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Theater "Saturday"

Feedbacks from viewers
Ol`ga was 20 august on The Amazing Journey of Edward the Rabbit

Yesterday they watched the play with her husband. The play is very well staged. Every wise fairy tale is close to both children and adults. Strong actors play, good musical accompaniment. The only thing: we, as viewers of the old model, did not have enough scenery. Overall, very satisfied

Oksana was 05 september on "Fools: The Invasion"

A wonderful performance, an excellent theater (small, cozy), proceeding from this the actors play, the scene, everything is so close. In general, it's wonderful.

Elena was 02 november on Lunar landscape

Super! We really liked it. Your style, humor, actors. Thank you!

Konstantin was 02 november on Lunar landscape

Thank you for the wonderful performance!

Natal`ya was 12 october on Five stories about love

Many thanks for a nice evening!

Aleksandr was 11 october on Save the camera-junker Pushkin!

Overall a good impression, plus a drop of frustration. Vladimir Shabelnikov is not always convincing. Artem Lisach in the role of Pushkin is definitely good. Marina Konyushko (teacher), as always, "beautiful", one of your favorite actresses. Anastasia Rezunkova (mother) is consistently high level. And at the same time he expected more modernity from the play. In the hall 80% of young people. And in the play-twigs of poetry verses, thieves' songs, etc., a little "yesterday's jokes." Special thanks for the final song. I recommend? Yes.

Elena was 10 october on # GoodbyeYun

I really liked it. Fun, alive, with humor. The evening was a success

Svetlana was 10 october on Deniskin's stories

Thank you very much, received a lot of positive emotions. The actors are brave! Be sure to come again!

Vika was 03 october on Napoleon Napoleon III

A stunning scenario, with humor and an accessible syllable for children's perception, a great game of actors !!!! Especially the game of Palma and the Marquise;)) I really liked it, went with a half of the class - babes are 9 years old, everyone was happy! laughed almost throughout the entire performance) thanks !!!

Elya was 10 september on Deniskin's stories

Many thanks, for a pleasant time spent. Warm and soulful atmosphere. Great acting game. Live emotions. My son and I liked everything. We will come here more than once.

Evgeniya was 26 april on Plum

Thank you. We liked it! Were for the first time, we will come again more than once!

Viktor was 29 march on Plum

Thank you, I liked it very much:-)

Svetlana was 26 april on Plum

The performance really liked! Maestro and actors, as always, are perfect! I recommend to view!

Ol`ga was 03 november on Heroes and gods

My son (12) was very pleased. Wants to come and call us

Mariya was 19 march on Wedding with the General

Were at the premiere. Dear kind honest Vodevil !!! Sincere talented actors do not play, but live an old-new story, involving the viewer in what is happening.

Sergey was 23 february on A city familiar to tears ...

The performance is a little bit confused. The play of actors was on top

Galina was 01 may on Windows, streets, gateways

There were at the play Theater Saturday "Windows, Streets, Upholstery" and were delighted. The topic of adolescents is very necessary. The actors are just super. The theater is small and is in the basement, but we are so carried away by the actors that they just forgot about everything. And there was laughter and tears came through. Everything is great. Be sure to come back more than once.

Tat`yana was 18 december on Three comrades

Were with my family. I liked the performance very much. Excellent, true play of actors. We definitely go to other performances of this theater.

Elena was 06 june on Save the camera-junker Pushkin!

The performance of the theater "Saturday" "I liked the 16-year-old daughter and her friend very much" to save Pushkin's camera-cadets ". I recommend this theater. The atmosphere in the theater is somehow domestic and the actors play very sincere.

Viktoriya was 04 december on Five stories about love

Looked five love stories, really liked the game actors. The play, which can be watched not only once and calculated, and for adolescents, and for the adult generation, for men, and for women. It's great that you are sitting close to the stage in the theater, you can say on the stage and thus you see all the emotions, facial expressions and feel the whole life of actors, living with them this story.

Elena was 03 june on Three comrades

Really liked it! THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!

Uliya was 24 september on Deniskin's stories

It was the first time in "Saturday", my girls 6, 7 and 8 years were pleased. Funny and fascinating performance, which was interesting to see and those who did not even read Dragunsky)) The parents who came to the theater sobbed with laughter (especially the pope). Be sure to go to the "Saturday" for children's productions!

Elena was 21 august on Mother, father...

The performance really liked!)) Laughter from the heart! Lived everyday situations, along with the actors, who embodied characteristic) images! The children were satisfied. Thanks to the actors bright emotions and laughter!

Ol`ga was 01 may on Windows, streets, gateways

Touching-musical-native! A wonderful performance! Many thanks!!!

Uliya was 21 may on The Amazing Journey of Edward the Rabbit

A wonderful theater and a stunning performance! Without love, there is no life! To love, cherish, appreciate, understand, laugh and cry. So many emotions!!! Great game of actors! Believe every word, every emotion and experience with the heroes. Very long remained impressed by this performance! All I recommend to look !!!

Ol`ga was 21 may on The Amazing Journey of Edward the Rabbit

This is an amazing, kind show !!! This is a performance for the whole family and you need to watch it! "If you have no intention of loving and being loved, then on a journey called" life "there is no point." This conclusion was made by every spectator, both small and adult. Everything is harmonious in the performance: costumes, music, dances. A very strong play is beautifully staged and played by the theater Saturday! Be sure to take your children to her! Please note that this performance is recommended for children from 12 years! To small children it was boring and uninteresting! In addition, they are very disturbed to watch other viewers!

Diana was 12 april on The Amazing Journey of Edward the Rabbit

We went to the play with a child for 8 years. I liked very much both the child and me. The performance made a strong impression.

Mariya was 03 april on Night is tender

The theater is small. The world has enough. Seen well. The actors' game is interesting. I liked the performance.

Elena was 04 february on Three comrades

Nothing more exciting lately I have not seen! Full delight! Played in one breath! Natural tears of an actor! Such a rarity in our time! Thanks for the excitement!

Maksim was 15 april on Night is tender

Great performance .... let the theme of the performance and not really relevant for me was .... but even so, the actors kept attention to the game ... played Totally and gracefully ... and the maximum fader "Diver" I already envy White envy ... and partner was comrade Harosh .... Well done !!!

Uliya was 01 february on The Amazing Journey of Edward the Rabbit

Great performance! Amazing actors play! The actress who plays the role of the inner world of the rabbit made a huge impression. The play "infected" so much that they quickly found the book and read it for the day. Both the play and the book strongly "hooked" the son. Thanks a lot to the theater for the amazing performance, bringing so much good and light.

Ilya was 26 september on Five stories about love

It was a wonderful two hour viewing, from which I discovered the theater. Thank you very much. I am very glad .

Oleg was 24 october on The Thinning of Rita's Soul

Visited with his wife on 24.10.14. I liked the theater and the show very much. A cozy small room, with actors "face to face" - almost at arm's length. The actors are sincere, cute. We hope to get to this theater more than once.

Oleg was 24 october on The Thinning of Rita's Soul

I liked the cozy theater "Saturday" and the actors' play

Anna was 26 october on The Amazing Journey of Edward the Rabbit

There were only children. Their review: very much! )) And we, adults, took tickets for the "Three Comrades", since the children liked the theater and the play.

Dar`ya was 15 april on Night is tender

Hello! The performance is excellent! It has been a long time since so sincere. I was in the theater for the first time. There are no censures. I saw even the director of the production. I liked the location of the scene and places. You are near the actors and you are doubly worried. Thanks for a wonderful evening! I advise everyone!

Jukakuka was 22 october on Night is tender

We really enjoyed. Thank you!

Irina was 27 september on Deniskin's stories

Thank you for the performance, I liked it!

Anastasiya was 21 september on Seagull Jonathan Livingston

A wonderful performance, I liked it! Thank you very much, especially since I took a friend from Moscow to your theater. The performance shows ideas and thoughts very well, supports that you need to go on and not give up!

Anastasiya was 26 jule on Mitin's love

Thank you very much. The performance is excellent, the actors did not play, but lived in these roles. Real professionals, very soulful atmosphere. Thanks again.

Elena was 23 august on Five stories about love

The performance was delicious! Many thanks for your creativity and work! You bring good to people!

Dmitriy was 24 august on Deniskin's stories

Wonderful statement. I liked it very much.

Evgeniya was 15 august on Night is tender

I like it. Unusually.

Natalya was 03 september on Three comrades

Hello! The performance really liked! The game of actors is just super! Son, 16 years old, too, in full delight! Sincerely, Natalia

Uliya was 03 september on Three comrades

Delight! Unusual atmosphere ... amazing game of actors. Class! Unforgettable impressions of the performance. Many thanks to the director and artists, I really want to visit this theater again.

Svetlana was 03 september on Three comrades

A big thanks to the whole cast!

Visitor was 25 jule on Five stories about love

Wonderful performance, excellent performance

Dmitriy was 30 august on The Amazing Journey of Edward the Rabbit

Excellent, very much!

Svetlana was 31 august on The Amazing Journey of Edward the Rabbit

Too delayed the performance, it's hard to sit so long on uncomfortable chairs and a bit boring. To the child of 8 years much was not clear. Thank you

Igor` was 30 august on The Amazing Journey of Edward the Rabbit

Thank you so much! Have you had the first time, I cried, has not received such an impression in the theater for a long time. Great play and actors play! We will come again. Even the performances have been chosen. Mom and daughter 11 years old

Tat`yana was 27 jule on Night is tender

Magic! The actors played so beautifully that we believed them unconditionally! And in the end we even shed a few tears! Thank you very much for your work and for the wonderful theater with the most cozy atmosphere!

Anna was 17 august on Five stories about love

The performance is excellent! Kind, touching, sometimes, very sad, with incredibly warm memories from childhood, deep incredible! Actors are so real that you believe everything that happens on stage, you live with them the whole story! Many thanks and a low bow to the director and actors of the play!

Inna was 17 august on Five stories about love

We are grateful to YOU ​​for such a pleasure! What are you talented! We have no words to express our emotions! Thank you!

Irina was 16 august on Deniskin's stories

Thank you very much for the performance! It is a pity that few such performances are of interest to adults and children. You got what you need! Good luck!

Dmitriy was 24 august on Deniskin's stories

I liked it very much. It is a pity that not all stories are used

Anatoliy was 04 june on Three comrades

Thank you for the sincere performance. I noticed that the protagonists did not leave the images after the performance. Track, please, so that you do not really get sick :)

Helga was 12 june on Five stories about love

Thank you so much! This is the best theater of all where we were! Be sure to come back!

Denis was 04 june on Three comrades

Thank you, I really liked the production and the actors' play!

Nikita was 10 june on Mother, father...

I liked it, very lively and kind play. Most of all I remember the game of the protagonist Minka.

Marina was 07 june on Mother, father...

The play "Mom, Dad, Sister and I" we really liked! Both adults and children !!! Incredibly funny stories in the beautiful apogee of talented actors ... there were moments when we cried with laughter! I highly recommend adults and children!

Olia was 11 may on Three comrades

The performance is good. But some actors are unconvincing.

Evgeniya was 10 may on Three comrades

Thank you. Absolutely by chance we got to the play ... only pleasant impressions remained ... The most important thing: I want to come to you ... and not once again ... Thank you again ...

Elena was 09 may on Deniskin's stories

Very funny performance), I liked both adults and children!

Anna was 01 june on Deniskin's stories

I liked it very much

Ol`ga was 11 may on Deniskin's stories

We really enjoyed!!! Thank you very much!!! With pleasure we will come again !!!

Luiza was 07 may on Seagull Jonathan Livingston

I really liked it

Uriy was 31 may on Mother, father...

Thank you very much for the wonderful performance! My grandson and I received a tremendous pleasure! The only remark: the volume of music in some places was unjustifiably overstated.

Dar`ya was 04 june on Three comrades

I liked the theater very much. The performance is super! The actors are gorgeous !!!

Viktoriya was 11 may on Deniskin's stories

I went with the child to Deniska stories and she was so croaked that tears from her eyes flowed ... Super theater and super actors, we will definitely go again. Pleasant home environment, nice staff. Thank you very much and further creative success to you. You fellows!

Ekaterina was 11 may on Three comrades

Great !!!)

Tat`yana was 18 may on Three comrades

Thank you very much for a wonderful evening! Everything for 10 points, starting with the possibility of electronic booking of tickets and actually the performance itself, we have not the first time, in plans, further communication!

Stepan was 09 may on Five stories about love

Excellent, sincerely!

Alena was 01 june on Deniskin's stories

My son Artyom and I laughed heartily!)) A wonderful script and a game of actors! Thanks for the festive mood and emotions !!!

Anna was 23 march on Deniskin's stories

An excellent performance, despite the fact that children are portrayed by adults, and I am very skeptical about this kind of productions, everything was very harmonious here, everyone was laughing, both adults and children

Natal`ya was 29 march on Mother, father...

I liked it very much, thank you very much. We want to get to Deniskin stories and seagull JJ. Livingstone))))

Visitor was 29 march on Mother, father...

Wonderful, wonderful performance!

Irina was 01 may on Mother, father...

A wonderful performance for children with a very deep meaning for adults! Thank you!

Sofi was 18 april on Seagull Jonathan Livingston

I liked it very much!

Marina was 18 april on Seagull Jonathan Livingston

It was not bad, but I'm not the first time at this performance and I was a little upset about the new lineup, firstly because the old ones played much better, I would even say wonderful, in the second because I'm probably used to them and always went there! The new staff could not show what I saw with the old

Veronika was 27 april on Night is tender

I liked it very much!

Natal`ya was 26 april on Mother, father...

Really liked it! We will definitely come again !!!

Daniil was 25 march on Three comrades

Excellent event, great actors!

Tat`yana was 26 march on Night is tender

Thank you, all liked Pts)

Ol`ga was 25 march on Three comrades

Very pleased! Thank you!

Lapenok was 15 march on Five stories about love

I really liked the performance, I will recommend it to my friends. Thank you for your emotions.

Uliya was 16 march on Five stories about love

Thank you, everything was great! We will definitely come again!

Aleksey was 10 march on Three comrades

The performance "Three Comrades" left extremely positive emotions. Excellent actors play, interesting, fascinating staging. I want to convey my gratitude to everyone who took part in the organization and, of course, the director's group. Thank you for a pleasant evening.

Marina was 10 march on Deniskin's stories

Very pleased! 10 out of 10. We are going to your mom, daddy's sister ...

Stanislav was 16 february on Hunted horses are shot

We liked very much, we hope to see other performances

Uliya was 09 february on Deniskin's stories

Thank you, such a cool modern theater! From the play "Deniskin Stories" daughter in full delight - laughed and showed skits, made faces like actors! I remember her very much and even decided to read the entire book of Dragunsky))

Viktoriya was 09 february on Deniskin's stories

"Deniskin stories" in your performance conquered my children! Thank you for the real theater!

Maria was 10 january on Seagull Jonathan Livingston

The production of Pts is original, all are plastic, the seagull has amazed fiz by preparation

Mariya was 04 january on Deniskin's stories

I really liked the production, the child is delighted! We are glad that there is a modern repertoire and also comical that teaches children humor! Thank you!

Galina was 12 january on Three comrades

Thank you. From the performance in ecstasy, once again many thanks.

Vladimir was 05 january on Deniskin's stories

I liked the performance very much. Denis Korablev is incomparable. Be sure to come again!

Nadegda was 08 december on Deniskin's stories

Delight! Adults and children are incredibly happy! Thank you very much for positive emotions!

Elena was 03 june on Deniskin's stories

It was the first acquaintance with the theater. There were very pleasant impressions. Be sure to go to other performances.

Konstantin was 27 october on Windows, streets, gateways

Very sensual and musical! Wonderful! Thank you.

Ekaterina was 20 october on Mother, father...

I liked it a lot, thank you

Tat`yana was 17 november on Hunted horses are shot

Great performance! "Number 13" and the host show - are incomparable !!! Bravo!!!

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