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Feedbacks from viewers
Aleksey was 14 february on Crime and Punishment

It is very nice to realize that there are a lot of young talents on the Moscow stage, and that this splendor can be seen for ridiculous, at present times, money. Separate thanks to Dmitry Brusnikin for finding and teaching these guys !!

Tat`yana was 12 february on Crime and Punishment

A wonderful game for young actors. Unexpected submission of Dostoevsky. Why not? In any case, I did not cause any negative. Perhaps the schoolchildren have not yet read the story, it will be incomprehensible action, but if you are older than this age and Dostoevsky "passed", then it is very interesting to look at this reading of the work. We are very glad that everything has taken shape in the universe and we got to this show. Guys, you are good fellows! Good luck in the future!

Ekaterina was 30 october on HISTORY OF HISTORY VOL2 - OCTOBER 25/10 / 17.Vecher2

Staging in the genre of storytelling, very inspiring, masterful performance of the guys Brusnikina. After the play, I want to read about the revolution, about the agents, about Dzerzhinsky, Lenin.

Ol`ga was 25 september on The demons

Excellent performance "Brusnikinets." Guys - the fire!

Svetlana was 08 november on The demons

Well done! :)

Fedor was 18 march on The demons

Absolutely incredible event. Talented actors, a very complex technical performance, and so much spiritual energy is invested that it is still impossible to come to your senses from what you saw. Thank you for this miracle.

Mitya was 08 september on The demons

Bright, unusual, young, conceptual and good

Perepelitsa was 17 march on The demons

It was too loud and tedious at first, but then everyone was inspired. Most impressed Kirillov. Thanks to all the guys.

Aleksandra was 30 may on The demons

I liked it very much! In such ecstasy from the play, I was never before! Thank you, for the wonderful actors and a lot of impressions!

Galina was 01 april on The demons

01.04.2015 saw the play "The Possessed." I was pleasantly surprised by the unusual production. You are immediately involved in the ongoing process and you become a participant in the action from the viewer. Very interesting scene in the house of Virginia, with which the play begins. Throughout the performance, one does not lose the feeling that you are in the next room and watching everything from the slightly open door. You become an involuntary witness of the murder of Shatov. The suicide of Kirillov made a strong impression. The actors managed to convey the horror of his deed. Played a spectacular performance. Well done! Thank you!

Ol`ga was 03 april on The demons

04/03/2016 were with the company in the play "Demons". Very unusual impression of the play. Just want to say that the guys fellows, Spread from the heart, as described above, you get right from the viewer to the action participant. But immediately I want to warn you that you need to go with a positive attitude. Unforgettable ending of the production ... unusual ...

Lev was 26 october on The demons

A magnificent performance! Actors, direction - brilliance. The best production of Dostoevsky ever. MCH in a red coat - phenomenal)

Nadya was 18 november on The demons

I liked it very much, we will come again!

Alla was 08 november on The demons

The performance is stunning! Students do not play, but live in the world of Dostoevsky.

Irina was 08 november on The demons

Thank you, I liked it very much!

Gosha was 18 november on The demons

Suicide Kirillov impressed! Worth seeing.

Kristina was 31 may on The demons

I liked the production very much. Young guys are very talented, they play well and sing beautifully. But the main performance is very original and interesting. I never imagined that Dostoevsky's "Demons" can be so modern and interesting to put. Thank you.

Ekaterina was 08 november on The demons

Excellent !!

Irina was 08 november on The demons


Anastasiya was 30 january on The demons

A performance that I want to watch more and more ... I liked it very much!

Lilya was 24 april on The demons

So close the theater to me was not, probably never. Thank you

Sergey was 27 october on The demons

Energetic, original and expressive, always to view! Bravo! Thank you

Anna was 08 november on The demons

Thank you so much!!! A wonderful production, which caused a storm of different emotions! Very talented actors, working with full dedication, and, of course, impeccable direction.

Marina was 30 may on The demons

Very much ponravilos.Obyazatelno come again and recommend to all friends!

Natal`ya was 27 october on The demons

Many thanks! The performance was unusual and surprising. Especially liked the dynamic nature of the action and the unconventional interpretation of the production. Many thanks to the actors themselves, it was very pleasant to talk with them before the performance.

Visitor was 26 october on The demons

Very good performance, thank you!

Maria was 08 november on The demons

Oh! Thank you for asking! I really have something to say. I really liked the actors' play: mimicry, diction, expression - everything! Interesting production. What I did not like - it's too loud noise effects. For such a premise, too loud. Thank you!

Elizaveta was 24 april on The demons

Awesome, elegant, brilliant Brusnikinets!

Irina was 18 march on The demons

The performance was very much liked by the sincere play of the actors and the transfer of emotions, I really liked how they played the roles of Shatov and Marya Timofeevna

Elena was 26 october on The demons

I liked it very much. Guys fellows! Bravo!

Valentin was 12 april on Stories about history. Evening 1

Stories about history! What it is? This is a story-building semi-step. A great project of M. Brusnikin graduates, both old and small. It turned out very interesting, no decorations and other things, only people, only stories! And of course live MKhAT music in the interval. In general, come and hear everything yourself, each time different people and, accordingly, the stories themselves. Completely cost to spend on it, and time and money! It was cool!

Mihail was 12 april on Stories about history. Evening 1

We went out with friends to the Evening. Impression is a complete delight. In fact - this is a set of real solo performances, sincere, real and addressed to You. Guys, the storytellers are cool talents, carry into the story instantly so that the eye does not tear off, make and laugh, and cry when appropriate. We already bought tickets for the evening2.

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