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Feedbacks from viewers
Natal`ya was 19 june on Beautiful far away

The performance has everything - laughter and tears, melancholy and joy ... But, most importantly, throughout the entire performance it is somehow unobtrusive, as if questions about the complexity of being arise by themselves, and they do not let go for a long, long time .... "They cannot die, but there is no place to live there anymore" "Everything has already been negotiated" ...... What about us? Do we have "where to live"? The same routine ... And what about us? Do we always find a topic for conversation? Alas, we are more and more silent, buried in the TV, in the computer, at best in the book ... Life goes on, and we all wait - just about it will happen and we will be happy ... But, as the author of the play Danila said Privalov "" We must appreciate what we have here and now. Because it may not be better. Even THERE. "

Haydar was 25 april on Beautiful far away

Beautiful Far Away is a Beautiful Job

Ol`ga was 25 april on Beautiful far away

I liked the performance very much !!! A touching story. Both funny and sad. Bravo to all !!!

Uliya was 04 may on Beautiful far away

A wonderful performance! Makes you think about a lot and appreciate what we have !!!

Sergey was 04 may on Beautiful far away

It was very cool, a range of different emotions, thank you!

Tat`yana was 03 june on Beautiful far away

On June 3, we attended the performance "Beautiful Far Away" at the Moscow Provincial Theater. A very interesting production, and the small hall of the Moscow Provincial Theater made it possible to feel like a participant in what was happening on the stage. Thank you so much!

Svetlana was 25 may on Beautiful far away

I liked the play very much, good production, good acting

Vera was 07 january on Christmas. Mystery. Ball

Merry pre-New Year's performance-skit in the style of S. Bezrukov. I liked it very much, although the authors advice to earn some script (a bit primitive). phones! We went out in a good festive mood, thank you!

Nadegda was 31 october on The Scarlet Flower

The performance is beautiful, bright, colorful. The child was 8 years old. The hall is small, well visible.

Valentina was 20 september on A little prince

Wonderful setting of a magnificent work! Son of 5 years was not very impressed, unfortunately. But his young mother was delighted with emotions !!! Thank you!

Nadegda was 09 jule on The jungle book. Mowgli.

06.07.18 visited with the granddaughter of the play "The Book of the Jungle." Mowgli "Wonderful production! Bright, colorful, musical. The game of actors is amazing. Well done! Before the performance in the foyer entertained the audience, danced Indian dances, told the children about the country of India. We really enjoyed. The next day, the granddaughter (6 years old) retold the whole play to her parents. I liked the theater. New, comfortable chairs, it is clearly visible. We will definitely return there. Thank you.

Valeriya was 03 may on Wedding of Krechinsky

At the play "Wedding Krechinsky" were a family on April 28, 2018. Of the merits - a large parking and orchestra during the intermission, the rest is not talented, not interesting. Does not capture either the fifth, twentieth, or sixtieth minute. The transfer of the action to the present is a very complicated device and it was not possible for the director absolutely. The infernal musical mix, musical numbers in places of the level of amateur performance creates the impression of an actor's skits, and the reference to the "Field of Miracles" for young spectators in general was not understood (because they do not look), but more adult because ... it is not clear. The director's techniques are monotonous and tiresome. When one, two or even three times there is a rearrangement of furniture in front of the viewer is still nothing, but when it is done constantly, obsessively and irritatingly quite tiresome and disappointing. The longest (and strange) choreographic insets and film projection unbearably lengthen the performance. The director does not know the auditorium. The outputs of actors with rather lengthy dialogues, sketches or monologues are not visible at all from the balcony. People sat on the balcony for 10 minutes, just rolled their eyes up and listened. Inexpensive tickets do not mean that the viewer will not see half of the performance. The cast is weak. Anna Tsang, in the role of Lidinsky, is simply terrible. For the final monologue, uttered with an eerie reprimand, it was just awkward. However, awkward for her was the whole play. Of the actor's work would have noted only Rasplyueva-Kurlova - a great actor, great work. Khabarov did not impress at all. Despite the increased advertising (which bought tickets), the hall is half empty. In general, the performance is not recommended. At one time three times was at the musical play "The Wedding of Krechinsky" by the Maly Theater with Vitaly Mefodyevich Solomin in the role of Krechinsky. That's where I wanted it to never end, and in the MGT I wanted it to pass quickly. I'll go to my favorite t. "Sphere", he never disappoints.

Svetlana was 12 march on Cheerful Soldier

Were at the play on 11.03.18. Many thanks, very strong impressions left the play! Looked at one go! That's the way to tell about the war. Thank you!

Ludmila was 09 january on FilmFilmFilm. PREMIERE!

If you do not want to think about anything, then you need to watch this performance. It's easy not to feel

Irina was 05 january on Christmas. Mystery. Ball

Were on December 31 at the play, in ecstasy! Every year we go to the theater on December 31 and have already "seen enough" of various performances. "Christmas, Mystery, Ball" - perhaps, the best performance from "New Year's Eve". I am sure that on normal days he will cheer up, give a charge of emotion that will keep you in a state of holiday for a long time. A light story, beautiful singing actors, a live orchestra and songs are cool, time-tested, raznozharovrovye-that the audience is ready to sing along with the actors, which sometimes does. Super!! Thank you all for the wonderful festive mood and such an emotion !!! So they sang until the morning "... if the snowflake does not melt ..."))). We will come to other performances. I'm sure there are a lot of interesting things in this theater. Special thanks to S. Bezrukov for the theater. From the "hanger" to the repertoire, everything is cool!

Tat`yana was 11 december on Treasure Island

Were at the show with the whole family, the child is 11 years old. Liked everything. The theater itself, the atmosphere, the actors' play, the scenery. Not when I was bored before the performance. Children were entertained with games. All on the topic. I advise you to bring classes to the theater.

Tatiana was 01 october on A little prince

The master of the artistic word and the live orchestra on the stage is very impressive. We, adults liked it! Surprised by the abundance of toddlers ....

Viktoriya was 29 september on Endless April

Very touching and sincere performance! The history of life of a common man against the backdrop of the history of our country. You can laugh, and sink, and think. After all - it's about us, about our parents, grandmothers. grandfathers. A low bow to the actors and creators! Great chamber and warm atmosphere in the hall, full immersion in action. We watched with my daughter - 20 years old, and I 44) Went out with a feeling of light sadness and hope) Thank you from the heart!

Viktoriya was 29 september on Endless April

Very touching and sincere performance! A piercing life story of a common man against the backdrop of the history of our country. Performance for not indifferent spectators. makes you smile and feel sad, and remember your parents, grandparents ... Very chamber and warm atmosphere of a small hall, full immersion in action. A low bow to the actors and creators of this performance! Went with my daughter, she is 20 years old, I'm 44. We left with a feeling of warmth, light sadness and hope)))

Anastasiya was 06 february on Spring

Went with my husband. The performance is ecstatic. And Mikhail Zadornov and actors and music, everything is fine!

Ol`ga was 12 september on Spring

Thank you very much for the performance.

Liya was 09 november on Spring

Were at the play "Spring". Pleasant Modern Youth Performance. Very unusual scenery. It left a very good impression and the hour and a half of the performance flew very quickly, and although the clock was installed on the stage, which counted these half hours in real time, they looked at them only at the end! Recommended!

Yana was 10 june on Found a scythe on a stone

For the first time she was in the Provincial Theater and was very pleased. The scenery and the rotating part of the scene were struck (probably there is a special name for this, but excuse me, I'm an amateur). "The effect of the treadmill" on the stage suggested that everything outside changes around: fashion, architecture, and the person and his problems are the same as in the 18, 19 ... 21 centuries. Particularly pleased actor C. Vershinin.

Kristina was 26 december on Found a scythe on a stone

I liked the performance very much. Bright, colorful, an amazing actor's play Dmitry Dyuzhev, certainly beyond competition. Particularly pleased with the songs in his performance.

Vladimir was 15 november on Found a scythe on a stone

An interesting decision to staging Astrovsky's "Bezpreedannitsy" is combined with "Mad Money". Overall I liked the actors played well, in the second part of the play we played even better, young people. The only thing I did not like, especially my wife, is the allusion to the stupidity of ALL women, Where the saying why women can have few wrinkles - they think little. But this is purely my opinion. It is true that Bezrukov at the end bowed for only a few seconds, perhaps so he shows modesty. I liked the idea of ​​a living arkestra.Dyuzhev sang great, as I understood in a live, well done. Thank you all for the performance.

Ol`ga was 17 september on Found a scythe on a stone

The play "Found a scythe on a stone" as a whole was pleasant. The theatrical performance took place. Dyuzhev in the role of Vasilkov is good (the granddaughter called him nyasha .., she is 12 years old, she generally enjoyed everything, although the performance is very long). For me, it was the superfluous heroes of "Bride", who, in my opinion, were not here all right. The hand of S. Bezrukov was felt in the production: but let's the gypsy, and let's bother the spectators with Ogudalova ... Ostrovsky seems to me so good in every play and in the finished plot and in the set of characters that two plays in one are a bust, Vinaigrette ... From the actors like Karina Andolenko (the main female role), Sergei Vershinin (just bravo!). In the Moscow Provincial Theater was the first time: from the audience the impression is good, it is comfortable, designed in a classical style. Apparently, you hear well enough. The spirit of the theatrical is present. The actor's troupe pleased. Interesting composition. The theater is next to the metro, which is important. Foyer ... although the orchestra played, but the comfort in the foyer was not enough. But the theater begins with a hanger. Rather goes on with the buffet .. Disgusting buffet, the feeling was that I was not in the theater, but in a bad circus. In general, after work, we tasted there before the performance, and in a break after 2 hours of action, the benefit of a break of 30 minutes, went out into the street, and next to it was a French bakery. That's where the cards are accepted, everything is stylish and tasty. It is worth to go to the play. Scenery, actors, action, noise, din, music, gypsies, romances, beautiful costumes ... But keep in mind that the duration is 3.5 hours (it ended at 23-30)!

Anastasiya was 18 october on Found a scythe on a stone

Were at the presentation of 18.10, the birthday of Sergei Bezrukov. The performance is excellent, the actors are simply shaking. The atmosphere gives so much insight into what is happening that we ourselves become participants in the scene. Thanks for the splendid setting!

Elena was 17 september on Found a scythe on a stone

Miracle of the play. Everything is good from the director and artists to dressmakers and decorators. Everything is just great. Bravo to all. One minus, which does not belong to the performance - bad acoustics of the hall.

Uriy was 17 september on Found a scythe on a stone

In general, I liked it. An interesting Provincial idea of ​​the theater. The organization, the actors' play, the decorations, the interior of the theater at a high level. Djuzhev is super cool. Security guard at the entrance no.

Uliya was 10 june on Found a scythe on a stone

Successfully mixed "Mad Money" with "Dowry". A lot of music, excellent dekaratsii, actors perfectly play. Three and a half hours passed unnoticed. Got a lot of fun. The only negative - on the balcony ventilation was turned on, the first act was frozen, interrupted during the intermission. The first time in this theater, I hope, not at the last :)

Tat`yana was 17 september on Found a scythe on a stone

Thank you. All liked it.

Dar`ya was 11 may on Found a scythe on a stone

The performance really liked! Excellent actors, scenery, costumes! The only thing, sometimes on the balcony was hard to hear (2 rows), especially if the music.

Galina was 11 may on Found a scythe on a stone

A stunning performance. Have taught great pleasure. Thank you .

Anna was 11 may on Found a scythe on a stone

Acoustics are not very good :( It was not very well heard in the 10th row of the stalls, and the seats are comfortable! :)

Anna was 21 may on Found a scythe on a stone

Stunning performance)) will not regret)) all go

Sofia was 21 may on Found a scythe on a stone

Very good and beautiful performance! Liked very much! All actors are good fellows, everything is beautiful!

Natal`ya was 21 may on Found a scythe on a stone

Thank you very much for the holiday! The play of the artists, the production, the theater itself, the fair in it - all very much. And such scenery for a long time did not see, though in theaters we go very often.

Valentina was 01 april on Found a scythe on a stone

Good afternoon! For the first time, I, my friends, visited the Moscow theater. And we were in great ecstasy. The play left a mark in our hearts. Thank you very much!!!

Elena was 11 may on Found a scythe on a stone

Great performance! We wish you new creative successes! Elena.

Elena was 01 april on Found a scythe on a stone

Thanks to all the actors great! Stunning scenery, the atmosphere is warm, the theater building is favorably different from other Moscow theaters. A large hall on the 2nd floor has a cultural rest. A separate Respect Dima Dyuzhev and actress who played Lydia! Sergei and Irina Bezrukov great fellows - a wonderful creative couple, keep it up!

Larisa was 01 april on Found a scythe on a stone

Wonderful performance !!!! The production, the scenery of music, the actors, everything is simply delicious!

Irina was 22 april on Found a scythe on a stone

Thank you very much, I liked everything. The only comment on the duration of the play. It is hard for a weekday, considering the theater's location. Liked the action in the lobby. Good luck!

Irina was 01 april on Found a scythe on a stone

Great play of actors. Dyuzhev is amazing! But the performance is long, some scenes seem to be drawn out.

Tat`yana was 01 april on Found a scythe on a stone

Beautiful setting, gorgeous costumes and scenery! A wonderful cast! Thank you for the delivery. pleasure! Tatyana.

Galina was 01 april on Found a scythe on a stone

Thank you very much for the most wonderful emotions and impressions !!! The whole play is in one breath! Funny, beautiful and original for all time !!! Thank you, thank you to the actors, thanks to Sergey Bezrukov!

Inna was 22 april on Found a scythe on a stone

04/22/2014, Great performance! Great acting game! Thank you for the interesting statement. I advise everyone.

Natal`ya was 22 april on Found a scythe on a stone

Thank you! A wonderful game of actors! I liked it very much!

Lilya was 22 april on Found a scythe on a stone

We got great pleasure! It's unbelievable! I liked everything and the actors' play, and the atmosphere in the theater and the staff! In the near future, we will definitely visit again! Thank you!

Nastya was 01 april on Found a scythe on a stone

Found a scythe on a stone - this is a very interesting mixture of Ostrovsky. A love story that will not leave one person indifferent. The brilliant composition was chosen: both the hero Dyuzheva Vasilkov, and Lydia and Glumov and Telyatiev deserve such applause that the palms hurt! The game is at the highest level. The play looks on one breath! Some phrases are taken up for quotations, especially Telyatiev! Once again I want to go to this play and I advise everyone!

Marina was 22 april on Found a scythe on a stone

A delightful performance and a play of actors.

Antonina was 17 may on About three brave piglets

I liked the performance very much. Thank you!

Ol`ga was 21 june on "Caligula" Premiere!

A brilliant performance, it looks in one breath. Music, scenery, costumes - everything is fascinating and fascinating. And of course, the amazing plasticity of theatrical actors - Stanislav Bondarenko and Katerina Spitsa. Bravo!!!

Irina was 19 may on Wedding of Krechinsky

10/16/2016 visited the premiere performance of the Provincial Theater "Krechinsky's Wedding". We have never been here before; Somehow before this seriously did not expect that here you can count on a high level of directing and acting. But the result surpassed all expectations! Already from the threshold it became clear that the building of the theater on one side - modern and comfortable, on the other - fully corresponds to all the traditional ideas about the church of Melpomene. Pleased with the production, scenery, costumes, the dynamics of the scene. Actors - both young and older generation - work with full dedication, light, music, stage equipment - all without any overlap. All three (!) Hours with a half-hour intermission the action takes place brightly, dynamically, emotionally, accompanied by the remarkable musicians of the Governor's Orchestra. The action goes out into the auditorium. In the break - a special surprise. The Governor's Orchestra meets the audience in the foyer of the second floor with music that makes them forget about the buffet and, sorry, about the toilet. Incendiary jazz compositions force the audience to dance until the third bell. The cost of tickets is quite democratic even in the first row, there are practically no empty seats (with the exception of seats in the first row involved in the course of the performance). Thank you for the pleasure!

Ekaterina was 18 june on Treasure Island

Thank you !!! We were delighted !!! Really liked!

Ekaterina was 04 october on The Canterville Ghost

Excellent production, emotionally rich, with a great sense of humor, with good play and songs, beautiful dekaratsiyami and effects. It is equally interesting for both children and adults.

Vladimir was 17 may on Cyrano de Bergerac

"Cyrano de Bergerac" 07-03-2017, although the second lineup (I wanted to see how plays Bezrukov), but the guys gave all 100%. Young, fervently, talented

Ekaterina was 14 may on The jungle book. Mowgli.

The production is just wonderful, what bright and appropriate costumes. The artists worked harmoniously, which means that everyone is friendly in this team, for which the director of the Moscow Gubernskogo Theater, Sergey Vitalievich Bezrukov, is so thankful !!!

Ol`ga was 28 december on The jungle book. Mowgli.

Were at the play "The Book of the Jungle." Mowgli. Bright, colorful performance. Stunning scenery, very interesting costumes, just for such a theme. Thanks to everyone, everyone for the excellent production :)))

Svetlana was 14 may on The jungle book. Mowgli.

4.01.15g I made a gift to an adult son (26-year-old) and his girlfriend, having presented 2 tickets. Visiting the play "The Jungle Book", they were delighted with the play of actors, scenery fantastic, the ability to keep children interested ... After the performance the children waited for the continuation. My son recommended us parents to see it. Thanks !!!!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Волгоградский пр-кт., 121
03 h 30 min

A. P. Chekhov


Written in 1903, during the demolition of the epochs, the Chekhov play is as relevant today as ever. After all, and now we live in an era of scrapping the times, changing the formations. In the production of the theater, Lopakhin's personal drama comes to the fore, but the Chekhov theme of the passing epoch and the inevitable loss of the values ​​of the past sounds no less clear and piercing.

The story of the loss of the cherry garden in the production of Sergei Bezrukov becomes the story of a long and hopeless love - Lopakhin's love for Ranevskaya. About the love that Lopakhin needs to uproot from his heart, like a cherry orchard, to live on.

The famous cherry orchard in the play will acquire a completely visible image - viewers will see how in the course of the action it blooms, withers, and in the finale literally disappears from the face of the earth.

The director of the production Sergey Bezrukov admits that the idea of ​​the play was largely based on the actor's nature of Anton Khabarov, who was chosen by him for the role of Lopakhin. It is known that Chekhov dreamed that the first performer of the role of Yermolai Lopakhin was himself Stanislavsky Stanislavsky - this character was seen to him as thin, vulnerable, aristocratic, in spite of his low background. This is what Lopakhin sees as Sergei Bezrukov.


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