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Сахарный немец

Сахарный немец16+

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125009, Москва, Камергерский пер., 3
02 h 00 min


The art theater first turns to the prose of Sergei Klychkov (1889-1937) - a writer and poet, in whose work realism is intertwined with the mysticism of folk life. Modern literary scholars have made a sensational conclusion: Sergei Klychkov can be called the founder of magical realism, where the main criterion is the use of fiction, dissolved in everyday life so much that it itself becomes extremely real. One of the brightest representatives of this literary trend is Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but Klychkov managed to feel and translate what became a discovery in the 60s and 70s into the distant 20s. The novel “Sugar German” was written by him in 1925 and is based on the events of 1916 that he experienced.

Director Ulanbek Bayaliev: “The main character of the novel is Mikolay Mitrich Zaitsev, in the vernacular Zaychik is a man kissed by God, a poet. In his childhood, the “dreamer clung to his head,” as his mother says about him. Brought up "by the field outside the outskirts and Chertukhinsky forest", he lives in his half-hint world, where the goblin, and the saint, and the devil exist very naturally. Falling into the war, seeing all its horror, he tries to combine these two worlds for himself - his own, where dream and reality, fairy tale and everyday life are equal, and real. Klychkov, who passed World War I, wrote to a friend: “The first shot seemed to wake me up, stunned me, attacked me like a thief on the road of life, and made me a poor man.” “Sugar German” is the story of the fall of a man who was born for salvation, but he commits sin and perishes, just as the whole peasant Russia perishes. Killing another, he kills himself. I have a feeling that this novel is repentant, and it is important for us that its characters can find forgiveness and mercy. We want to open them to the viewer and the reader, to cry, release and release into the world in which they would like to leave. "

Stage Director and Stage Designer
Ulanbek Bayaliev

Evgenia Shutina

Lighting designer
Taras Mikhalevsky

Faustas Latenas

Music director
Alena Khovanskaya

Assistant director
Alexandra Zotova

The performance is attended by:
Valery Zazulin, Nadezhda Zharycheva, Dmitry Sumin, Ksenia Teplova, Alexey Agapov, Alyona Khovanskaya, Rostislav Lavrentiev, Artyom Volobuev, Nikolai Salnikov, Anton Efremov
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