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Feedbacks from viewers
Nataliya was 23 november on Flaming Pestle Knight

The idea is clear, but the performance is falling apart.

Mariya was 18 december on The hen party club

Were at the play in December 2019. Overall a good performance. I thought the truth was that it would be more fun (but the topic does not allow it)) The old school, of course, is felt! The teamwork is excellent. Not a single misfire. Aronova liked the most. There were a lot of elderly spectators at the play.

Mariya was 18 december on The hen party club

Were at the play in December 2019. scrap is a good play,

Irina was 23 september on Drums in the night

Very interesting production, great acting. We went with my son for 18 years, here is his detailed opinion: The performance “Drums in the Night”, like most modern productions, is distinguished by its brightness and conceptualism. There is also a scrapping of 4 walls, but I would not say that it fits perfectly here. positive aspects can be highlighted: excellent musical accompaniment, great actors and dynamism, sometimes the text component, which, apparently, is the merit of Brecht, is still pleasantly surprising. otorya, by the way, can be traced only at the beginning, and in some places an over-modernization of the classical play. In some ways, the performance reminded me of Rammstein’s videos with their textured, exaggerated images, and the appearance of several actors is similar to that of the frontman of the aforementioned musical group (it’s not surprising, because the action takes place in Germany.) The performance is crammed to the brim with all sorts of symbols and references, denial and depreciation, which is a significant feature of modern art. I can’t say anything bad about this interpretation of Brecht’s work, although I have nothing to compare with. Perhaps if I read this play, I would have a different opinion. And so I can summarize one thing: the performance is good, and if you like modern productions, it is definitely worth going to it. "

Oksana was 22 march on The house that Swift built

Good, good performance. All for Gorin. It was very interesting how the giant Lilliputians would be beaten. In my opinion, the director coped great. Received great pleasure. Be sure to go and see. Highly recommend!

Anna was 05 march on Krause Family

; Performance liked. Old women performed by actresses are charming. Natalya Nikolayeva fluttered like a butterfly on the stage, and Vera Alentova cheated. Interestingly, lively, not boring. Actors lived this evening on stage. I like it. About the theater. Inside is beautiful and original. On the second floor there is an interior in the style of a theater museum, the Third floor is a chic buffet. I did not like the fact that after the end of the performance, when the audience descended into the cloakroom, Brownian movement began. Streams of people leaving the room, prevented each other from passing to the right parts of the wardrobe. Getting dressed was a bit complicated. But after a good performance, it was even fun.

Elena was 04 march on Shakespeare in Love

Yesterday we watched the play. I really liked the game of actors, interesting staging, scenery. I recommend to visit this performance.

Margarita was 24 january on The hen party club

I went to the play 01/23/2019. I liked very much. Many thanks to the actresses !!! What a great fellow. It was a pleasure to watch and listen to them !!! There was an impression. that they themselves enjoyed what they were doing. (The only negative, I was sitting on the 14th row of the orchestra and I didn’t hear all the cues, it’s a pity I missed a few masterpieces that everyone laughed at. Who was closer).

Valeriy was 16 january on This beautiful life

All the actors are great, it is very difficult to distinguish someone. Time flew by like a flash. Emotional pleasure is present to date. Very happy to return to the main stage Elena Yakovleva, amazing. We advise, we highly recommend to see.

Natal`ya was 08 january on Tartuffe

Were 07/01/2018 at Christmas! They came in a good mood, because walked around New Year's Moscow! The performance did not spoil this mood, active action, the text for centuries, clear and relevant at all times! The actors played not badly, but some had to listen. The only negative is very stuffy in the room ((I recommend for viewing.

Andrey was 28 december on This beautiful life

I would say that this is a "normal" performance. The game of actors is excellent, everyone coped brilliantly with the text, character transfer and vigorous movements around the scene. Claims, rather, to the play itself. It was hoped that there would be a little more ridiculous. Although the comedy of positions probably means not a large amount of humor, but the comedy of the positions in which the characters of the play find themselves, and there were plenty of them.

Ganna was 17 october on The Marriage of Figaro

Were at the play “The Marriage of Figaro.” A very beautiful theater, good organization, a warm kind atmosphere. I liked the performance, especially the play by Viktoria Isakova, Sergey Lazarev.

Tat`yana was 15 october on Mousetrap

October 13, the whole family visited the play "Mousetrap". The performance pleased us and my husband and our children (18 and 24 years old). Thanks to the actors! But it is regrettable that many who have come to the theater do not know how to behave. The whole performance was accompanied by phone calls, the rustling of candy wrappers and a discussion of who the criminal was.

Maksim was 15 october on This beautiful life

Smotherl 2 times, to see Olga Volkova, hit only the second time, but I have to admit that Irina Byakova is more interesting in this performance. The 1st act (oddly enough) is also more interesting than the 2nd act, therefore, both times it came out with a slight disappointment. And so nice, pleasant, funny performance, Yakovlev is gorgeous, Bochkin was not bad either, now Zavodyuk will play, I think it’s not worse

Maksim was 15 october on The hen party club

I watched 2 times with a break of 10 years. This is one of the most ancient performances of the theater. It has been running since 2006. It is very pleasant that all these years artists play without alternates.

Uliya was 28 september on This beautiful life

The performance was wonderful, fun and comfortable spent the evening. The game of all the actors at altitude. Recommended for viewing.

Irina was 20 september on The hen party club

Went to the play on September 19, 2018. We went with my mother and her friend (for 75 years both). They laughed, they got tired, they were glad ... The performance was VERY VERY VERY !!!

Viktoriya was 09 june on ORANGES & LEMONS

Were at the play on 03/06/2018. The performance is good, strong. The second act is super! Alentova in great shape. I liked the theater very much: it is filled with history, cozy. Thank you for a great evening !!!

Valeriy was 30 may on A good man from Sezuana

EXCERGLY !!!! The actors just laid out 100 percent. Today, one of the best performances in the theater. Thanks to the director and the troupe. The audience was delighted. Alexandra Ursuljak has shown how many-sided, talented and dramatic she is, indeed an Oscar-winning role. I strongly advise to see all who have the opportunity, then not to regret the missed.

Nataliya was 22 may on Much ado about nothing

A good performance, even despite some modern "surplus". I went with caution, I do not like modern interpretations of the classics, and most of the previously seen altered classical works left an unpleasant impression. In this case - almost a classic version with a few digressions. There are, of course, excesses: for example, Benedikt, for some time, eavesdropping, held on stage, completely out of place, in shorts. The authors had the idea that if he was in trousers, the meaning would be lost? :) A few vulgar jokes and gestures, alas, have already become traditional for almost all modern theaters, but for some reason causing the greatest burst of laughter. Somewhat upset that Beatrice was not played by Isakova or Ursulak, one of which I would like to see in this role, but Anna Begunova, unknown to me. But, undoubtedly, I played well! And in general, all the actors play beautifully. Thanks to them! In general, I'm happy, I recommend!

Marina was 03 may on This beautiful life

The best performance seen in recent times. Magnificent Elena Yakovleva in tandem with the wonderful Igor Bochkin and young actors, not inferior to them anything! Just a holiday! a good mood and a lot of positive emotions are provided !!!

Nina was 13 march on Talents and deceased

Were at the play on 12.03.2018, wonderful performance !!! Cheerful, light, not a gram of vulgarity, the mood creates amazing, such a jolting humor and laughter .. I go to the theater quite often, read about this performance, once remarked that I would have to look, but with tickets. did not hurry. But it's just a flash! Go and see everything.! Such a good gaiety is not often found in the theater. Thanks to the creators of the play, director Eugene Pisarev, all actors, Sergei Lazarev y - bravo !, really turned out a wonderful ensemble. Well done !!!.

Petr was 18 january on Krause Family

A wonderful comedy, the performance really liked. the actors play is adorable! Thanks for the pleasure!

Angelika was 05 january on ORANGES & LEMONS

December 31 were with my mother in the play. The beginning was incomprehensible and uninteresting. Have decided to wait for the denouement. And it is exact - the summed up house, instead of a family. Well done all the actors involved. We left with a good mood. Thank you.

Uliya was 05 december on A good man from Sezuana

The performance is very unusual, sur, full of drama, a lot of German original text, songs written in the language of the author of the Brecht times !! How can artists so keep the bar, who works with their breath and makes it endless, where do they take that very nerve that is bare so that it touches you and kills you? !! But everything would not be so cool, if not for the music - something incredible, she put all the accents and revealed all the secrets, musicians - incomparable fanatics! When the pianist beat, he really drummed on the keys, it seemed to me that the piano would burst, the sparks flew !!)) My delight Ursulak is Oscar, I'm under the impression)

Mariya was 21 november on The Cherry Orchard

First of all, it's not Chekhov, but something "on motives." Do not wait for a meeting with the classic work! A playwright's idea is unlikely to be understood by a person who did not read the play. In general, there was a pleasant impression. A good, whole, truly theatrical performance. Beautiful live music, very nice young artists. I did not like it: the sound (unsuccessful acoustics, not enough microphones), the inexpressive Isakova, the farce went off scale and the drama disappeared, the unsuccessful image of Epikhodov. The hall is very cozy, it was evidently fine (ground floor, 13th row).

Irina was 07 november on Tartuffe

Great performance! A wonderful play of actors. Action goes without the slightest breaks. Suddenly, good humor, focused on the modern viewer. Bravo!!!

Svetlana was 10 october on Krause Family

Great performance for Friday evening. Light, funny, with unexpected twists of the plot, it can be a perfect ending to the hard work week. I recommend!

Tamara was 01 october on ORANGES & LEMONS

I watched the performance on 30.09.2017. Cheerful and energetic, although there is something to think about; almost the whole act laughed. Liked))

Anastasiya was 25 january on Measure for measure

The first 30 minutes of the performance seemed to be drawn out. Then the performance went on increasing and generally liked it. The second time he would not look. But if director Declan Donnellan will bring his production to Moscow, I'll go and see.

El`vira was 11 may on Measure for measure

I'm delighted! The best I've seen!

Evgeniya was 11 may on Measure for measure

The performance is wonderful. Verse, the play of actors, intrigue, make you think. God forbid to face such a choice!

Veronika was 25 january on Measure for measure

Great performance, thank you

Evgeniya was 26 december on Measure for measure

Measure for the measure of a wonderful performance, played with all the impact. Thank you!

Marina was 22 november on Measure for measure

Thank you. The performance is very topical: The successor ... A zealous neophyte ... A bit not dynamic, but all is not boring.

Dar`ya was 06 march on Measure for measure

Great performance. Interesting and unusual production.

Viktoriya was 25 january on Measure for measure

A great performance, a wonderful play of actors, every little thing is thought out in the play! It's great to come again!

Anna was 06 december on Measure for measure

Prekrasniy, udivitelniy spektakl !!

Marina was 11 may on Measure for measure

We really liked the scenography. Not beaten. Originally. All done well!

Ol`ga was 22 november on Measure for measure

Thank you. The performance was amazing. I did not expect so many emotions in Shakespeare's play. It was unpleasant to see a naked actor, unnecessary vulgarity

Mihail was 08 february on Measure for measure

Donellan in all its splendor ... The play has a chance to be remembered and impress those who are not afraid of departing from the canons, the spirit and the message of Shakespeare, that is, the main thing remains, only the form has changed. The actor's ensemble plays with pleasure, the mass of directed energy, conducted by the skilful hand of the director. Feklistov, mothering Pankov and Khalilulina are accurate and passionate.

Svetlana was 08 february on Measure for measure

Fantastic! It's funny! It's bright! A real Satyricon!

Svetlana was 25 january on Measure for measure

I liked it very much !!!

Valentina was 14 december on Measure for measure

A sad story that did not like. In my opinion, actors replayed.

Elina was 05 april on Measure for measure

Good performance. The beginning is a little tight, but overall excellent! A great game of actors, you look with a sinking heart! Would come again!

Irina was 30 may on Measure for measure

Great production! A lot of positive emotions! Thank you!

Svetlana was 28 march on Measure for measure

Yesterday I was at the performance "Measure for Measure". I liked very much !! The actors play is magnificent, the finds are original. For the first time I bought an e-ticket, everything went smoothly, conveniently. I enjoyed this theater-small, chamber, the hall was full. I think many liked it ..

Sergey was 28 march on Measure for measure

Yesterday was a great evening, I watched this wonderful performance. A stunning plot, excellent scenic embodiment of it by regser and actors. I seized the action immediately and did not let it go until the decoupling. Time passed like one instant. Here's what IS THE PRESENT ART. ALL, EVERYTHING, ALL throw your busy business, look for (big ticket to help you) tickets to this production, have fun. I advise you !!!

Ekaterina was 24 november on Measure for measure

Clever and noisy

Irina was 24 april on Measure for measure

Was at the play on April 23. I liked very much, wonderful actors, production)) there was not enough music in the first section. In general, enjoyed, thank you very much)) pS This day was Shakespeare's jubilee - 400 years, but for some reason nobody mentioned this event from the scene.

Elena was 14 may on Kreutzer Sonata

I watched the play "Kreutzer Sonata". The performance surpassed all my expectations. The actors play is fascinating. Porechenkov super, played brilliantly !!! The positive charge of energy was received until the end of the working week.

Mariya was 14 may on Kreutzer Sonata

January 20 saw the play "Kreutzer Sonata." I really liked the production! 2 hours of incredible stress and emotions! Bravo to the actors! Porechenkov is great!

Irina was 01 april on The Scarlet Flower

Good performance! Sinishka (5 years old) watched with interest to almost the end!

Elena was 21 june on The hen party club

The play liked very, from the heart of a laugh. The game of our stars is incomparable, has not received such pleasure for a long time. I recommend, you will not regret ..

Arina was 08 june on The house that Swift built

Elegant performance. Was shocked. In some places farce and comedy, in fact, the drama of Swift's genius, his scale of fantasy and thinking, ahead of his and even our time. The actors' play is magnificent, the performance is set up wonderfully, the actors and director perfectly coped with a very difficult task. I immediately wanted to remember Swift, read it, learn more about him. What happens on stage, bewitch. I think I'm not the last time at this performance, I'll definitely come again.

Aleksandr was 28 december on Great Magic

A great story, not previously seen in the theater or cinema. The action, which began with an almost comic situation, grew into such a drama with an unexpected ending ... Thanks

Veronika was 11 march on Promise at dawn

An unusual performance, it was hard, especially as my son's mother.

Uliya was 08 october on Treasure Island

A wonderful performance. The content corresponds to a well-known book. And even the characters of the play somewhat resembled the characters of the well-known children's film, which caused the desire to revise the cinema. Actors are just great! I really liked that the main character of Jim played a boy, and not a disguised uncle. I think it's very close to the play with the little spectators. The hall was full! Was with the child of 5 years-looked attentively, not tired. There were many children of school age. I was afraid that they would make noise, comment. But everyone looked at the scene as if spellbound and sympathized with the heroes. I advise everyone)))

Ekaterina was 22 april on Treasure Island

Were on this show on 2/10/2016 with two children 8 and 10 years old. A wonderful performance, the children are delighted. I really liked the scenery and music. Thank you all very much.

Tat`yana was 21 may on Talents and deceased

Was on performance 21/10/16. I am delighted! The performance is easy, funny, funny! All the actors are good! And Sergei Lazarev as a lady is simply gorgeous! Having a good male figure is gorgeous in a woman's dress! Especially in the first act! I recommend buying tickets that are closer to the scene, in order to enjoy the mimicry of actors and Sergei in particular! Everyone who is involved in the creation of this performance - BRAVO and APPLAUSE!

Uliya was 03 december on Krause Family

I liked the performance. First, the first 15 minutes, it seemed boring, when the heroines grumbled. But then, when other actors began to appear and the development of events proceeded, it was exciting, funny. Everyone played great.

Alisa was 16 may on Much ado about nothing

The whole performance was pleasant, thank you.

Galiya was 24 november on A good man from Sezuana

The performance really liked! The play is very symbolic, everything in the performance is something that symbolizes: scenery, changing the dress of the main character, projection in the background of the scene. Also the performance will be interesting to people who know German, because During the performance, songs are played in German (and subtitles are given in Russian). The eternal problem of good and evil, injustice of life and excessive demands of the gods for the common man is raised.

Andrey was 25 june on Tartuffe

The most popular comedy of our time has finally appeared in one of the best theaters in the city. Tartuffe at the Pushkin Theater surpassed all the Moscow theaters, the text was preserved completely, Moliere's prickly epithets sounded super-expressive and very poetic. Darin, Argon, and Tartuffe were amazing. The audience clapped their hands, exulted like football, laughter reduced cheekbones, but the artists gave us no rest. I recommend everyone to see.

Andrey was 29 may on The Cherry Orchard

Very good original performance. More interesting than in other theaters. All the actors played excellently. Very funny was Epihodov, he made 122 misfortunes. Sobchak's husband showed his sharp mind in this performance. When Firs remembered the dried cherries, I almost burst into tears. There was a live orchestra on the stage, and the inhabitants of the garden danced a break dance, glorifying fragrant sweet cherries. Most strange was the merchant. You can not even tell what an eccentric. I advise everyone to go and see the merchant: this kindergarten is the best.

Anna was 16 may on Much ado about nothing

I liked it - it was fun! I laughed heartily, and even though by the end of the first - the beginning of the second action "how quickly everything changed" and it became tragic, it's still a comedy after all, and I'm in a great mood for the second day. In my head sounds "I'm from Syberia // You're from Sicilia" - thanks to Yevgeny Plitkin and the band "W /"! I was pleased that the performance was played exactly by those whom Victoria Isakova and Taisia ​​Vilkova were waiting for (if you believe the instability of Taisia, it was her first appearance in the role of Hero). Victoria is incomparable! Of the male roles most liked Anton Feoktistov, Alexander Arsentiev, Vladimir Zherebtsov and Andrei Zaviuk. And a couple of policemen-policemen Sergey Miller and Igor Teplov created a great mood! Although I knew what I was going to, at first I could not get rid of the thought "But what would Shakespeare say?", But the classics for that and the classic, that she is out of time - always relevant, and Shakespeare's play in modern times is perceived in harmony. Not even a spoon is a drop of tar. At first, the scene of Boracchio and Margaret's closeness was slightly shocked, and then Benedikt, who was quite undressed, was still embarrassed. In general, for me, there were too many besporttoshnyh men! And yes, the theater is small, and in the stalls is such a small angle of inclination that even I, being tall, and sitting in the eighth row, twisted to see better! During the intermission, they went to the reconnaissance - they decided that now there was only a mezzanine, or even a balcony! But these are minor details. The performance is wonderful - once again many thanks and bravo!

Eleonora was 15 march on A good man from Sezuana

A stunning performance! I liked absolutely everything! The game, staging, script, dekaratsii and finds of the director. Perfect ruthlessness towards reality. Bravo!

Uliya was 22 april on Treasure Island

Were at the play on February 13 with two children: a girl of 5 and a boy of 10 years. I liked everything, both children and adults. Good costumes, scenery, music, actors play perfectly, without a discount for a daytime children's play. John Silver was especially good, according to the whole family. Also impressed by the fact that the theater does not sell any Chinese toys, you can buy juice and a sandwich in the buffet (if you try not to buy chips and soda). There were very pleasant impressions.

Evgeniya was 31 may on Offis

Magnificent work of all participants - from the author to the people who embodied on stage. I'm not an office worker, but the characters of the play are universal - modern people in a situation of stress, able to flatter, when necessary, to be rude, wriggle, able to sit up a colleague and hate smiling in the face. Thanks for a wonderful evening. Actors brave!

Vladimir was 26 february on The hen party club

February 26, 2016 were at this performance with his wife. I can say it all in two words - a complete delight! The performance of the artists is magnificent!

Anna was 15 march on A good man from Sezuana

The performance is very strong, and although I did not understand all the director's moves, well, I just like a lot of chips, I really liked it! Still does not let go, still under the impression. Arsentyev is so handsome! Ursulyak did not disappoint. But most of all I liked Alexander Matrosov. Simply brilliantly reincarnated! Live music, excellent vocal and choreographic preparation of all actors. All at the highest level. I definitely once again go to this play. And in general, Pushkin's theater is one of my favorites, I want to come here again and again. Thank you!

Roman was 15 march on A good man from Sezuana

A stunning performance! He walked with the thought that he probably would not like it, but practically from the very beginning of the action this idea evaporated. Really "strong" performance, after which in the mind and soul there is some inexplicable feeling that I still can not describe (although I did not like the comrade at all, he sometimes slept in places). Alexandra Ursuljak surprised once again. Special thanks for "Pure Music"!

Evgeniya was 22 april on Treasure Island

Great performance! We watched with my son for 10 years, immediately after the play I suggested going to the bookstore, then I read this work with pleasure. A bright, musical, fascinating performance! Thanks to the actors and directors!

Ol`ga was 16 april on The Scarlet Flower

I liked the fairy tale very much. Beautiful scenery, very beautiful costumes. Children under 7 years of age make sense to be put on their knees, very deep chairs. Then you need to buy 1 ticket to the right place, and the second cheapest (as explained to me in the theater).

Aleksey was 03 february on A good man from Sezuana

Thank you very much to Yuri Butusov! Beautiful setting. Reading fresh (not offended Taganka), and the work - as always, very relevant. Exciting scenography. Actors are wonderful all (even in episodes)! Well-chosen music sounds alive. What to add? To view - it is necessary!

Nataliya was 29 december on Treasure Island

An excellent performance, a child (9 years old) and a grandmother are very satisfied. Thanks to the actors for the wonderful game!

Tat`yana was 06 january on Treasure Island

Were at the play with an eight-year-old son. We received great pleasure. The child looked at the stage with all eyes, despite the familiar plot. Beautiful production and wonderful actors. Many thanks for the opportunity to show the child a real, high-quality performance.

Ekaterina was 03 january on Treasure Island

I was with a child of 10 years. Very colorful and musical performance. Looks at one go. I advise you to visit !!!

Tat`yana was 22 november on Treasure Island

My son (10 years) really liked me, too. Excellent acting, good scenery. Thank you so much.

Tat`yana was 03 january on Treasure Island

Were at the play on January 3 with his son of 8 years. I liked the production, music, deorations. The son liked the black pirate, he very cleverly did everything. The only thing seems to me to be a little delayed was the dance of pirates and the woman pirate is too big and the transformation of her later did not change much. In general, thanks to the actors for the game and the pleasure!

Oksana was 22 april on Treasure Island

An excellent performance for children 8-12 years old. My son and I really enjoyed it. Actors are playing on all 100. Thank you very much! And creative success.

Mariya was 15 march on A good man from Sezuana

Thank you for the performance! Excellent work of lighters and decorators, there is a feeling that you watch the Broadway musical) songs in German really liked! The only, in my opinion, very blurry end, after the chic performance of the main actress, which led me to rapture and even brought to tears.

Natal`ya was 23 november on The Scarlet Flower

The performance is simply gorgeous, classics. We had a child with 3.5 years

Mayya was 19 october on Treasure Island

Most importantly - I liked my son for 11 years. Thank you for the performance!

Natal`ya was 15 march on A good man from Sezuana

The production makes you think. The whole performance needs to be very careful, there are changes in the faces and habits of the main characters. To say that I liked it was to say nothing. If you flipped Brecht, the production will cause delight - it seems, more accurately, more truthfully, it is impossible to put on a play more vividly. There are a lot of phrases that you want to write down and quote, there are many reasons to think about the duality of nature, about good and evil, about faith within oneself, without which it is impossible to come to light. Well, all the ratings, reviews that the performance is required to attend, are fair.

Natal`ya was 20 june on Krause Family

The performance is excellent! This performance is for those who want to have fun, laugh and leave with a good mood !!! The actors play wonderful! Thanks to the theater for such a wonderful comedy !!!

Irina was 07 february on Treasure Island

Were at the theater on this play 07.02.2016 with two children of 8 years (boys). It's just a delight. Such a return of actors that it is impossible to break away from what is happening on stage. Two hours passed unnoticed, the Children and we are ecstatic. I strongly advise you to attend this performance. Remarkable scenery is simple, but what functional. Many thanks for such a great performance.

Andrey was 15 march on A good man from Sezuana

The Pushkin Theater became my favorite theater. Not a single scanned performance can not be called empty. And Butusov's performance "A good man from Sezuan" is just a bomb. I still, after a week, under persistent impression. All three hours the history of the prostitute was played with the touching lyrics of the live music band. A powerful, pure sound shook the heart. The artists sang and danced very skillfully. Dialogues obeyed the musical rhythm, acting unusually. The audience was very decent, sitting with an open mouth in deathly silence. Loud applause to Alexandra Ursulyak and all participants.

Nataliya was 15 march on A good man from Sezuana

The most worthwhile viewing performance in MDT!

Ol`ga was 04 january on The Marriage of Figaro

We looked with great pleasure. And if there's an opportunity, I'll look again. Elegant, beautiful, beautiful actors play.

Uriy was 29 may on The Cherry Orchard

One of the best performances of Vladimir Mirzoyev. Symbolism, plasticity, eroticism, unexpected, seemingly for this play, but in this performance organic. Even Gaev at Mirzoyev is interesting, in contrast to all the numerous productions that I saw. I thought about many things in this play, which I did not notice before. Actors are great all, music is a separate character. Very strong impression. Despite the expensive tickets, after a while I'll definitely go again. Mirzoev is a theatrical genius of our time.

Melitina was 25 june on Tartuffe

I went with my husband on February 14, 2016, I liked it very much, my smile did not leave my face all evening! Actors worked for glory, it looked easy! We sat in the mezzanine all can see and hear perfectly! Thank you very much!

Elena was 20 june on Krause Family

A classic comedy of positions, when, with the increase in actors, the absurdity of the situation increases. The artists successfully coped with their task. It was funny. Impressions of viewing are good. We spent an evening with pleasure.

Mihail was 29 may on A good man from Sezuana

Did not like. Very weak actors play.

Lubov` was 13 june on A good man from Sezuana

A delightful, powerful performance! I am sure that no one remained indifferent! Have received huge pleasure, thanks!

Visitor was 13 june on A good man from Sezuana

Thank you, everything is fine.

Anna was 17 may on A good man from Sezuana

A good performance, although there are parts of the credits that can not be seen from the side

Elena was 29 may on A good man from Sezuana

Strong performance! Convenient service. Thank you!!!

Veronika was 17 may on A good man from Sezuana

Thank you for the encouraging ending!

Marina was 29 may on A good man from Sezuana

I liked it very much

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Тверской б-р., 23
01 h 50 min

The performance of the cult novel by Romain Gary "Promise at Dawn" is primarily about great love. Passionate, forgiving, but sometimes destroying - maternal love that conquers time and distance ... And the bonds that unite the heroes of this story - mother and son - are not only related, but to some extent mystical.

The mother gave the hero education and inspiration, gave him his faith - an unconditional faith in him. He grows up, comprehends life, suffers from ups and downs, and continues to struggle for the realization of her dreams under the vigilant maternal care, because he realizes that he will never again meet a woman who would love him as much as she loved ...

The Frenchman, a military pilot who participated in the battles of World War II, he was and remained primarily the son of his mother: no one's praise, no one's approval can be more important to him than her encouraging, inspirational words.

And even after, in peacetime, he will remain true to his filial love, living other people's lives in his novels, remembering the unforgettable Her - his mother.

They were closely connected by the bonds of mutual understanding, when he was still a child, and this connection can not be interrupted.

Guided by her decisions, driven by her willpower, he understood how much the value of motherly and filial love - he, who felt life so fine, passed the war and disaster, that he was born to become a writer.


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