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Feedbacks from viewers
Ol`ga was 26 january on The Frosty

There are very few such cozy little puppet theaters in Moscow. home environment for kids. fresh renovation - the theater opened in November 2012. On the stage there are actors and dolls very comfortable, mentally, merrily went to Morozko - the fairy tale is even more kind in telling theater actors, the wicked and lazy Marfushenka promised Nastya and Moroz to correct in the course of the action interactive games, which is very important for small viewers to defuse. The performance is calculated from 3+ possible. ideally 4-5 years in the theater were just! three families and 6 children. I really want the theater to thrive on good viewers, but more. We really liked it, we will come more sure that the tickets cost 500 rubles per person or person. There are tiny drawbacks: the device, which "makes" the snow buzzed heavily and can be seen above the stage, which means the magic is lost. and another soundtrack, when the puppets sometimes need to be sung in a performance, rather loud. A little quieter will be much more pleasant to the ear. The head of the theater promised that there will be master classes soon. Thank you! were in January 2013.

Tariel` was 06 january on Letter to Santa Claus

Were on presentation on 01/06/2014 at 12:00. Very disappointed! The performance of the play is designed for children aged 5 and older. All the scenes are tight, the dialogues are complex, the words use a lot of turns, which even to me it was difficult for an adult person to perceive them by ear. The actors were exhausted, the children watched the proceedings silently without any emotion. Even on the stage no one wanted to go out. There were little children present at the show today, which is probably why such a reaction - after all, one girl of 5-6 years old, leaving the room, told her mom: "Will there be a continuation?" So not everything is as bad as it seemed to me, just not many correctly pointed out the age category of the performance. So my advice is that with children under 5 years old, choose a different repertoire.

Ol`ga was 08 january on Letter to Santa Claus

Hello! I completely disagree with the recall of the performance left on this performance. We also went last winter to this performance with a child (then the child was 3.5 years old), he was very active in all games, and not he alone. The performance is hilarious, the actors play very well, and in the theater there is a homely atmosphere, as children are treated with all warmth. I'm sure there was not a single indifferent spectator left. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the guys for their work, THANKS! We were not only at this performance and are familiar with your work. Keep it up! I'm glad that you finally reopened. We are pleased to visit you in a new place this weekend and see the play "Cinderella".

Natal`ya was 23 april on Thumbelina

A wonderful performance for both kids and adults! received a lot of fun! Gorgeous talented artists, colorful scenery, interestingly staged the show, beautiful dolls! In the theater is a very homely, cozy and soulful atmosphere! Relaxed, relaxed and received aesthetic pleasure. A huge thanks to the artists! Children and parents are delighted! I recommend to everyone!

Vladimir was 04 august on Cinderella

Were at the play with a child of 7 years. But the performance is suitable for children of all ages, starting even from a year old and slightly older, because. it's not long, with great music and songs. Looks at one go! Stunning dolls, costumes. All is thought over to trifles. Actors play great, with a soul. We are inveterate theatergoers from 2 years old, visited almost all the children's theaters in Moscow. There is something to compare. This is the best theater for the youngest and up to 10 years old.

Ol`ga was 27 january on 38 parrots

I want to write a nice review) went to Morozko - a fairy tale even more kind in the retelling of the theater actors, tk malicious and lazy Marfushenka promised Nastenka and Moroz to correct :) among the action there are interactive games, which is very important for small viewers for detente. the performance is calculated from 3+, absolutely true. ideally 4-5 years :) schoolchildren will be bored. among the action there are musical introductions, when the characters are singing - this is a phonogram. for me it seemed a little louder than necessary. and the apparatus making the snow was noisy. but it's all trifles) before the play was sitting in the room where the "decorations", puzzles, and books lay) all this under the musical accompaniment of a song from cartoons. Thank you!

Ol`ga was 27 january on 38 parrots

I will add - in principle, for an older story, too, a fairy tale will suit me, but I liked it) and by the way it will be more fun to play for children from 5 years old, my daughter is 4 years old while watching the 7-year-old already done everything))

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