structure of the capital mean?
How did the construction of the Moscow metro Yakov Bruce affect the construction?
Why the Kremlin got into the Guinness Book of Records by the number of ghosts per square meter?
How did the specter of Lenin appear in his office before Vladimir Ilyich himself died?
Ticket prices for the excursion
The cost of the tour: 650 and 550 (preferential) rubles.
Frequently asked Questions
Where will the tour begin and where will it end?
The beginning of a night excursion on Sukharevskaya Square. The excursion to the Patriarch's Ponds ends.

The beginning of the evening walking tour - at the exit from the metro station Ploshchad Revolyutsii near the tower with the inscription "Restaurant".

Is it really interesting?
We answer this question in the following way: "Legends and mysticism of a sleeping city" is the most gray-haired program in our excursion and theater center. Her 13. And this means that she likes and needs.

How to dress?
Dressing should be warmer, expecting that at night 2-3 degrees colder than during the day. Do not forget comfortable shoes.

Are there real ghosts?
Who will be as lucky. Sometimes they meet, but not always good. One can not help thinking that it would be better not to meet.
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