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Moscow Art Theater of A.P.Chekhov

Feedbacks from viewers
Aleksey was 19 february on JUVENILE SEA

I bought tickets at my own peril and risk, because Platonov with his Soviet utopias and depressing world was always difficult for me to read. My wife was wary of my act, but let's go. And they never regretted it! Each action, and it lasts two hours, was dynamic, emotional and with good humor. Thank you very much to all the participants in the performance!

Ekaterina was 01 june on THE NIGHT OF POETRY

wonderful event. definitely worth a visit.

Tat`yana was 01 june on THE NIGHT OF POETRY

Thanks for the holiday! They left the theater at 6 am and did not regret it. Bravo to Marina Brusnikina and all, all, all!

Daria was 01 june on THE NIGHT OF POETRY

Great idea! The performance is very well staged, despite the apparent spontaneity. Thank you very much to the organizers and the Moscow Art Theater!

Anna was 02 march on The Gull

Bright, effective, stylish and laconic in the scenery performance. There are no new forms in it - this is practically a literal remake of the Lithuanian version of "The Seagull" of this director from 2013. Interaction with the audience before the start, the almost constant presence of actors on the stage, flirting with the audience in the course of the action, announcing the intermission Kostya - everything was and still is in the Lithuanian “The Seagull”. Frost (Arkadina), on which the performance essentially rests, plays its roles in an actorly way; Ustinova (Masha) and Vorozhtsov (Medvedenko). Lyubshin and Dobrovolskaya are beautiful, but they definitely have nothing to play there. Volunteer one more time at the same time they use in a standard role the disheveled, absurd, comical, tearful intonations of a fool with an unhappy fate. Lyubshin brings charm and old-fashionedness, but in general its role is insignificant. Duzhnikov-Dorn and Sytom-Shamraev also have nothing to play. Wernick and Andreeva are absolutely none. Andreeva is as mediocre as Nina, and Wernick, like Trigorin, is false to the core. Their joint scenes are as dull and uninteresting as possible; in these Nina and Trigorin, no outbreak of sympathy is found. Treplev performed by Kotrelev hysterically-malignant undergrowth, rather conditionally shown. For some reason, the actors start yelling foolishly, although there are no prerequisites for this. But the performance itself is still quite empty. "Empty ... scary ..." The screens in the Moscow Art Theater are not new, microphones, too, direct shooting along the way, too. I did not discover anything new for myself in the play, it was more like a passing performance, but it was not boring to watch. My balcony was rapidly empty, in the stalls after the intermission there were empty seats even in the front row. It’s definitely worth a look to decide for yourself. My rating is 6/10

Ludmila was 02 march on The Gull

Were at the premiere 02/28/2020. Unusual, not the right word! You expect half of the first action when the "real" performance begins, the actors change clothes and stop bearing the gag. Then you plunge and you realize that this is how it should be, and that is how it should be! Costumes and devices of the 21st century simply do not notice! The cast is beautiful. Replacements are not yet indicated even in the program. My favorite is Evgenia Dobrovolskaya. The role is not the main, BUT! Imagine that there are all 10 actors on the stage, someone pronounces an iconic monologue, dialogue, it doesn’t matter ..., all this is accompanied by screams and throwings on the stage, which in this production is harmonious and justified, while my eyes are focused only on her Eugenia, who is silent and brilliantly present! Paulina and Nina are similar, both are so-so actresses ... The ingenious Chekhov and the director did not fail here either, at the final monologue of Zarechnaya, I wept. It was a pity to Nina, Paulina’s husband was at least rich and famous, though old. They sat in the stalls, after the intermission, they counted ten empty chairs next to them. They didn’t look back, but there were a lot of spectators who left the action ... Is it strange for me to survive the first action and not stay on the second? !!!! There already Kostya in sneakers does not bother a drop! My performance rating is 10 out of 10.

Anna was 09 january on The Karamazovs

Was at the play in May 2019 with friends. To say that they were shocked, stunned and nailed to chairs is to say nothing. The performance lasts almost 5 hours, we were sure that we would not sit and leave at intermission, but nothing of the kind! They watched in one breath and terribly regretted that everything had ended so quickly. Without exaggeration, a brilliant performance, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, the actors play at the highest level, even minor roles are played as the main ones. A powerful mix of Dostoevsky, hits of the 90s, the interiors of the nouveau riche, modern technology and the unsightly sides of life. Marina Zudina, Victor Verzhbitsky, Philip Yankovsky, Alexey Kravchenko and Igor Mirkurbanov out of competition, powerful roles. All other actors are also incredibly cool. The ending is not according to Dostoevsky, but for me the only true and correct. I think the writer himself would approve. Thanks!!! We’ll come many more times, too much to comprehend and notice more.

Ekaterina was 30 december on The Gull

Very good setting, a simple story through an interesting prism. There is something to think about. I advise

Anna was 30 december on Libra

Thanks to the Moscow Art Theater Tabakov for all the performances of Grishkovets! “Libra” is a wonderful performance that is bright, funny, touching and kind, but individual moments, like the monologue of Zolotovitsky, tighten the heart and cause tears. Many important and vital topics are hidden behind ironic and amusing, at first glance, dialogues. Bravo to wonderful artists and a wonderful author-director for an exciting and humorous night spent with them in anticipation of a miracle :-)

Anna was 23 december on White Nights

A very talented actor who played the Dreamer. He saved this boring performance. They sat asleep. In the actress who played Grandma, experience is felt, but she was too theatrical and with a desire to please the audience, a little annoyed with this.

Anna was 12 december on White Nights

Loved the Dreamer (Eugene Perevalov). My grandmother was good (Nina Gulyaeva), but I suspect that, due to her age, she played a lot of such old women and showed nothing new. Very ascetic and at the same time bulky scenery-bridges, which are almost never used. Actors are always pushing in the foreground. Why? The riddle. The performance is not bad, but not required.

Elena was 09 december on Christmas Concert

Thanks to all the participants of the concert, but especially I bow to M. Brusnikina and A. Khovanskaya: the abyss of ideas where you can think of nothing seems impossible, for example, Troshin’s performance “The ceiling is ice ...” on the one hand, by Vysotsky’s voice, and on the other , I just wanted to shout “Romals, Chavela” or just gypsies, Wow, And then the Greek kondak performed by the same Troshin, here the sretensky choir definitely “has a rest”. I was still very pleased with the performance of my favorite Quartet "Live Sound". It is impossible to list everything. A special feature of the concert is that the performers do not leave the stage, everyone sings along. dance - in general, the full feeling that we are one company. And how beautiful, but without vulgar sparkles, without busting. Yes (maybe this is important for someone) before the concert, the sea of good quality wine is free, in general, as the youth says, atmospheric. But the main thing is that it is all native, very close. Thank you thank you thank you.

Natal`ya was 09 december on Christmas Concert

This concert was attended by the older generation of the family - two mothers, aunt and my husband. A wonderful concert - Marina Burusnikina, as always, masterfully put on this kind of concert, a different style of song, not boring, lively. Enjoyed it! Thanks.

Uliya was 09 december on White Nights

Great performance, watched in one breath! Granny fire!

Marina was 07 october on Noble Nest

We went to the play with the children, enjoyed the acting, it is difficult to distinguish someone from the cast. Each actor would like to say thanks for the excellent stage play: Dmitry Dyuzhev, Yana Gladkikh, Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka, Natalia Egorova, Nina Gulyaeva, Dmitry Nazarov, Vladimir Timofeev, Pavel Levkin, Eduard Chekmazov, Elena Lemeshko, Alena Khovanskaya, Dmitry. A low bow to the director, Marina Brusnikina, for an interesting interpretation of the novel. The guys watched the whole performance in one breath. Who was not, go for sure!

Marina was 07 october on Noble Nest

A good performance, the actors play great, a lot of music. It seems that I was in that era ... This wonderful production is worth a look.

Aleksandr was 04 september on Seryozha

I liked the performance. White is beautiful in the image of a cuckold) Smolnikov is charming. Recommended for viewing for people with a well-developed sense of humor and open to experimentation.

Elena was 03 september on Mkhatovsky evening "Circle of reading"

I am very grateful to M. Brusnikina and her entire team for all Reading Circles. And the last one, devoted to Christmas and New Year, made me think: is this format of the performance better than the traditional theater. Which, by the way, I really like? Firstly, freedom, both in form and expression, and secondly, it seems to me that all the participants received great pleasure from their speeches and from the speeches of their comrades. This pleasure just pours into the auditorium, and you bathe in these emotions. And here not only joy or irony, but sadness, sadness, but still ... ho-ro-sho! And as they sing, a separate bow to Alena Khovanskaya both for the musical guide, and for her very professionally-sincere reading of Petrushevskaya (I still let a tear go), I don’t know who to distinguish from the readers, they are very different, but, probably, first of all I bow to Yulia Chebanova: I fell in love with her for a long time for “Masha” by F. Svarovsky, and yesterday she proto-stomously read the “Gulya” by Ulitskaya, easily, ironically, and with true love. Thank. I also remembered another Yulia yesterday - Kovaleva, a similar manner of reading for two Yulia - catchy, wide, akin to the heroines they read about. there was an unexpected pair of A. Krasnenkov and N. Zharycheva. They were modest, discreet-looking, and they famously read it. Wonderful. Yes, everyone is good. May I have a small remark ?? I understand everything, my native theater, but it seems to me that one should not mix the heat of a children's matinee and an adult evening. But, of course, the New Year, and all right. All bow, and many thanks.

Vera was 11 jule on Seryozha

This performance is difficult to call a performance, rather it is a number for a circus. Flexibility, acrobatics, the movement of actors - it's all great, but the theater is not built on tricks .... Staging at the Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov, and even on the main stage - this is sad. For me, re-disappointment in this theater. So many strong performances staged at the Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov for the soul, thoughts, moods ... This theater was part of my personal top three best theaters in Moscow, and when you don’t know where to go, but you really want to, you could always answer: "go to the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, because everything is on the level"! !! Now, alas, I will not say that. The feeling during the performance was that you observe mentally unhealthy people. Show Anna, who constantly says some sort of nonsense, plus jokes of a primitive nature, but the audience laughs ... as the saying goes: "people havaet". But why take the greatest work of L. Tolstoy as a basis and cover it so much ?! It was possible to make the production without relying on such a great work, but then, perhaps, there was no such a full house and rush with tickets. Still, theater is a spiritual one. When you go and enjoy the games of the actors, the plot, the dialogues, the scenery, when there is the integrity of the performance, when leaving you mentally return to some fragments that catch you, have something to share, talk, think ... Unfortunately, the play "Serozha "- not about that. Age qualification 12+ ?! Are you seriously?! Well this is how much it is necessary not to love children, and just kill the interest in the great classic works. It's nice that people are very educated towards the actors and waiting for intermission to escape) but there are some people who perfectly close their eyes and see their dreams, and the performance is just a background element ... but when you ask these neighbors to let you out, do you hear how much you haven’t brought up ... For me it’s better to get up and leave - this is more honest than being in an atmosphere that depresses you, and not only that finances are spent, which is a pity .... waste time, not getting pleasure, it's a hundred times a pity.

Anna was 24 may on 19.14

Brilliant performance! What kind of Molochnikov fellow, that conceived and carried out such an important and necessary performance. War, mud, pain, horrors, broken destinies are shown through the prism of a cabaret. The performance leads the entertainer in red - cynical, witty, mocking, cocky, provocative and ruthlessly accurate (bravely to Artem Volobuev, his talent also fell in love with him). In the war, simple guys, yesterday, lifeless houses in the circle of relatives and friends, and today forced to take up arms and go to war, although no one wants to. There are no friends here, but there are no enemies either - a merciless and ruthless war is dragging everyone against the will into the wheel and grinding them. Someone from the war will not return, and those who return will repeat as a mantra that we all need peace, peace, peace. How scary, how much. I cried at the end and decided that I would definitely come back when I survived my impressions. Bravo talented troupe of the Moscow Art Theater!

Anna was 24 may on CENTRAL-PARK WEST

After the grandiose hours-long performances of Bogomolov in the Moscow Art Theater (The Ideal Husband, the Karamazovs, Musketeers), it was very unusual and strange for the first half hour of the performance. A radically opposite format and direction, Bogomolov bravo for the ability to change and work in different keys with apparent ease. I really liked the performance; light, ironic, funny, balancing on the verge, but never turning into vulgarity, with a funny twist at the end. In the best traditions of Woody Allen. Thanks to the director and all the wonderful actors for the pleasure.

Anna was 20 may on Tram "Desire"

Wonderful performance! Dark, cinematic, at times cumbersome and unhurried, but very strong in emotions and impressions. Perhaps not everyone will like it, especially those who want faster action or who are not ready to join in and empathize with the heroes in a play that is not quite close to Russian. The brilliant acting four - Zudin, Pegova, Porechenkov and Trukhin, each at the height of his role, each of their heroes has his own truth and his demons, empathize and disgust everyone at the same time. But the play has a place of love and humor, despite the unfolding tragedy. Long been impressed. Thanks to all the actors for the magic on stage and a keen desire to pick up Blanche to save. Be sure to come again!

Taisiya was 07 may on Siege

Wonderful play, instructive, philosophical, funny and sad. Great actors every single one! Live music on stage. Colorful decorations. Five points!

Aleksey was 06 october on The space of prose. Mkhatovsky evening

Well done! It was interesting and great !!! I am already reading one of your books, which means it was not for nothing !!!!

Irina was 06 october on The space of prose. Mkhatovsky evening

Loved it. My daughter and I were Poetry Night. Very grateful for such a wonderful evening. You creative success and well-being.

Artem was 06 october on The space of prose. Mkhatovsky evening

Wonderful! I suggest arranging thematic evenings: Poetry, Prose (lyrical, political, fantastic and so on.) + Background slideshow for visual assessment + musical numbers. For the last event (poetry night) I remember the musical sketch “Russian road” - the most vivid impression of the evening. Reason to think ...

Elena was 06 october on The space of prose. Mkhatovsky evening

Thank you for the wonderful evening in "The Space of Prose"! The unique combination of interesting prose with a talented performance caused a lot of emotions and brought great pleasure!

Tat`yana was 06 october on The space of prose. Mkhatovsky evening

Excellent +!

Elena was 06 october on The space of prose. Mkhatovsky evening

Thank. Short stories obeyed and looked great. Fragments of major works to listen and perceive, if not read, it is difficult. Swear words would also like to hide the sound of pi.

Ekaterina was 28 march on The Little Humpbacked Horse

The performance was watched 24.03.2019. I liked it very much, a child of 12 years old was delighted! But in my opinion, the qualification of 6+ is a bit soft, the play is not quite childish, although bright impressions are guaranteed. Since the tickets were taken in advance, they did not risk it and took less expensive ones. Not from the stalls, everything also looks very good. All were satisfied with the trip to the theater. Thank.

Dmitriy was 11 march on Duel

Excellent acting ensemble and great work of the director. The performance is very lively and relevant. The special flavor of the play is given by the fact that Anton Yakovlev obviously wrote his version for specific performers.

Galina was 11 march on By Po

12/03/2018 we went to the Moscow Art Theater for the play “PoPo” (a play by Evgeny Grishkovets based on Edgar Poe), which we had long been eager to see. I love the solo performances of Grishkovets and both performers of this performance (Evgeny Grishkovets and Igor Zolotovitsky). What can not say about Edgar Poe. His stories, to put it mildly, are specific. But, seeing the play “The Siege”, made by them (EG and I.Z.), which was VERY liked, laid hopes that they would also make “something!” Out of the software. It was very interesting what, and how they will succeed. Unfortunately, I must admit that Po won. Listening to his stories is as unpleasant as reading. Even performed by such wonderful actors. They did their best, sometimes we even laughed, but on the whole, it quickly became boring. I would say painfully boring. So the conclusion is this: I would not recommend this performance to my friends. With respect to the performers, Galina.

Ol`ga was 05 march on Witness of the charge

Great performance! There was not a single empty seat in the hall, they even sat on the steps. All the artists played great. I especially want to mention Renat Litvinov and Sergey Chonishvili. We watched the whole family, everyone is happy.

Taisiya was 04 march on Libra

Wonderful performance! Thanks for the smiles and tears! Thanks to the actors, experienced with them!)) Special thanks to your favorite author !!!

Viktoriya was 04 march on Libra

Loved it! Not long, dynamically - at least everything happens in the same room. They play wonderful and worthy of the play. Thanks to the actors and the author!

Natal`ya was 28 february on The Sleeping Prince

Very funny and kind of spectacle with a touch of sadness. Actors play great!

Ol`ga was 28 february on Zoykina apartment

I liked the performance very much: the stage decision, the music, and the actors. And Serebrennikov, of course, well done! And about the Moscow Art Theater what to say - a magical place!

Irina was 27 february on Divas

Yesterday, 02.26.2019 I had a birthday and my husband gave me tickets for the performance. The best gift ever! The best birthday ever !!! This is my second viewing of a wonderful comedy! Delight! Delight! Delight!!! I realized that I would like to see the third time! Burkovsky is just super !!! Dyuzhev played well. At first, I was upset that it would not be Duzhnikov, but Innocent Jr. But this is something !!! Great actor !!! Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka was a personal discovery for me (for the first time I looked from Shvets to main roads). At first, something was not very good; I could not get used to it, but the pooooooo .... very good game! Umnichka !!! Truhin- master! A few words, facial expressions, but they all! So reincarnate in an elderly woman! No words! Kolpakova is my love at all !!! Sokolov is a real priest !!! In Krasnenkov role is small, but played perfectly! It is impossible to simply note someone with attention. Great composition !!! Almost 3 hours of laughter, smiles and positive! The hall thundered with laughter! My husband, stingy with emotions, could not restrain them this time. This is a great merit of the actors and, of course, the director !!! I would like to mention such details as the costumes of the heroes are bright, beautiful! And most importantly, all the ladies they combined! At the end of the performance, the shadow theater (I don’t know if I called it right) is just a godsend! Goosebumps are incredible black and white BEAUTY !!! And the very end of the performance ... it's really The End! Bravo to the director !!!! Bravo to costumers !!! It is thought over ALL !!! HUGE THANKS FOR THE PLEASURE, HUGE THANKS FOR THE BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!

Elena was 25 february on Witness of the charge

It was February 24, 2019. The performance seemed pretty bland. From Agatha Christie only the name. Dobrovolskaya as a prosecutor is nonsense. But Litvinova, Vernik and Chonishvili are great !!!

Elena was 25 february on Witness of the charge

Moscow Art Theater im.Chekhova play "prosecution witness" based on the novel by Agatha Christie. My passion for Agatha Christie began as a teenager. And even now I sometimes re-read especially favorite works. Of course, I like the series about Hercule Poirot most of all, but any book by this author is read in one breath. Her works have become the most popular in the world and still disperse millions of copies. Agatha Christie is a successful playwright. Her works became the basis for a large number of plays and performances. The “Witness of the Prosecution” play became especially popular. Only from the pen of the unsurpassed Agatha Christie could such an excellent thriller with such an unexpected ending come out. The plot of the play is - Leonard Vole - the young man spends a lot of time with a rich elderly aunt. When she is found killed, he becomes the main suspect. It is expected that the testimony of his wife - Romain Voul - in court will lead to a complete justification, but unexpectedly for everyone, she stands on the side of the prosecution. The defendant’s lawyer, Sir Wilfried Robarts, seems like nothing can save his client, but an unexpected turn is revealed. And as in every book of Agatha Christie, whenever you think that you have unraveled the mystery, a new, completely unexpected turn of the plot awaits you. And, of course, the best and most worthy actors of the work of the most famous author of detectives should come to life on stage. And the cast is just the best and most worthy. The role of a lawyer is performed by Sergey Chonishvili. As always, great. With his amazing voice, this role is the best possible. The role of the suspect's wife is performed by the magnificent Renata Litvinova. This is a 100 percent hit director. The role of a flighty foreign wife is strange for her. She doesn't even need to play, she is. The role of the suspect is performed by Igor Vernik. As always in his role - he is charming, but this time in the role of a villain. Also, one should note the incredible Evgeny Dobrovolskaya as a prosecutor. Everything happened for me this evening - both my favorite detective queen Agatha Christie and my favorite actors on stage. I express my admiration and applaud while standing. Bravo!

Svetlana was 25 february on Witness of the charge

It seemed to me boring .. I would not advise. Most of all I liked Dobrovolskaya .. But the overall impression is nudnovato ...

Elena was 25 february on Rioters

My theatrical December continues at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater named after Alexander Molochnikov "The Rebel". This rock performance on historical themes. The three stages and the three components of the Russian revolutionary movement are the rockers, the people of the people and the Decembrists. Rock music as the main instrument of rebellion. The spectators are at a loss, they are surprised to see what is happening and try to understand what is happening. The phrase that sounded in one of the scenes seemed to me very accurate to describe my emotions. But it must be added that at the same time you experience a wild delight from everything that happens. You catch yourself on the fact that you are barely sitting in one place, tapping your foot to the music and singing to yourself - Rock and roll is dead✌🤘 , Grigory Siyatvinda, Evgeny Syty, Veronika Timofeeva, Ilya Del, Pavel Vorozhtsov, Denis Burgazliev, Nina Guseva. Thanks to all the actors for a wonderful evening and a great mood 👏👍🌺💐

Elena was 25 february on THREE SISTERS

Today was at the performance of Three Sisters by Konstantin Bogomolov at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. The performance begins, the artists begin to play the scenes .. and .. the text of the play, no deviations .. To say that I am surprised, to say nothing. All the same, I came to the play by K. Bogomolov. The action continues; ... "😂👍 Well, here he is Konstantin Bogomolov! 👍 As always, when you don’t expect something unexpected, something amazing happens. And these moments remain in memory for a very long time. The songs that he chooses for his performances, so long spin in my head. And months after the performance, remember them and sing. It is for this always unexpected holiday that remains with you, I like this director so much. By the way, what role do you think Daria Moroz plays in this performance? One of the sisters? For example, Irina? No, Irina is wonderfully played by Sophia Ernst. Olga? No, Olga is amazingly played by Alexandra the Child. Mary And again, no, Maria is not less wonderful plays Maria Fomin. Daria Moroz plays .... Baron Nikolai Lvovich Tuzenbakh. With that, he plays so masterly and talented that it is simply impossible to look away. Looking at her, I really saw a man, believed in his love for Irina ... Once again I am amazed at the talent of this actress and with what pleasure I go to her performances. Also, it should be noted such amazing actors like Kirill Vlasov, Dmitry Kulichkov, Alexander Semchev. Despite the fact that the performance fully corresponds to the play by A.P. Chekhov, the director added his notes of sarcasm, irony and humor in many performances, which made the play so subtle, lively, modern and exceptionally pleasant. I liked this performance so much that I recommend it to everyone. Especially those who want to get acquainted with the works of K. Bogomolov. With this performance, you can start. Thanks to all the actors for a wonderful evening and a great mood! 💐👏

Kristina was 25 february on № 13 D

Great comedy! Good acting game! Very light and subtle humor! I like the game of Igor Vernik. The auditorium was full, not a single empty space. I did not regret at all that I visited this performance! Be sure to watch this performance.

Galina was 18 february on A bit of tenderness

"All ages are submissive to love" © How nice that this performance with realistic authenticity proved it, moreover, to viewers of different age categories. Many thanks to all the actors: Olga Yakovleva for a touching, tender Noemi, adored Stanislav Lyubshin for the energetic, a real man Nenfla, Natalia Kochetova for charming Nanda, Irina Miroshnichenko for coquettish Pierre Vladmir Krasnov for pro Batu, Tatiana Rose for Diana, which makes us think about the fate of the characters of the play and the relationship of real parents and children. The performance is very much.

Irina was 18 february on Kreutzer Sonata

For a long time they wanted to see this performance. Unfortunately, it is extremely rare. Remarkable performance and reading of the famous plot. Porechenkov and Shvets are amazing, great masters. Delight and gratitude. You don't often see such commitment on stage. A real theatrical performance and brilliant performance.

Liudmila was 18 february on № 13 D

I can not agree with enthusiastic reviews, unfortunately. The performance seemed out of place in this theater. He is certainly light, smiled several times, but vulgar. In general, it seemed to us that 20–30 spectators left the hall without waiting for the artists to bow. A strange feeling: they were all playing well, but they caused bewilderment. But the taste and color ...

Natal`ya was 18 february on XX CENTURY. BAL

I did not like the performance. This does not mean that he is bad, just not for me. A kind of slideshow, a lot of fuss, an abundance of artists on stage. I will note the costumes of Alexander Vasilyev and special effects. Technologically everything is complicated and diverse. But in the artistic sense did not touch at all, although I am a spectator from that century. Was with his son, who grew up in the 21st century. All this is completely alien to him. I quote it: a program, it’s also a training manual, it was necessary to give it along with tickets so that people would learn the material in advance. And here I agree with him, if not a preview of the program, where, like in the opera, the libretto was written, I, too, would not have been able to find out exactly what was depicted in the play. Waiting for Pegova, her dance. Well, yes, she danced not bad for a dramatic actress, and everything ....... did not catch. And the whole number "well, girls" seemed to me vulgar. In the play there is no integrity, not seen actor's work. As in “guess the melody”, you already guessed the melody, but it all does not end and you are bored. I go to the theater often, several times a month, I have something to compare with. This is not the best performance that I saw. But I fully admit that it will be interesting to someone. As for me, I want to say, sorry, it did not work out.

Svetlana was 18 february on XX CENTURY. BAL

One should be aware that this is not a performance in the traditional sense; the genre is stated by the authors as follows - reflections of memory. The history of the 20th century through music, photography, costumes, personalities. I would not call this action a ball, a ball is a holiday, and then what a holiday - the 20th century, in the throat. I liked it very much, I will probably go again. But I will not recommend to anyone in a row.

Elena was 18 february on XX CENTURY. BAL

Beautiful performance, impressed by the scenery, special effects. Loved the game Irina Pegovoy. But for me, the Moscow Art Theater, all the same, is a drama theater, and it was a bvl, performance, show, albeit a beautiful one.

Svetlana was 15 february on The Sleeping Prince

Beautiful, high-quality performance. It looks easy, but makes a strong impression and leaves a long aftertaste. Great game of all the actors! For the first time I saw Ksenia Teplovu, an incredible actress with luminous eyes. I thought that such actresses of the new school no longer exist. Loved it.

Dar`ya was 15 february on № 13 D

Wonderful performance! A brilliant acting game! Very light and subtle humor, no vulgarity! Not a bit sorry that we visited this show! Be sure to go and do not doubt, positive emotions are provided to you!

Elena was 12 february on Divas

I start my theatrical week at the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov in the play "Divas". Fun and easy dressing with disguise, which is something very reminiscent of the famous Hollywood comedy "In jazz only girls." Two men reincarnate in women in order to get the inheritance of the old millionaire, for which you can take a chance and play a comedy full of fun surprises and musical numbers. A man dressed as a woman is always funny. And this performance is no exception. Actors play easy, have fun, there is no tension. The performance takes 3 hours with an interval, but time flies by as if in a flash. And everything, like in a real romantic comedy, ends with a happy end, true love always wins. Separately, you need to say about the actors. They are great! Andrei Burkovsky simply shook me. After many performances that I watched at the Moscow Art Theater, I knew that he was a terrific actor, but that he played so incredibly female roles was a pleasant surprise for me. After the reincarnation of it turned out such a charming woman! What a woman! Bravo! As always, delightful Svetlana Kolpakova. What an amazing comedian she is. And how perfectly she knows the language of the deaf-and-dumb! This deserves a separate applause. Very modest and sweet at the beginning of the performance, and so bright and catchy by the end of the first act, Natasha Shvets. It is impossible not to mention the pastor Duncan, played by Pavel Vorozhtsov. I watched several performances with his participation, but this role he succeeded best of all. I also want to express my admiration for Dmitry Dyuzhev, Mikhail Trukhin, Stanislav Duzhnikov. And all the artists. Thank! If you want to get distracted and just laugh heartily, be sure to go to this performance. No need to look for some deep meaning in it, just enjoy the view.

Elena was 11 february on THREE SISTERS

I went to the play only because I really wanted to see how the scene, which was quoted in The Ideal Husband, was staged in the Chekhov play. She was ready for a boring monotonous act. But she was mistaken in her expectations: only Chekhov's text, a minimum of action, a certain monotony, but delays. It was very interesting, and most importantly, there is a feeling that the play is about now. Although it would seem that there are no figs in your pocket. And as one of the spectators wrote above: the hall is full and no one left, which happens even with very interesting performances even ..

Natal`ya was 08 february on Husbands and wives

Excellent performance, lively, funny and touching at the same time, not tightened. The actors are great! Loved it! Thank!

Elena was 07 february on Husbands and wives

An interesting interpretation of life situations and behaviors of people. In minimalistic scenery, all life is unfolded. Using cameras is an excellent move. Everything is on the verge of foul and happy that the actors and the director did not fall into the slop. Thank!

Lesya was 07 february on 19.14

A wonderful performance, a great play of actors, so hard on the soul of the humane stupidity that leads to all wars. The grieve performance left a huge one.

Tat`yana was 05 february on Witness of the charge

An interesting performance, the original outcome, received great pleasure. Wonderful acting

Angelina was 04 february on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

Performance sooo much! Wonderful game of great cast. The work of a young director Alexander Molochnikova-above all praise. Recommended for viewing all!

Uliya was 04 february on Witness of the charge

Good performance, but not wow. Podzatyanuto, an unusual denouement. Went to Renat Litvinov, it was not enough.

Liliya was 04 february on House

Great life performance!

Natal`ya was 04 february on Witness of the charge

Were on performances 03..10.2019. We enjoyed the game of actors, and Renata Litvinova is a miracle.

Marina was 01 february on Ideal husband. Comedy

Good day to all! Yesterday we watched the production of K. Bogomolov "The Ideal Husband". Ambiguous work of a very talented person. Different reactions of the audience: from the screams "Bravo!" before they got up and left in the middle of the performance. Definitely, this is not a classic interpretation of the works of Wilde and Shakespeare. I really liked it!!! The play's genre is unclear .... farce? sarcasm? Frank banter? Here you and seventy-year-old Juliet, she is Masha Sidorova and minister homosexual! A lot of music, from chanson to rock! Energetically very powerful staging! Great cast! The very case when the actors enjoy the production, their game and give these emotions to the audience !!!

Elena was 01 february on 19.14

My theatrical January ends in my favorite theater of the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov with the play "19.14". The performance of the young director Alexander Molochnikov about the First World War. Despite the fact that the theme of the performance is very serious, the absolutely not serious genre - cabaret was chosen for its realization. There are tables in front of the stage, the numbers 1914 on the red curtain. The name paid off immediately, the lights went out and the performance began exactly at 19:14. The entertainer in a bright red suit comes on the scene and starts joking on “hot topics” and, moving on to the theme of the performance, practically on the fingers explains which alliances were formed during the war. The performance consists of short episodes, fastened by the appearance of the entertainer, who skillfully mocks, teases, entertains the audience, as well as amazingly dancing and singing. Artem Volobuev bravo! In the play, serious sentimental episodes alternate with ridiculous ones. Artists dance, sing, dance, shoot and joker. Many dialogues sneak up to goosebumps from the awareness of the seriousness of what is happening. The final song performed by Viktor Khorinyak, who plays the role of Jean, who managed to return from the war, sounds especially powerful. The song sounds quiet at first, then louder and louder, it cannot end at all, the verses all repeat, picking up the tempo, the voice is already broken and suddenly all is suddenly over. A curtain. And you are sitting unable to realize that everything is over, and only in your head is the Mirmirmirmirmirm spinning ...

Galina was 31 january on Expensive treasure

I recommend for a pleasant time. The plot is simple, but the artists play well. The impression is pleasant, the mood is wonderful. This was what was expected!

Dmitriy was 28 january on OPHELIA IS AFRAID OF WATER

A good play of actors could not hide the big flaws of the play. The play is sewn from different patches and the author, just like the heroine, did not find the threads of the desired color. The time spent is not a pity, but the performance is clearly one-time and for those who go to the theater regularly.

Diana was 25 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

I really liked the play! Everything is wonderful! Irina Pegova is the best!

Ol`ga was 25 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

I am disappointed. Loud names, and the impression left from the special effects and part of the costumes of the beginning of the century. Alas...

Natal`ya was 21 january on Divas

I watched this performance several times, with a different composition of artists. Usually, these were joint trips with relatives or colleagues on holidays and pre-holiday days, the performance was perceived as appropriate and fun. Of the secondary heroes, in our opinion, I. Wernik is more organic in the role of Pastor Duncan, and S. Duzhnikov in the role of Doctor. Margaret in her own way is interesting both in the performance of K. Lavrova-Glinka and N. Shvets. But, Xenia's speech is heard louder ... View the Spectrum 01/17/2019. did not cause the same holiday feeling. Although, went to the play with a positive attitude. On the stage, everything is still, but without a spark, it seemed so. Perhaps the artists are tired. D. Dyuzhev, unfortunately, could not jump onto the balcony, as before. Anything happens in life, the actors skillfully changed and played the scene. Probably have to visit the performance again (+ make sure that the main character is still in good physical shape ...).

Tat`yana was 21 january on Lech ...

Piercing performance. Loved it. Wonderful little room. From such proximity to the actors you perceive many things differently, more sharply and personally.

Tat`yana was 21 january on Seryozha

Krymov with his team is always the same - fantastically beautiful. I have been to many of his performances. Not a single fake note, not a single moment of frustration. And I am constantly disappointed because I go to the theater often. You won’t take me with mothballs with the stars, shocking and even more so; you won’t be surprised with the combination of modern theater lotions - you have seen the "whisker". For me, the theater is not only alive, but also - extremely interesting, and therefore I spend a quarter of my salary on it. Running there after work and going to the gallery, I’m not expecting any holiday or there ... initiation to the beautiful ... p But it happens the same !!! Absolute perfection of form and depth. Being just a reader of the classics, and not at all an expert in it, I acquire a new vision for Krymov’s performances, for me she suddenly becomes important, like a wise thought that I finally “heard”, which came not earlier and not later, but - TIME . I understand people who can't be seen in Krymovsk Mu-mue Mumu, and in Seryozha-Karenina. Gradually, I learn difficult science not to be a snob: the ability to ask questions, including myself, and to hear the answers. Perhaps this is the merit of Krymov.

Oksana was 21 january on Lech ...

For youth. Makes you think about life.

Irina was 18 january on Divas

We went to the play family. Opinions were divided: I did not like my mother and my daughter and my husband very much. I did not like the game Dyuzheva and Burkovsky, because she looked more like a curve ...

Natal`ya was 17 january on Forest

I had a Forest this time. I love modern productions, and even more so the classics in the modern interpretation. I saw almost all deliveries of Serebrennikov, Bogomolov, all productions of Butusov. I believe that today's generation will better understand the classics by looking at it in this form. A "Forest" is excellent. Reflection of the relationship of people, vices, reality. The play of actors is superb. Dmitry Nazarov makes any spectacular performance. I really liked it.

Elena was 17 january on Forest

Where I can be on Wednesday evening, of course, in the theater. Today again in the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater on Kirill Serebrennikov's play "The Forest". The premiere of the play took place in December 2004. and goes with the same success so far. Of course, the “Forest” by Kirill Serebrennikov and the “Forest” by Alexander Nikolaevich Ostrovsky are not the same thing. Ostrovsky in his work raises questions of the family and its values, the influence of social relations on the family. In his work, “forest” is a symbol of life without light and no hope of change. In his work, Ostrovsky displayed the state of Russian society at that time: people are cruel to each other. In Kirill Serebrennikov, the “forest” is a symbol of the relationship between people, their vices and weaknesses. The action of the play was transferred in Soviet times: in the courtyard of 1970, on the actors - the costumes of that era, on the stage - the scenery, conveying the atmosphere of that time. In this "forest" a very large role is played by the acting game. Brilliantly plays the role of Alexis Bulanov - Alexander Molochnikov. The landowner Gurmyzhskaya Raisa Pavlovna is played by Natalia Tenyakova. The role of Aksyushi is performed by Ksenia Teplova. Yulia Dobrovolskaya plays great key to Ulita. And if in the first act all the attention was drawn to the mistress and her entourage, then by the middle it becomes clear that the main characters of this performance are the actors Gennady Neschastlivtsev (Dmitry Nazarov) and his friend Arkady Lucky (Avant-garde Leontyev), whose amazing game makes staging bright, spectacular and memorable. Well, the famous Soviet hit “Belovezhskaya Pushcha” that sounded in the performance is just the nail of the whole production. He is "performed" by one Molochnikov alone, then accompanied by a children's choir. I would like to summarize with the phrase of Alexander Nikolaevich Ostrovsky: "The public goes to the theater to watch a good performance of good plays, and not the play itself: the play can be read." I really liked the performance. In my opinion, it was a great performance of the play in a modern way. And the participation of Dmitry Nazarov makes any performance magnificent. Many thanks to all the actors for a great evening and a great mood.

Elena was 16 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

My theatrical and very busy January continues. Today at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater on the play "XX Century Ball". Director - Alla Sigalova. This is a reflection of the memory in two parts with a prologue, music and dance sketches. This is indicated on the official website of the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov. I took this performance as a costume, music, dance show. Unfortunately, without much meaning for me. In that sequence of changing pictures, I did not feel everything that the director apparently invested. From what impressed me, I can say: Costumes are vintage and stunningly beautiful. Costume Designer Alexander Vasilyev. To create images were used old photos and postcards. The fitting and selection of costumes took more than 3 months. The main place of events is the station - a witness who preserved the memory of the past eras. “The station is a place where people are forgiven, where they meet, where they leave, in the literal and figurative sense” (A.Sigalov's words). Maximum use of modern technology. Tulle screens, projections, holographic structures. Very beautiful scenery and amazingly used special effects, for example, the arrival of a train at the beginning of act 1. In the second act, the train changed the train. And the action went for me more interesting ... Part 2 - these are songs and dances. The most vivid impressions remained from the number “Come on, Girls” and Irina Pegova as Zhanna Stepanovna. If this is really a ball, then she is definitely the queen of the ball. Apart from Irina Pegova, I can single out for myself a few more artists who made a great impression on me, as always from performance to performance. This is Pavel Vashchilin, Veronika Timofeeva. “XX Century Ball” is a luxuriously costumed multimedia action that for me did not become a performance that left a mark on the soul. Unfortunately...

Elena was 16 january on Seryozha

My theatrical January continues and my very theatrical week begins. My favorite theater of the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov. Dmitry Krymov’s performance "Seryozha". "This is a performance based on the great novel, even, I would say, for distant reasons ..... In a word, it will all look like Tolstoy, but less, in short. Like a fragment," these are the words of Dmitry Krymov, and I they completely agree. Motives are very distant .... According to the director's idea, I wanted to make “Anna Karenina”, like Buninsky “Sunstroke”, quickly, gently, scary. In my opinion, it turned out a bit wrong. Anna's monologue, her work with the audience caused me to associate with a humorous program. And the actress even reminded me of one humorist, both in her pitch and voice. Much of Anna's monologue can be disassembled into quotations, for example: "I still have a Tolstoyan phrase. It was all from myself. Is Seryoz healthy?" Is Seryoz really healthy ?! And not only Serozha ... But the first act flew by almost unnoticed, because it was really funny and funny. By the way, about Seryozha is the son of Anna Karenina, a boy of 8 years old who stands in the center of events. In the performance - it is a toy in the growth of a real child, which is controlled by the actors. And I must say masterfully controlled. Extraordinary performance. I still can not understand whether I liked it or not. Rather, all the same - yes. I liked Maria Smolnikova, for the first time I saw her on stage. She plays great comedy. I think many phrases from her monologues will go to the people. "Better shame than never," "There are phrases that are better not needed," "You do not need to turn off the light! I'll go open the way," and many more that, I just did not remember. As always incredible and hypnotic Anatoly Bely. Stunning Olga Voronina, Victor Khoriniak, Veronika Timofeeva. And I want to finish again with Anna’s phrase: "In general, everyone who has a home can go home!" So I, having enjoyed the performance, went home.

Kseniya was 16 january on Seryozha

Frustrated. Yes, unusual methods and means of expression, a large number of metaphors and allegories, are really used. But unfortunately for all of this is not hiding any significant or new essence of the work. Messy, crumpled, jerky and tightened. Krymov tried to grope and find, rethink Karenin, failed. No comparison with the performances of Serebrennikov, Bogomolov, Molochnikov, Tuminas does not go.

Tat`yana was 16 january on Ideal husband. Comedy

The performance is wonderful. Sometimes it was almost foul and almost vulgar, but humor, ah, this wonderful humor and irony, and sometimes sarcasm, Konstantin Bogomolov outweighed all vulgarities. The author took part in our performance, playing the father of the born killer. The acting ensemble is gorgeous, wonderful, wonderful, fantastic !!! Every actor is great, every actor is in his place. The duo of Igor Mirkurbanov and Alexei Kravchenko is the subject of a separate conversation. The irony, self-irony, a little banter, their work can not be described. Just great. Live music, live performance of songs, the actors move beautifully, they are all very, very organic. We decided to go to the play again. Thanks to the author, thanks to the team and the actors.

Ol`ga was 15 january on Ideal husband. Comedy

Loved it !!! About our life as it is, about the degradation of young people under the shroud of "snow", dad gives Ferrari (says enjoy your life while son is young) to his son, instead of knowing about life, about spiritual values, about developing himself. And naturally stupidity leads to the death of a young man, empty brains. It is correct about parents that it is generally shown that the main character helps them and communicates and praises the Father !!! Respect is shown to the older generation, they are remembered !!! About the official's wife, the man brings the money to the woman correctly, and he gets success in his work, so it is! Everyone gets what they need, everyone develops !!!

Svetlana was 14 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

I really liked the performance, I am delighted, it touches me to tears, talentedly and professionally, it turned out to be a good gift for my Birthday.

Igor` was 14 january on CHEERFUL TIMES

Truly, fun and easy. Actors thank you all for the fact that no one was serving a number. Money and time do not mind. Ready to spend them on such performances.

Elena was 11 january on Contrabass

Thank you very much to Konstantin Khabensky for a wonderful, good creative evening "Double Bass without Contrabass".

Dar`ya was 14 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

The twentieth century is a plastic production in which key figures of the twentieth century are marked. The performance is wonderful! I really liked, and laughed and shed tears. Now it is necessary to bring the mother together, it seems to me that for the older generation the play will be especially interesting, since for the modern youth some characters of the play will probably not be readable. Who remembers Vertinsky, Petr Leshchenko, how many people remember the stories of Vampilov and old films The house in which I live and I walk across Moscow? The atmosphere of each episode is perfectly conveyed, the director has managed to catch the spirit of each time. The only flaw in my view of the performance is a crumpled finish. I am happy to go again.

Sergey was 14 january on Marriage

I advise you to go, do not regret it !!

Sergey was 14 january on Zoykina apartment

Personally, I had a great evening. great performance! A wonderful game of actors, installations, texts.

Marina was 10 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

Stay impressed! Sumptuously. The artists are very lucky to work with Alla Sigalova. Experience for life. They played with full dedication, there were scenes that touched to tears. Everything is recognizable. Thanks to the whole team for the performance, light, costumes, scenery. Certainly - the event of the season. Thank you for the evening in your theater! I love and often visit.

Svetlana was 10 january on Seryozha

Awesome! Looks in the same breath, the game of actors is great! An explosion of emotions! It is imperative to watch this work before watching. For proper effect. The first time I saw Smolnikov on the stage - I was captivated by her play!

Elena was 10 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

My theatrical and very busy January continues. Today at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater on the play "XX Century Ball". Director - Alla Sigalova. This is a reflection of the memory in two parts with a prologue, music and dance sketches. This is indicated on the official website of the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov. I took this performance as a costume, music, dance show. Unfortunately, without much meaning for me. In that sequence of changing pictures, I did not feel everything that the director apparently invested. From what impressed me, I can say: Costumes are vintage and stunningly beautiful. Costume Designer Alexander Vasilyev. To create images were used old photos and postcards. The fitting and selection of costumes took more than 3 months. The main place of events is the station - a witness who preserved the memory of the past eras. “The station is a place where people are forgiven, where they meet, where they leave, in the literal and figurative sense” (A.Sigalov's words). Maximum use of modern technology. Tulle screens, projections, holographic structures. Very beautiful scenery and amazingly used special effects, for example, the arrival of a train at the beginning of act 1. In the second act, the train changed the train. And the action went for me more interesting ... Part 2 - these are songs and dances. The most vivid impressions remained from the number “Come on, Girls” and Irina Pegova as Zhanna Stepanovna. If this is really a ball, then she is definitely the queen of the ball. Apart from Irina Pegova, I can single out for myself a few more artists who made a great impression on me, as always from performance to performance. This is Pavel Vashchilin, Veronika Timofeeva. “XX Century Ball” is a luxuriously costumed multimedia action, which for me was not a performance that left a mark on the soul. Unfortunately...

Tat`yana was 10 january on THREE SISTERS

The three sisters of Bogomolov are the worst performance I've ever seen. Scenography and movement of heroes, as in the play HUSBANDS AND WIFES. Three sofas, the contour of the house in different colors. Brother's speech is unintelligible, the line of the brother's wife is not bred. Only once, and quite successfully, her aggressive mood was emphasized when landing on the sofa. Everything (now sitting on the couch, now standing) read the text without emotion. It is not always intelligible. Yes, and the screens, which is very good for the audience from the balcony, and, it seems to me, inappropriate for the stalls. What does one say, and on the screen another hero of the play. In general, even the text of Chekhov does not save the play. The last light decision - all in orange - was ripped off from Fomenko. The whole scene, all the tubular contours of the house are orange before the duel. The hall is chock-full, there were no empty seats, only on the balcony at the edges in the last rows of two or three seats. But there were applause, someone from the last rows of the stalls even shouted BRAVO.

Nadegda was 08 january on THREE SISTERS

Great performance, really liked! Daria Moroz in the role of Tuzenbach is amazing, so much warmth and love in her eyes. The atmosphere of that time is very well conveyed, the ideas are modern and very relevant to this day.

Anna was 08 january on The Little Humpbacked Horse

I really wanted to see this particular performance ... we managed to book (online) tickets a month ago ... and ... got to the Real Miracle Performance !!! Pisarev can not be counted, the set design - the beauty and scale of the extraordinary, the acting game is gorgeous, it is clear that the artists get great pleasure !!! The costumes, music, plastic, choreography are perfect! An ideal performance !!! But ... not for children 6 +, the scene of a sea bottom pool ... character dialogues ... understandable for an adult audience! Therefore, from the age of 10, I think it is already possible for children.

Ol`ga was 08 january on The truth is good, but happiness is better

I do not know what to say. On the one hand, it is very boring, on the other hand, the classic is Ostrovsky, eternal themes. The actors of the "old guard", Alla Pokrovskaya, Olga Yakovleva, Avant-garde Leontiev, are simply wonderful. The “Youth”, which is no longer youth at all, such as Eduard Chekmazov, is very weak. Not yet liked the actor in the role of Proshenka, Artem Volobuev. In my opinion, and superficially, does not fit this role, and the game is weak, at some moments it just seemed to me that he was copying George Vitsin in the role of Balzaminov. The first action that takes almost two hours is very boring and boring. The second is about thirty minutes, here is already somewhat alive.

Uliya was 07 january on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Very average performance, in my opinion. Plus disappointed and frustrated vulgarity. The performance is not worth the amount of laudatory reviews written about it.

Frida was 07 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

Looks like the opening ceremony of Olympus 2014.

Sveta was 07 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

amazing not expected, beautiful, a sea of emotions! thank )

Elena was 07 january on Seryozha

Thank you, Dmitry Krymov, he gives us the THEATER. So many thoughts, emotions ... What interesting solutions .. Seryozha ....... Karenin's sufferings ...... Anna's throwing ...... Everything is expressed in such a talented and such theatrical language ..... Go and look ..... and think .. .. think .... This is a magnificent miracle of the THEATER, such a difficult and exciting journey into the passions and meanings of life !!!

Irina was 07 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

The performance is great !! In our mad time we lack aesthetics, enjoying the beauty of music, movement, plastics! Everything is there! Talented performance created by talented people. Alla Sigalova unconditional talent! Brilliant woman! Her "Casting" in the Moscow City Council and "Katerina Il'vovna" in the Boxing box confirm this. I advise everyone to look. Of course, "20th century. Ball" is the event of the season !!!

Anna was 07 january on № 13 D

Great performance, 2.5 hours of humor and laughter. Great acting game. I want to come back to the Moscow Art Theater again and again.

Elena was 07 january on The Little Humpbacked Horse

I drive in turn all the grandchildren. 10 years ago, Nikita with Ilyusha, and now Vanya with Dima. I vvostorge, children also really like it, especially the hunchbacker and whale fish. A true performance is long, it is difficult for children to sit through active.

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