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Feedbacks from viewers
Elena was 17 december on Maestro

A strange somewhat boring story, but with beautiful costumes and a decent level of acting.

Nataliya was 01 april on Pygmalion

I waited for the holiday, after all Kostolevsky, Lobotsky, but the holiday did not happen. Such rich images and such a boring display. Or magnetic storm prevented? Everyone was drumming the text without stopping and intonation, as if they were late somewhere. Is it possible to play this play without mood? There are no claims only to the performers of the roles of Mr. Dulitl, Y. Sokolov and Mrs. Pierce L. Ivanilova.

Natal`ya was 04 march on Exile

The ambiguous feeling of the performance is, on the one hand, a magnificent play of actors, especially Vyacheslav Kovalev (for 4 hours everything kept practically on him alone), on the other hand, a somewhat vague meaning, a drawn ideology. As a person breaks down under the pressure of circumstances - I can understand how a person who has beaten him wants to take revenge, and then after the passage of time, having found him, he no longer feels hatred - too. I can not understand the operation of the name of a famous musician (well, that is, as a marketing ploy - I can!). And I can not understand what the heroism of the protagonist is (sorry for the tautology)? What is the difference between his work of a bouncer in a bar and the work of his friend running like a dog for ducks? Wanted to be a man? Did he become one? In the final, he works as a policeman, living on fake documents, and as soon as the threat of exposure hangs, he disappears, leaving the pregnant wife ... What is he human? In crying over the ashes of a friend? I think the actor Vyacheslav Kovalev has invested more in this work than it is ...

Lubov` was 13 february on Russian novel

Everything is great. The game of actors is beyond praise. Looks in the same breath. Truly a metaphysical combination of the life and work of a genius. It is difficult to be the wife of a genius, Evgenia Simonova managed.

Ol`ga was 05 february on Divorce from the male (16+)

Great performance, I recommend!

Ol`ga was 28 january on Russian novel

The performance really liked. Deep, makes you wonder, causes the desire to re-read and the works of L.N. Tolstoy, and get to know his biography. Great play of actors, interesting discoveries of the director. After such performances you feel that the theater is an outstanding art!

Ol`ga was 25 january on Divorce from the male (16+)

Good fun performance. Wonderful play of actors.

Marina was 23 january on Children spoil relations (16+)

The play Children spoil the relationship is wonderful! Looks very easy and at ease. Very pleased with the play of all the actors. Remarkably woven into the performance of music and dance. This light comedy creates a wonderful mood and leaves in your heart the joy of communicating with art.

Tat`yana was 02 december on Berdichev (16+)

Were with a friend. The performance really liked. And they laughed and cried. Remember for a long time. It is about 3.40 - but time flies by. Actors do not play - they LIVE! Sorry to have come without flowers! Many thanks to the actors !!! I recommend it to everyone, it will not leave you indifferent!

Vladimir was 30 november on Mad Money

The performance is great! Playing actors and especially Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Polina Lazareva, Vitaly Lensky (Grebennikova) is beyond praise! Fascinated! Dream to see again!

Elena was 26 november on All my sons

The performance left a double impression - the plot of the play is interesting, the play, in my opinion, could be more interesting.

Aleksandr was 19 november on Tales of the Vienna Woods

Thank you so much. The characters of the characters are revealed very deeply. Many emotions and complete immersion in what is happening. You look and find a large number of parallels with those who surround you now. Alexander.

Dar`ya was 19 november on I was in the house and waited ...

I will try briefly: in general, very good, the game of actors is strong, although a couple of times they stumbled. The plot, in my opinion, and the idea itself are a bit too wise, but in principle it is probably vital. I understand that the actors are not doing this on their own initiative, but since the play is purely feminine, without it there was nothing. In fact, I advise you to go more than not)

Petr was 06 november on Divorce from the male (16+)

Wonderful performance! Great comedy in which good meaning is hidden behind ease. The main characters reflect many qualities that I would like to get rid of. At the moment when Felix complained to Oscar about life and health problems, I laughed to the pain in my stomach. Thank you, the evening was a success!

Ekaterina was 06 november on Pygmalion

Prokofiev is a wonderful miracle, but Kotalevsky was not impressed.

Tat`yana was 01 november on Kant (16+)

10/30/2018 with friends - theatergoers visited the play "Kant" in the Theater. V. Mayakovsky. From the one you like: the organization of the stage and the auditorium is interesting - the arena and the university audience at the same time (such a solution to theatrical space with the addition of playgrounds at any point of the auditorium is practiced by our favorite theater "Sphere"), excellent actors who can play the phone book. Unfortunately, they did not even have to play it, but the play chosen by the director M. Karbauskas by his compatriot M. Ivashkyavichus - an indigestible something with a claim to intellectual elitism. Impossible prolonged performance, more than three hours of talk about anything, repeated replicas of replicas and stage settings. Humor is not thin, jokes are not funny, some are frankly vulgar. Paraphrasing the author, we can say that the work is very meager, and not only in terms of time and space. Waiting for at least some climax and decoupling of a languid plot remained for the second action. As a result, the spectators, who left the theater during the intermission, were jealous. It is a pity that respected actors are wasting talent in such a mediocre play. Sorry for the money spent and lost time. Such is the attempt with unfit means ...

Elena was 29 october on Exile

Very cool performance. The actors brilliantly speak, the main character simply has talent - Freddie Mercury imitate. And the music of the band Queen is so intertwined with interest in the aunt of the play. Thank. The only thing - a very long performance, ends late.

Galina was 16 october on Marriage

Brilliant performance! Staging, artistic and musical arrangement, the actors - great! Everything in moderation, with great taste and skill. Bravo! Got great pleasure.

Ekaterina was 25 september on Exile

This is an amazing performance. Subtle, piercing, sad and funny at the same time. Incredible Vyacheslav Kovalev in the role of Ben. In every new scene, with every step, it's completely different. And each time you empathize with him as a friend. And of course the great music of Freddie Mercury is another bonus for the viewer. Such a performance can not not be pleased.

Ol`ga was 24 september on Exile

I personally did not like it. She left after the first act. Thanks for the fact that at least a mate was peppered! I somehow did not want to sit any further and look at the "adventures of the homeless in London" (this name somehow more adequately conveys the essence of what is happening on stage). In order not to be completely critical, I note that in some scenes there is humor, which decorates the performance a little and all the actors and actresses play very well, professionally.

Anna was 07 september on Divorce from the male (16+)

Were with her husband at the play on the anniversary of the wedding))) The performance is funny, light, but it makes you think. Under the fun lies a lot of sadness .. I liked it. I recommend

Helenn was 27 august on Onegin

I really liked the play. The actors are great, especially Chonishvili (for me). But Pushkin is a genius, what else can you say!

Elena was 14 june on Mother Cat (6+)

Stunning! Went with drci 6 years and baby 2.5! Even my little one sat without blinking for two hours! And they cried and laughed! Standing production, I advise for children from 5-6 years!

Ekaterina was 09 june on Onegin

I really liked the game of actors. The music is amazing! Very modern Pushkin.

Sasha was 08 may on Uncle's Dream (12+)

For 34 years, I never left the play in the intermission, even the children's. Do not say that I'm straight theater, but I love theaters. The performances are interesting in different genres, but this is just boredom .. Straight here is anguish .. The actors play does not save the situation. Just not an entertaining staging. Even this banal plot could be submitted in a different way, more interesting. In general, disappointment ..

Irina was 02 april on Factory of words

The performance is wonderful, atmospheric! The actors are wonderful! Words are really almost none - one pantomime, but the actors' play is so multi-layered, touching and expressive. Definitely I advise you to go!)

Elena was 09 march on Pygmalion

A wonderful performance, especially for March 8! Of course, one could add to the speech Elisa more modern slang, perhaps it would have turned out funny and recognizable. But still fun, talented, thank you to the wonderful actors 👏

Lena was 26 february on Price (16+)

Were on the 100th show of the performance on February 25, very much. Time flew by in one breath. Very soulful game of actors, especially like Alexander Andrienko in the role of Victor, in my view and looks like an American policeman. It was also incredible to see Igor Yasulovich, the legend of cinema and my childhood, the delightful Electron Ivanovich. The theater itself is small, but we did not experience any inconvenience-queuing no more than usual, the buffet worked quickly, with the organization of the auditorium, everything is also fine.

Marina was 19 february on Fruits of enlightenment

Recently, she often began attending the Mayakovsky Theater. This time I was not mistaken again. I really liked the play. I liked everything: the production, and the scenery, and the costumes, and there's nothing to say about the game. I like Nemoliaev and Kostalevsky very much. Every time I watch Konstantinov's game with great pleasure. Very good young actors. Go, do not regret it

Tamara was 12 february on Berdichev (16+)

Very bright performance! Leaves an indelible impression.

Elena was 31 january on Pygmalion

You watched on 01/30/2018 you can go to the play if you want to watch and listen to "women's parties" - these are perfectly submitted images masterfully with the energy (Natalia Palagushkina, bipods Olga Prokofieva, Lyudmila Ivanilova). My colleagues did not get it right. Performance without dynamics, almost always bored

Evgeniya was 10 january on Banquet (16+)

Yesterday they visited the performance "Banquet". We liked the play, a pleasant, French, lyrical comedy. It is not prolonged, it makes you think about life's problems and look at them with different eyes. Feel free to recommend.

Ol`ga was 20 december on Talents and fans (16+)

Were at the play last year. The performance did not like, they left after the first branch. Nemoliaeva, Spivakovsky, Ardov played well! And all in all, somehow it was not interesting.

Tat`yana was 05 december on Marriage

An excellent performance! All is harmonious, magnificent game of actors, very beautiful execution of Russian romances. Staging at altitude. Continuous recommendations. An example of honest work of the director, actors, chorus and the whole theater staff. Give joy to the soul, go! Such performances are a rarity in our time.

Inna was 24 november on Russian novel

In one breath, the whole first part, before the intermission, to tears, touched the scene with the "window", but from the moment Batman appeared on the stage in the second part ... The drawn ending turned into disappointment, and waited impatiently for the end of the last minutes.

Tat`yana was 24 november on Russian novel

Wonderful performance! Thanks to the director, thank you to the actors! They left with tears in their eyes !!!

Tat`yana was 13 november on Banquet (16+)

Was at the play when the second team was playing. Perhaps, therefore, the performance did not make such a strong impression, as written in the reviews. Intrigue at the beginning of the spectacle captures, but then the heat subsides and the ending even a little boring turned out in the performance of the second composition. The topic itself is interesting, there is something to ponder.

Elena was 16 october on Banquet (16+)

The theme of the play raises questions, to which everyone has their own answer-what is love, where does it go, and what must be done to return it. Everyone experiences this state in their own way, and a reliable prescription to reduce the pain of parting and return the ecstasy of love, simply does not exist. Therefore, a sense of humor in this situation is simply necessary! The performance is held by beautiful, talented, mature actors who realize that they are playing. The level of skill is very high. You feel that behind the shoulders of all performers is a fine acting school. Daniil Spivakovsky, Viktor Zaporozhsky, Yuri Sokolov, Nadezhda Butyrtseva, Natalya Korennaya, Galina Belyaeva - Bravo, bravo, bravo! Commentary on the administration - it is necessary to do something with the theater's premises, reconstruction is required, the creative team and the audience deserve other conditions.

Elena was 10 october on Fruits of enlightenment

I went with my daughter for 18 years. The play was liked by both of us, wonderful direction, actors. 3.5 hours flew by unnoticed. Many thanks to everyone for a wonderful evening.

Elena was 12 january on Mayakovsky goes for sugar (16+)

Very pleased with the game of actors! Went with her husband in the New Year holidays in 2014 - New Year's relaxation and mood improved even more after watching the performance. Spectal 3 hours, but intrigue to the very end!

Tat`yana was 12 january on Mayakovsky goes for sugar (16+)

We all passed Mayakovsky in the Soviet school. Then they got acquainted with his personality, his poems from the official position of that time. In the play "Mayakovsky goes for sugar," the poet lives, gets carried away, creating, falling in love, joking, betraying, sacrificing, suffering. Magnificent work of the author Sasha Denisova. She managed to present such factual material that allows tracing the life of Vladimir Mayakovsky through different situations, relations with people, quoting letters and diaries close to the poet of people. The play gives an impression of the atmosphere of the 1920s, recalls the fate of ordinary and famous people of this time. I liked the game as a venerable actress Galina Anisimova, who plays the role of L. Brik, and young actors. After the performance, I immediately began reading about the talented man, Vladimir Mayakovsky.

Artem was 12 january on Mayakovsky goes for sugar (16+)

Quickly simply "made" the entire performance.

Tat`yana was 26 december on Mayakovsky goes for sugar (16+)

The play looks in one breath. The life of Mayakovsky has opened up for me from a completely different angle than it is presented to us in school. Great acting game. It is felt, that in this performance the soul is enclosed. Thanks a lot to the theater for the pleasure of viewing.

Oleg was 16 november on Mayakovsky goes for sugar (16+)

The play is aimed in a new way, from today to see the world and the personality of Vladimir Mayakovsky. There are 18 characters in the play, but half the actors cope with them. What is interesting in the play is two Lili Brick! We will not disclose all the secrets but the port is still there Many interesting zadumok.V whole left a very pleasant impression. The play features young artists of the theater - Vladimir Guskov, Tatyana Volkova, Maria Fortunatova, Daria Khoroshilova, Vsevolod Makarov, and invited actors, graduates of the Eugene Kamenkovich Workshop in GITIS Sergey Bystrov and Igor Mazepa.

Svetlana was 16 november on Mayakovsky goes for sugar (16+)

The main character is Lilya Brik. Galina Anisimova plays it brilliantly - an old sick woman with the remnants of her former beauty tells us about her life - the life of Brik. Next, before us are pictures of the youth of the heroes of Lili, Volodya and their entourage - Meyerhold, Khlebnikov, Burliuk, etc. The performance is staged as a thesis - there are too many young actors, but it's on the contrary refreshing the small stage of the big Mayakovsky Theater

Natal`ya was 14 june on Mayakovsky goes for sugar (16+)

"Mother Cat" Very sweet, gentle, easy performance. Have been with my daughter for 9 years. The performance left a pleasant impression. A good mood is provided for both adults and children. You can hear everything perfectly, the actors have microphones. The musicians on stage in the suits of pigeons are gorgeous! And what kind of CAT!

Anastasiya was 27 september on Marriage

I liked the performance. The production is magnificent. Actors are perfectly matched. I advise you to go for a good mood. And in general this theater is very nice to me.

Ol`ga was 18 september on Berdichev (16+)

Great performance! The history of the Soviet country, people through the life of one family ... It seems ridiculous, but the pain of the tortured people (not only Jewish) in this performance is subtly illustrated. And the memories of a distant childhood - this is also after viewing. And we must always think and listen, and not just laugh ... Thank you!

Mariya was 20 october on Nine to ten (16+)

I liked it very much. I plan to visit again this show

Svetlana was 20 october on Nine to ten (16+)

I liked it a lot, thank you.

Viktor was 11 january on Nine to ten (16+)

Sumptuously! I advise everyone! You start to love the theater not by intuition, but consciously, with understanding!

Elena was 11 january on Nine to ten (16+)

I liked the concert very much. The program is beautiful. Particularly delighted the second branch. Thank you.

Beatei was 01 february on Nine to ten (16+)

Was yesterday at the play, an unexpectedly pleasant impression was made by a short excursion into the history of the Mayakovsky Theater, thank you.

Ekaterina was 20 october on Nine to ten (16+)

Good afternoon! I've been to this show 2 times already. First time on the anniversary and second now. Like very much. And the actors play, and the idea itself. To me, as a person interested in the history of the theater, such a performance is especially interesting. Thank you for leaving him in the repertoire.

Inga was 16 november on Nine to ten (16+)

Nine to ten16 very much, especially for the documentary!

Nataliya was 13 june on Decalogue (18+)

June 13 were at the play. Everything is just fine: the plot is 5 points, the actors play above all praise (everyone lived in every storyline, but did not play), wonderful in the performance itself, the idea of ​​bringing the viewer closer to the audience is simply super. I'm 65 years old and all my ancestors are indigenous Muscovites, so everything in the plot is very close and dear to me, I've lived in this Moscow world since my childhood. Huge thanks to everyone who created it and played amazingly (no sooner lived this 3-hour life). Natalia

Vasu was 05 november on On suitcases (18+)

Good service related to receiving electronic tickets. An interesting performance. Thank you to the actors.

Irina was 17 april on On suitcases (18+)

Thank you very much for the performance. A great game of actors.

Aleksey was 17 april on On suitcases (18+)

The performance is simply magnificent! Actors play just fine. Tatyana Orlova is best remembered for her extravagant role. Jokes at the highest level. The play is modern. In general, the performance looks good. Not delayed. I advise you to see everything !!!

Visitor was 24 january on On suitcases (18+)

Very cool, interesting, fun! Thanks to the actors for the ingenious game, the directors for the script and the production and the creators for the play

Sergey was 25 october on On suitcases (18+)

I liked it very much, in the presence of time, without fail, in Mayakovka

Elena was 01 february on On suitcases (18+)

I love the Mayakovsky Theater in principle. Not once visited the presentation here. "On suitcases" left very positive emotions. It should be noted that along with humorous notes, and very subtle, barely noticeable, but even more penetrating, there is some post-theatrical understatement, I personally thought: there is something to think about after viewing, to assess what is happening around you at the current time. The symbiosis of lightness and serious script was quite successful. Special thanks to Big Ticket for the convenience of buying tickets.

Sasha was 20 march on On suitcases (18+)

Great performance. I had flowers to buy

Elena was 24 january on On suitcases (18+)

I liked the performance!

Nataliya was 25 october on On suitcases (18+)

I liked it very much

Aleksandr was 24 january on On suitcases (18+)

They watched the performance with pleasure. Despite the absence of purely external effects (change of costumes and scenery, the performance carries with it a constant change of actions and empathy for the heroes.) In two hours you have time to laugh and to mourn, and the play of the actors made a very good impression, at first they were disappointed by the absence of Eugenia Simonova, and then they forgot about it. Of the performers, the game of Maya Polyanskaya was especially liked, and we advise everyone to watch this performance, and there will be pleasant impressions from the evening.

Uliya was 01 february on On suitcases (18+)

Here and laughter, and tears, and birth, and death. Everyone will see what is clear and close to him. The play is not for light evening entertainment.

Marina was 01 february on On suitcases (18+)

The performance is not bad. If you evaluate on a five-point scale - the four. The scenery is poor, but perhaps it's the director's idea. Good acting. I was surprised (in a good sense of the word) by Simonov. I'm used to the fact that she is so soft, gentle, feminine, and then - the role of an unhappy, rough and tough woman, with whom Eugenia Pavlovna coped perfectly well. I can not call a play a comedy, it's rather a life tragedy, of our life, of our relations with relatives and friends .... Why on suitcases? Yes, because we come to this world and because of the unsettled personal life, everyday troubles, housing inconveniences, we are waiting for our last hour, we dream about it as a way out of this life. So it turns out, we sit and wait, as if on suitcases. And it's very sad.

Viktoriya was 28 december on On suitcases (18+)

Thank you for the opportunity to think about your loved ones who are here and now.

Irina was 05 november on On suitcases (18+)

The work was given an invitation - they went around the whole team. Until the end of the performance the most persistent survived, who still believed that something interesting should start, but it did not start! Nonsense nonsense!

Visitor was 28 december on On suitcases (18+)

I liked the performance "On suitcases"

Aleksey was 01 february on On suitcases (18+)

Looks at one go, just a great performance. I advise you to see everything !!!

Tat`yana was 01 february on On suitcases (18+)

I liked the play, the actors played wonderful. I really liked the game of Eugenia Simonova.

Larisa was 04 may on On suitcases (18+)

The performance is just super! Would descend or go still. All actors play amazingly, I adore Simonov in general. Humor in the play is unique. From some scenes, on the contrary, tears would come to him. In general, I advise, I advise, and once again I advise!

Valeriy was 17 april on On suitcases (18+)

Good performance! But more tragedy than comedy ....

Anush was 01 february on On suitcases (18+)

I did not watch myself, but my mother and girlfriend, women of the age, were very satisfied, they said, they laughed until they cried.

Ekaterina was 22 november on On suitcases (18+)

The performance is wonderful !!

Aleksey was 24 january on On suitcases (18+)

A terrible thing ... if sometimes a good material spoils a weak direction, a weak acting game, then ... what did they think, when they chose what to put, what interested them in this play ... a mystery. For two hours half of the participants of the play were buried, the girl threw a guy in love with her, the son sends the mother to the madhouse, the brother drives the disabled brother out, the abandoned guy becomes gay, even the prostitute leaves there, the work is over, there are no orders. Tin full! That's where censorship is needed, such obscurantism on the stage would not have missed it. I wonder how the actors are, does it really matter where anyone to play, or money is dripping and thank God.

Svetlana was 28 december on On suitcases (18+)

The work of the actors is wonderful. The performance was not impressed at all, the nonsense, the absurdity that I wanted to convey, buried in black humor. The impression is negative, I will not advise anyone exactly! But the actors pulled out the performance with their professionalism. I THANK YOU!

Ol`ga was 29 december on On suitcases (18+)

Great performance, I liked it very much, I highly recommend it to everyone.

Igor` was 01 february on On suitcases (18+)

It's just a tragicomedy. There are no comedies for most viewers. Only two women somehow laughed a lot. 9 dead are too many. In some places, there is something to think about, but in general to an amateur.

Aleksandr was 05 november on On suitcases (18+)


Renata was 20 march on On suitcases (18+)

We were at the Mayakovsky Theater for the first time and we really liked it :) the tetra is beautiful, the performance is not boring, the actors play five plus. My young man did not fall asleep, and this also speaks about much ..)

Elena was 19 may on Uncle's Dream (12+)

Thanks to the theater, which puts the performances on the classic in the closest to the original version, because. from the vision of the classics of some directors of other theaters is sometimes disgusted ...

Kristina was 21 march on Uncle's Dream (12+)

Went to the play 21/03. I liked it very much, bright, dynamic, it looks the same. Pleased with costumes and music. I advise you to go, if you want to spend an interesting evening.

Anastasiya was 12 april on Uncle's Dream (12+)

Yesterday, 13.04.2015 saw the play "Uncle's Dream" at the Mayakovsky Theater. On the whole, I liked it, raised the issue of society's shortcomings, such a typical question in the style of FM. Dostoevsky. Bright, beautiful costumes, thoughtful images, in general, affected the strings of my soul ... all the characters "stigma in the gun," even the dying teacher Vasily, Zinaida's love ... By the way, Zinaida herself seems to be a ray of light in the dark realm of these surrounding her selfish and vile people, she hardly reconciles with the insidious plan of her mother, it is clear how all this fuss for a certain purpose injures her and gives her suffering. But the end shows that all the same it is not so easy to fight and not succumb to the environment, and maybe even living within the human "demons" ... From the actors liked the game of Olga Prokofieva (the main role) - I think in her role she did more of all work, Natalia Filippova in the role of an eccentric and vagabond Farpukhina, who is mistaken for everyone (yes, she seems to be, against the backdrop of a well-bred, living according to the etiquette of light). Of course, there is also the character "idiot", the prince. Not bad played young actors, Vsevolod Makarov and Polina Lazareva, did not overact, just moderately.

Marina was 04 september on Uncle's Dream (12+)

A good performance: staging, play, scenery. And the curtain, is it true, stuck?

Kseniya was 04 september on Uncle's Dream (12+)

I liked it very much. Thank you!

Ganna was 01 october on Uncle's Dream (12+)

Unfortunately, I can not say that this performance is genius. It's not bad, but again I would not go for it. The great fellow-Prokofiev Olga! It's completely complete! It's the whole performance!

Nikolay was 02 january on Uncle's Dream (12+)

Went with my family on 2.01.2015. Indifferent, in my opinion, no one in the hall has remained, i.e. the goal has been achieved)). The first action with obvious lengths, and to re-energize them, actors replay, sometimes even strongly: Natalia Filippova (in the role of Farpuhina) creates an image of a clown or conditionally suitable for a children's fairy tale; sin with a staggering epatage Olga Prokofieva (Moskalova) and Vsevolod Makarov (Mozzglyakov). The second action is dynamic and dramatic, it's hard to break away. Directing is clearly visible in the finale: pauses, mesences, costumes and Music - everything is surprisingly harmonious and corresponds to the idea. The main character of Olga Prokofieva, the character is really disgusting, she becomes truly sorry. It causes sympathy and understanding, and it is necessary to know, it's great, it's talented. A special prize for Dostoevsky, of course, but without Ekaterina Granitova (director), he did not make such an acute impression on me ... The scenery is in the red, but I do not know where you can see the scenery now. This is all fashion on sur, which is especially interesting in terms of budget savings. Go to the play I advise. In general, we liked it, and the final - so even shot. Thanks to the actors and the director. PS Sorry, but if I can turn the attention of the theater administration to the fact that it does not belong to the performance, I would have lamented the strong odors of smoking and toilet during the intermission in the near and far surroundings of the buffet. I want the theater to start with a hanger))

Tat`yana was 05 february on Uncle's Dream (12+)

On Thursday (5.02.2015) I watched this wonderful performance at the Mayakovsky Theater. For a long time I did not get such pleasure! A wonderful cast, a great game of each of the actors, eye-catching costumes, in short, the production is just on top! Three hours fly by simply unnoticed - so fascinates everything that happens is not the scene! The theater itself deserves a separate comment: cozy, small, with kind staff ... I want to go back again and again!

Elena was 06 december on Uncle's Dream (12+)

Very good performance! Cheerful and boring! Olga Prokofieva is gorgeous! We were very pleased that we visited this event.

Irina was 26 march on Uncle's Dream (12+)

Excellent acting, beautiful setting. Thank you

Mahbuba was 06 december on Uncle's Dream (12+)

It's wonderful, amazing, nice that even from a classical production so breathtaking. Thank you!

Ludmila was 02 january on Uncle's Dream (12+)

Went to the play 02/01/2014. Emotions remained both positive and not so. Firstly, it was unpleasantly striking that it was impossible to print an electronic ticket at the entrance to the theater (for the first time with such a face for all the time purchases through Bigbilet). It took 10 minutes before the performance to run to the cashier, located in the next building, to finally get their tickets. The performance is not quite in the classical production, but it did not hurt him at all. Very bright, dynamic, well-dressed. True, for the sake of justice it is worth noting that Prokofiev extends the entire production - if not for her play, then on the comedy this performance would be little like. The actress who played Zina, seemed inexpressive and obviously could not cope with the role.

Ol`ga was 02 january on Uncle's Dream (12+)

Went on 01/02/2015. Liked! It is useful to go to classics. The plot will not disappoint. Above the finals the audience applauded. Rich costumes. A good game of artists. There are original scenes. Olga Prokofieva is good in her role - beautiful! I advise you to go.

Elena was 15 november on Uncle's Dream (12+)

an excellent performance. All many thanks. Big ticket is all thanks to you and God can go to theaters and be happy

Ul`yana was 12 october on Mother Cat (6+)

I was very pleased

Ekaterina was 15 november on Mother Cat (6+)

15.11.15 were with her husband and daughter (7.5years) at a wonderful play Mom-cat in the Mayakovsky Theater. It was great! Cheerful, kind performance! "Zobrist" really liked). Vera Panfilova ("Afortunada") played very sincerely, on the final song it was obvious how much she enjoyed it! Bravo! Thanks to the artists !!!

Irina was 01 june on Mother Cat (6+)

Good day! "Mama-cat", the play is wonderful, kind and instructive. Love and take care of your parents!

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