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Самые забавные и удивительные памятники Москвы. Цикл «Сказки бронзовых жителей столицы» Часть 2

Самые забавные и удивительные памятники Москвы. Цикл «Сказки бронзовых жителей столицы» Часть 21+

Москва, Садовая Б. ул., 14
04 h 00 min



In our minds since childhood, the textbook image of our capital, familiar to everyone since childhood, has become firmly embedded in the historical portrait of Moscow monuments. Despite the fact that the sculptural monuments began to adorn the capital only two centuries ago, the squares and boulevards of Moscow were abundantly populated by stone and bronze inhabitants by the beginning of the 20th century. The Soviet period made monumental propaganda one of the most important ideological tasks, splashing out into the streets of the capital orderly lines indicating the way to the bright future of the leaders and led by the right road to the common happiness of the proletariat, leaving us with a memory and piercing masterpieces dedicated to the sacrificial heroism of the heroes of the Patriotic War and mummified lifeless idiologems . But such a huge number of unusual, non-trivial, as if sensing freedom from all sorts of ideological frames of sculptures, as in the last two decades, Moscow has never seen. In a short time, the number of monuments doubled. There were absolutely unusual creative decisions, sculptures as though descended from high pedestals and went to the people: tragical and lyrical, funny and funny, touching and sad, going back to the national and religious roots of the multi-tribe population of the city, showing us the image of favorite literary and film heroes, ordinary People and not even people, and the most unexpected objects and animals. They can be touched, there is no strict uncle-policeman near them, but few know about them yet. Monuments that amaze with their originality, unusualness, and eccentricity we will see in the cycle of their two excursions around Moscow - "Unusual monuments of Moscow" and "The most amazing and amusing monuments of Moscow", trying to get acquainted with a completely unusual image of our beloved city. On this excursion we will smile at the monument to the shish kebab, Erofeevsky Venechka and his lover from Petushki - a girl with a scythe to priests, remember the best Holmes and Watson, the brilliant Evgeny Leonov as the Associate Professor, the great clown Nikulin and his car, the favorite literary heroes of our childhood, Baron Munchhausen And Khoja Nasreddin. We will see the monument to the "little man" of our time, we will be able to capture with the amusing characters of the Friendship monument and the rebellious communications, make a wish at the bridge of lovers and at the tree of love, where we will try to guess what a sculptor sculptured the strange androgyne, and touch the touching ducklings whom the duck mom Translates across the road, we learn how many ancient life there is now in the capital, that in Moscow now there are monuments and a slice of a refiner and a writing dog, and a Mobius band, and chess, and immediately all sciences, and a giant stool, and in Sender of the savings bank, and much, much more.

The beginning at 11:00 Art. M. "Mayakovskaya", st. Big Garden, 16 at the entrance to the garden "Aquarium".

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