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Valeriya was 03 september on Drinking alone

Thank you. Great performance!

Выпивая в одиночестве

Выпивая в одиночестве16+

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121069, Москва, Никитская Б. ул., 23/14
02 h 30 min


Lyrical comedy in two acts based on Norm Foster's play

Foster's plays are comic and serious at the same time: "I like it when a spectator laughs and at the same time, he has a lump in his throat."

Asked if there is an idea that unites all of his plays, Foster, after thinking, answered: "For the most part, my plays are about ordinary people who are trying to go through life. I try not to moralize. I do not set myself the task of teaching the public something, and I do not try to have a general message in all my plays. It seems to me that I have no right to this. All I want is for my audience to feel a little easier to live in this world. And this, you will agree, is not so simple in our troubled times. "
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Becoming a father is easy. It's hard to be a father.

Forgive an impudent parent of adult children? He had not seen them for fifteen years!

Dad left the family when the children were small. The boy stayed behind the eldest - my mother drank.

Lived brother and sister is difficult. The main thing is that they survived. Now they are adults.

My brother has a small business. There is no family.

The sister is married, but on the verge of a divorce. Therefore, he is friends with the bottle. In the world of television, it's difficult to keep a husband.

The news that my father would like to meet with them was a complete surprise to them.

They will show him that they are doing well!

The brother arranged with an occasional woman. He will introduce her to his father as his wife. But who could have imagined that she would stick her nose into everything?

Father came to them with his new wife. Will he find a common language with his children?

He needs to hurry - he will have an operation.

Lyrical comedy about how difficult it is for children and parents to understand each other.

Parents who are lucky with children are usually children who are lucky with their parents.

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Valeriya was 03 september

Thank you. Great performance!

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