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ЛИЦА. Эффект отсутствия

ЛИЦА. Эффект отсутствия16+

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121069, Москва, Никитская Б. ул., 23 корп.9
01 h 20 min




Singer Mark Tishman presents a solo performance "Faces: the effect of absence."
The play contains the stories of various people: famous and unknown, those who live close to us today and those who left us, left a memory of themselves.
Each of these stories sounds from the lips of the main character as his own experience, as a question to himself, as a conversation with a certain collective mind. Authors of stories get the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with each other through time, because they all live inside the main character: he consists of them.
The songs performed by Mark and musicians, poems, video projections are part of the narrative, in which the times, fates, and characters are intertwined.

"For me it's a play about Man, about the fact that we all, despite sometimes extreme differences, overcome the same questions. About the fact that time is sweeping forward, but the soul of a person, his behavior, what he is guided by when making decisions, remains unchanged. I am acutely aware of the impact of each of the stories told on my life, on the lives of my friends: they are as if directing us, asking us scenarios, or we are all just parts of an unknown whole that is simply not able to see. I am also sure that if you look long into the face of even the most unpleasant person, after a while you begin to understand and even love him. This is inherent in our nature. We are representatives of one kind - empathy is inevitable. About this is our performance, "- says Mark Tishman.
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