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Feedbacks from viewers
Marina was 04 march on "OIL HAPPY"

Shrovetide songs, dances, games and rituals and the atmosphere of fun folk festivals on Shrovetide. Wonderful live action! Thanks to the Dmitry Pokrovsky Ensemble!

Marina was 04 march on LARK, ARRIVE. All year round. Subscription number 16

I watched the program with my grandchildren last year. The Pokrovsky ensemble pleases with its professionalism. Special thanks for the respect for folk traditions! The grandchildren are delighted. We bought a season ticket this season! Let's go again!

Marina was 01 march on OIL CAN, GIVE THE PANCAKE. All year round. Subscription number 16

A fun, interesting and educational program about the traditional farewell to winter. The children really liked it. Thanks to the Dmitry Pokrovsky Ensemble!

Marina was 25 february on FACES OF LOVE OF THE RUSSIAN VILLAGE. The man is singing. Subscription

This is an extraordinary program and a very talented team. I got great pleasure from this concert.

Oksana was 04 jule on PUSS IN BOOTS

I liked the performance, the son of almost 4 years was fun almost from the first minute, the actors actively attract children during the performance. The performance itself lasted 1 hour without intermission, which is convenient for children of 3-4-5 years old, they looked, played and did not have time to get tired! Unfortunately, there are very few scenery and three chairs and a screen, the actors' costumes are not bad, but for some reason they didn’t have time to stroke them, and since the hall is not big, all the folds and wrinkles were visible, I think it is not respect for the audience. Especially the dress of the princess, well, how so, well, very mellow, and the princess seems to be always an example for girls ... And the cloak of the king, where the "courtiers" look !!! But the cat was inimitable!

Anna was 08 june on BALLET "NUTCRACKER"

The Nutcracker Ballet performed by the Moscow State Ballet Theater of Classical Choreography. you know how we love ballet and especially classical, which made the glory of Russian art. This time we watched the famous Nutcracker Ballet on Tchaikovsky’s music, staged by choreographer Kovtun, based on the choreography of Marius Petipa, The Nutcracker. It was especially pleasant that the ballet took place in a very intimate, cozy historical setting. In the very center of the capital, in the Mos room, on the Pushechnaya street, in the former Alpine Rose restaurant in the wonderfully preserved mirror hall, on a small but cozy stage, the action of a fairy tale unfolded. I was pleased that the scenery and costumes were made very authentically. The curtain opened, and the tale began. With their bright eyes, the children looked at the guests of the ball, the brave Marie, the noble Nutcracker, the evil mouse king and, of course, the wizard Drosselmeyer. I really liked the fact that the dancers involved the auditorium. So, the guests gathered at the ball, running along the aisle between the rows and up the steps to the stage. The effect of this has become even more realistic. I would like to note the amazing expressiveness not only of dance, but also of dramatic play of artists. How well the emotions are transmitted. Capricious, malevalnaya, a little stubborn and whimsical, but very kind Marie. Her parents are a wonderful duet who conveyed indulgent parental love in hand movements. Each character was very authentic and realistic. Like the dance of the Mouse King. These jumps, hands - and it seemed that he would defeat the Nutcracker. I would also like to mention his costume and make-up - I was very impressed with the children in the hall. I want to say that the choreography is somewhat simplified compared to the usual to us. But the kids liked the ballet. Perhaps the greater expressiveness of the characters allowed them to better understand the plot and characters. The scene of transforming the Nutcracker from a toy into a handsome prince is solved in a very interesting way. Even I did not manage to understand how this happened, and the children saw a real fantastic miracle. I liked very much that during the intermission it was possible to be photographed with ballerinas in the lobby. Yes, and just want to note that everyone who worked on this day, were attentive and friendly. And at the end of the performance all the small spectators were in for a surprise. Ballet dancers invited children to the stage and gave them balloons.

Mariya was 25 january on CASTLE OF ILLUSIONS

Friends, I have some kind of personal YEAR of the Theater) I compiled a personal poster, I go about 3 times a week to my favorite and new (for me) performances) And the other day on the recommendation together with the children and friends, and the children of friends went to the performance Illusions ", this is a Mosconcert show on the stage of the former music hall now Mosconcert Hall on Kalanchevka) OOOO!) As in that cartoon:" What a pity that you were not there " , an illusionist in one person) Well thought out tricks. "How do they do it?" - the hall whispered almost in unison between applauses) The magician and his assistants conquered everyone and children and adults! Between the preparation of tricks and tricks, luxurious dance numbers, costumes, choreography - all at the highest level) I highly recommend) No one will remain indifferent) Thank you so much! Edward, we are your fans from now on)

Valeriy was 24 december on "GNOME BRINGS CHRISTMAS".

Not bad.

Only for children
Only adults
107031, Москва, Петровский пер., 5/9
01 h 00 min


A musical performance based on African fairy tales and legends. Every year, residents of one village gather around the campfire, sing, dance, put on animal masks, remember and act out the story of how, in immemorial times, the clever Monkey saved the savannah inhabitants from the wrath of the Sea Dragon.

The performance takes place in a small hall, the audience sits next to the stage and can feel like participants in all the events: here the flood is moving to Africa, and King Leo convenes his subjects to hear their suggestions. The ostrich offers different ways of escape, Antelope believes that only beauty and art will save the world, Zebra believes that it is necessary to look at troubles philosophically, and a white stripe will follow the black stripe. And only the Monkey decides to act and is sent to the mysterious underwater kingdom, inhabited by luminous jellyfish, dark sharks, colorful fish, lobster and a real dragon.

By the way: the inhabitants of the sea are puppets, and the dragon is a real cane doll, made according to old Japanese drawings.

Director of the play - Irina Kryachun


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