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Feedbacks from viewers
Anna was 09 january on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Nudyatin! I almost fell asleep. In my opinion an unsuccessful performance. Unsuccessful scenery - from wooden decks, heroes running around them - nothing is audible. Why then introduced the role of the author - the actor playing Mark Twain says quietly and indistinctly - nothing is audible - have to strain, and it's annoying. Well, generally boring. You could have made everything more cheerful and more interesting. Although the actors who play Tom and Huck are good, and they have fun with everything, and with a twinkle, but the production does not save it. On the theater, the big hall, there were 9 row of stalls, everything was seen, but the children were sitting in front of us. The best places in the 8th row are in front of him a passage.

Katrin was 30 november on Musketeers

Very pleased!

Elena was 18 may on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Very good performance!

Anastasiya was 01 march on Purely English ghost

Elegant performance! One of the most loved. We looked a second time. My sons are ecstatic.

Natal`ya was 08 march on Deniskin's stories

Very good, funny performance! I liked everything: the actors' play, the decorations and the atmosphere of the 70s (music, furnishings, fashion). Before the visit, it would be good to read the stories of Dragunsky-the children will gladly watch familiar subjects and, of course, laugh.

Svetlana was 26 october on Musketeers

Many thanks. I liked the performance. Fencing is generally wonderful

Tat`yana was 23 november on Purely English ghost

My child really liked the play. He watched it 5 times!

Marina was 28 september on Purely English ghost

The performance is amazing. Very dynamic, with humor, a great game of actors. The play uses interesting director's findings. Were with 2 boys (10 years old). We watched in one breath. Many thanks to RAMT.

Sasha was 26 september on Deniskin's stories

We liked it, especially the second act. all was good

Tat`yana Vrublevskaya was 25 january on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Were with children 5 and 10 years. The play was very pleased, the children were interested.

Elena was 30 november on Musketeers

The production is chic, Thanks to all the actors for the pleasure they brought!

Anna was 28 september on Musketeers

Good afternoon! The performance is magnificent, I and our 16 year old son are very impressed. Thanks to the theater, the actors, the director!

Ulya was 02 march on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Everything was wonderful!

Elena was 05 october on Musketeers

The play was liked by children and adults

Pavel was 02 november on Musketeers

The actors play leaves much to be desired, unfortunately. But the fencing scenes were good.

Natal`ya was 22 february on Purely English ghost

It is interestingly delivered. There is something for every age. Thank you

Nadegda was 24 january on Musketeers

Went with the children of the 7th grade. There is not enough dynamics, it is tightened. If it were not scenes with fencing, it would not be interesting at all.

Ol`ga was 03 may on Deniskin's stories

Charming performance. Author of the staging Ksenia Dragunskaya. All stories are 100 times read-re-read, and the play looked as if it had never heard anything like it before. Actors were real children, even a 7-year-old child believed that these were children. And the audience was sad and laughed too, really. Perfectly. Thank you so much

Ludmila was 06 january on Purely English ghost

I liked it very much. Children 11, 12, 18 years and two adults visited this theater 06.01.15. A wonderful idea, a wonderful ghost. We will come again.

Svetlana was 24 april on Approaches and two others

I liked the play for both my 14-year-old daughter. Cheerful, light. Without vulgarity. A lot of positive remains after the performance. To everyone who loves the humor of Averchenko, Ilf and Petrov I recommend.

Andrey was 22 february on Purely English ghost

Went with children 5 and 9 years. Impressions of all are very good: the older one loves this fairy tale and accepts it even in a buffoonery shell, the youngest laughs wildly when recalling all sorts of eccentric Ghost tricks, especially checking tickets with an ax in the back: "White tickets are invalid!" She wanted to be checked, and how scary ... And for a long time, under the impression of the performance, the girls repeat in unison: "A lady can not be beaten ... She can only be slaughtered or strangled ..." and "This is the blood of Eleanor de Canterville ... "I, as always, liked the freshness of the Ratta actors. This time, it was also gratifying that the parody turned out, the grotesque was excellent, but did not come out of the shores.

Olga was 28 september on Purely English ghost

I went 10 years with my daughter. She really liked it.

Svetlana was 01 march on Purely English ghost

The play is worth seeing only if you go with children. We advised him to see how interesting it was for adults, so they were disappointed.

Elena Rogova was 10 november on Musketeers

The performance was like, but in the hall uncomfortable chairs and stuffy!

Marina was 01 april on Approaches and two others

The play really liked! About life, fun, not beaten! The game of actors, above all praise! All in one breath, had a great evening !! Thank you very much!!

Ol`ga was 18 september on Approaches and two others

Approaches (Krasilov) and two others - Gromov (Isaev) and Klinkov (Krivoshchapov) And even if there was no one else and nothing - it would still be a delight! Therefore, the most valuable in this performance is the game of these three. No second of doubt, no fake. Bravo! Yes, at some points the action was hanging up, yes, at times I wanted more farce, but the play does not let go, keeping the viewer in intense attention all these for almost three hours. And after leaving the theater he does not let go. It recalls the scenes with Evdokia Antonovna, the inimitable scene with Anna Evgenievna. And Mary Nikolaevna? How can you not remember her? And Marusya, so businessly kneading dough! I can not forget about Marusya. But most of all, those three main ones are remembered. Approaches and two others. Reckless, but so sincere! And how do they change to the finale? Heart directly rubs. Is Avertchenko really relevant and is this play actual today? Yes and yes! From the stage, and blows pre-revolutionary Petersburg, but the action can easily happen now. And yes! Personally, I now know how to answer the question: "What is the meaning of life?" Because the answer prompted in the finale of the play is the most suitable one! :) Go to the theater!

Marina was 05 october on Deniskin's stories

Were at the premiere of the play with my son and friends. I liked the performance !!! They watched without taking their eyes off. Very nice atmosphere !!! Thank you!!!

Ol`ga was 28 february on Purely English ghost

Disgusting performance. Not interesting, vulgar, cruel. It is a pity the time and money spent.

Oksana was 08 march on Musketeers

The concert really liked, thank you very much for a pleasant evening in a friendly atmosphere

Natal`ya was 06 january on Purely English ghost

Great performance. I recommend. I liked both children and adults.

Ekaterina was 01 october on Approaches and two others

I really love Averchenko, and this is his play and "The joke of the patron" almost from childhood. Perhaps, none of our Russian writers have such a lyrical, soft and really funny humor. Therefore, do not go to see what happened at the RAMTS was simply impossible. As a result, tickets were bought for the next play, and we went. We had the edge of the first row, and it turned out to be better than I expected, although I suspect that here the ideal places are the first row of the balcony. In general, the viewer is harmful, picky and it is difficult to please me. I see everywhere a lot of shortcomings, and here they are too, but we must admit that the "Approachers" are, perhaps, one of the most pleasant performances among those that we have seen in the last couple of years. Firstly, I was pleased with the actors. They were perfect for their characters. Straight all three. A little chatter at the very beginning of the play, but then they got into the right rhythm and everything went great. Secondly, (about a miracle!) In the play did not begin to add almost no current problems, the beginning of the 20th century and the author's text, as it is. How rare it is now, and how good. Thirdly, it was excellent to catch this passing feeling of student friendship (and it does not matter that the characters are older), when all are poor, but happy, when there is time to play with words, argue, love, play tricks, laugh; friendship, which later (alas?) loses its lightness and sincerity, overgrown with obligations and proprieties, but how great that it was. In general, it turned out to be an easy kind show with a kind of intellectual touch, from which we got real pleasure, and I sincerely advise everyone.

Elena was 30 december on Musketeers

RAMT Musketeers December 30, 2014 Not the first time in this performance. We advise you to watch - the classic of the genre, dynamically, touchingly, interesting scenes of fights, intrigues, and Milady! Thank you for your feelings that you share with us. Lena and the company.

Ol`ga was 18 september on Approaches and two others

Approaches (Krasilov) and two others - Gromov (Isaev) and Klinkov (Krivoshchapov) And even if there was no one else and nothing - it would still be a delight! Therefore, the most valuable in this performance is the game of these three. No second of doubt, no fake. Bravo! Yes, at some points the action was hanging up, yes, at times I wanted more farce, but the play does not let go, keeping the viewer in intense attention all these for almost three hours. And after leaving the theater he does not let go. It recalls the scenes with Evdokia Antonovna, the inimitable scene with Anna Evgenievna. And Mary Nikolaevna? How can you not remember her? And Marusya, so businessly kneading dough! I can not forget about Marusya. But most of all, those three main ones are remembered. Approaches and two others. Reckless, but so sincere! And how do they change to the finale? Heart directly rubs. Is Avertchenko really relevant and is this play actual today? Yes and yes! From the stage, and blows pre-revolutionary Petersburg, but the action can easily happen now. And yes! Personally, I now know how to answer the question: "What is the meaning of life?" Because the answer prompted in the finale of the play is the most suitable one! :) Go to the theater!

Nadegda was 16 november on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Great performance, great music, dynamic, bright

Irina was 05 october on Musketeers

Were children (13 and 12 years old), were very satisfied. Thank you.

Ludmila was 15 june on Musketeers

Sumptuously!!! The music is beautifully chosen, and there simply are no words about dances. After only because of Burykina went to the cinema on the tale "The Secret of the Four Princesses" to once again enjoy the talent of the actor.

Vyacheslav was 21 march on Buddenbrooks

In my opinion, it is too comical and with a disproportionate reproach for money (in the book all the same more about the internal collapse). The game is good, strange costumes.

Nadegda was 11 january on Buddenbrooks

Wonderful performance

Tat`yana was 15 february on Buddenbrooks

A stunning performance! Actors play very emotionally and sincerely! Very pleased! Thank you!

Mariya was 21 february on Rock'n'roll Tom Stoppard

Thank you very much, the show was very pleased, we will be happy to come again!

Aelita was 11 january on Buddenbrooks

The performance was like - a good professional game and scenery, conveying the atmosphere of time and place. Thank you

Larisa was 24 march on Rock'n'roll Tom Stoppard

Many thanks to the creators of the beautiful performance Rock-n-Roll. A very harmonious production, with the beautiful nostalgic music of Pink Floyd. Admired by the brilliant acting works of Ilya Isaev, Ramil Iskander (this actress discovered for herself in this performance), Peter Krasilov, Stepan Morozov.

Elena was 17 january on Rock'n'roll Tom Stoppard

Very deep play, many new and interesting received

Uliya was 19 april on Buddenbrooks

Very unusual performance. A minimum of scenery, no historical costumes. At first I was perplexed, I'm a fan of traditional reading. But then I got involved, very much. Teenagers do not need to drive a performance, they will be bored. A wonderful performance for a thinking adult viewer.

Evgeniy was 24 march on Rock'n'roll Tom Stoppard

The performance, scenography and direction are interesting, I really liked it. The only thing that overshadowed all this was the presence of schoolchildren in the hall (on the posters the age limit was +18), who laughed at the "adult" words and frankly missed ... To not be bored, my advice to you - read if not the play, at least the story of that period, which in this play is described.

Oksana was 24 march on Rock'n'roll Tom Stoppard

YES YES YES!!! Interesting, expressive and deep! Well played, dance, live! Excellent work of the director and actors. Was first in RAMT. I liked the theater and the troupe, the "Musketeers" are on the line.

Ekaterina was 15 february on Buddenbrooks

A beautiful performance, symbolically everything and it is actual))

Irina was 08 december on Buddenbrooks


Amal` was 14 february on Buddenbrooks

Unusual production. The most complicated work is delivered easily and with ease) I recommend

Ol`ga was 15 february on Buddenbrooks

They spent time with advantage, the actors are magnificent, the production is interesting. I advise

Novak Natal`ya was 11 january on Buddenbrooks

Thank you so much!!! It is delightful !!!

Lubov` was 11 january on Buddenbrooks

Great performance !!!

Ol`ga was 11 january on Buddenbrooks

There were at the performance the whole family with his daughter 15 years surprisingly but she liked, although different tastes, very much liked the play of the actors. Bravo to the director! Best regards, Olga

Elena was 11 january on Buddenbrooks

All ponravilos.spasibo!

Oksana was 01 november on Buddenbrooks

I liked the performance. Only a large queue at the cash desk for e-ticket.

Irina was 17 january on Rock'n'roll Tom Stoppard

A wonderful performance, a great game of actors! Thank you!

Marina was 08 december on Buddenbrooks

Were there in December 2013! The performance is absolutely stunning! and laughed, and sank.

Ludmila was 21 february on Rock'n'roll Tom Stoppard

February 21, 2014. went to this play. Very interesting. The actors played wonderful! Bravo!!!

Pavel was 22 february on Yin and Yang. Black version

This performance should be watched along with another verse with all the same, so many different.

Svetlana was 07 november on Yin and Yang. Black version

The performance was wonderful. Sorry for the location we were not successful. the left side of the balcony, and virtually all the mesa-scenes were on the left. The right side would be much better. We read the entire Fandorin, and despite the fact that Akunin has several other descriptions of the characters, and the killer is clear right away, the actors' play and the theater visit left extremely positive emotions.

Ol`ga was 27 september on Dunno-traveler

The play was liked, kind, cheerful, the artists are good, but the scenery needs updating.

Svetlana was 20 october on Yin and Yang. Black version

Very pleased! Thank you!

Larisa was 20 october on Yin and Yang. Black version

Good afternoon! The performance really liked, especially the son (12 years). Going to the White version.

Svetlana was 20 october on Yin and Yang. Black version

All very cool! Thank you for finally buying tickets online. Ramt as always on top

Uliya was 07 january on Dunno-traveler

The performance of Neznayka-traveler will appeal to girls and boys aged 5-9 years! Very cheerful music, we sang it for another hour while driving from the play. and P. Chernyshev, the stranger himself made the impression of a real naughty boy, ordinary like everyone else! It would be for our primary school teachers to go! All the boys are such, replicas of tricks and friendship soak in more easily than the book! Any places give an excellent overview and a picture of the hall! And the metro is 2 steps away! In general, the ideal leisure and think the child is over, not just a show.

Preobragenskaya Irina Dmitrievna was 30 october on Dunno-traveler

Great performance! A low bow to the actors! The administration of the theater could work better. Usually, late spectators are sent to a balcony or a gallery.

Svetlana was 05 january on Scarlet Sails

The performance is remarkable. Younger singing artists, interesting scenery. Unusual storytelling. And scarlet sails at the end of the play are simply mesmerizing! I recommend to visit!

Else was 27 february on Scarlet Sails

A wonderful performance, one of the most loved in RAMT

Tat`yana was 16 march on Scarlet Sails

The production is great. I strongly advise buying tickets somewhere in the middle. The impression of one of the special effects will then be stronger.

Roman was 24 april on Chekhov-GALA

The play is good! The actors liked the game!

Tatyana was 16 november on Scarlet Sails

The performance was watched by the whole family with children of 12 and 10 years old. The children watched the whole play with open mouths. Beautiful music, for the soul of the suffices performance of songs, laconic, but mood-giving scenery. The scarlet sail was very drowning over the auditorium. Thanks to the actors, the director, the composer. I wish I could have such wonderful performances.

Veronika was 16 november on Scarlet Sails

Were at the play with a 13-year-old son, I liked very much, they sing perfectly, the sail at the end of the play looks very good.

Evgeniya was 15 january on Nuremberg

The theater is what he wants to show! This performance is created, that is called "for the day's rage"! There is a performance of 2 hours without intermission, but it is not possible because the spectator breathes what he sees, break into an intermission, means to lose courage. Actors of almost the whole troupe of the theater are involved. And they play their roles brilliantly. The history of the Nuremberg Trial is told. Has received huge pleasure.

Nadegda was 27 february on Scarlet Sails

Beautiful production! the work of actors at a very high level! Do not bring children 11-12 years, this is a play for teenagers.

Irina was 18 january on Chekhov-GALA

Excellent light ironic and touching performance! Actors are so organic in their roles that there is a complete sense of living stories. I expected that the novels would go one by one, and it turned out that they were intertwined with each other. In this case, the actors of all the scenes are present on the stage at the same time. I think that with joy I will go to this play again, in order to pay more attention to the action of the second plan. And of course, an absolutely incomparable final monologue that brings the line under the whole action and leaves room for reflection.

Natal`ya was 28 march on Scarlet Sails

Great performance, great music, dances, scenery, and, of course, the performance of talented young actors. And from the finals the whole hall was simply delighted! I advise everyone: go and you will not regret!

Natal`ya was 30 october on Scarlet Sails

The performance is extraordinary! The daughter is delighted! Thank you!

Sergey was 14 november on Nuremberg

A wonderful performance! I will be highly recommended to my fellow lawyers. The professional component is disclosed to 100%.

Irina was 26 january on Scarlet Sails

January 26 I was at the play with my daughter 16 years old. A great play! A great game, incredible vocals of actors. ... an impressive ending of the play. My daughter and I enjoyed watching.

Elena was 04 october on Scarlet Sails

Thank you so much. I liked the performance very much.

Gleb was 15 march on Chekhov-GALA

It's just a mega-extravaganza. If four single-act comedies of Chekhov are mixed as a cocktail (very competently), then the effect of the string-intrigue-denouement-climax is amplified fourfold. We watched it with friends two years ago, and we are going to go again. Perhaps this is the best review for any performance. Bravo!

Natal`ya was 27 february on Scarlet Sails

A stunning performance! M. Dunaevsky is our everything! The performance is a musical. The ticket specifies an age limit of 16+, went with a 13 year old son (pass through the program), both are delighted! A wonderful play of actors: I. Isaev (Longren), A. Veselkin (Menners-father), N. Uvarova (Mary) and vociferous Assol-Rozovskaya! All-all actors - well done! A separate respect to the musicians. I liked the play more than the book, so A. Green would forgive me, and such, you will agree, rarely happens! The finale is amazing, I sobbed ... So lovely ladies - only waterproof mascara :-). All good viewing!

Irina was 07 may on Nuremberg

I really like the theater, its classical approach to staging performances, a wonderful game of actors. But the performance "Nuremberg" we did not understand. A huge number of people on the stage (according to the program of 50-odd people), but most importantly, the main idea of ​​the play (that is, "on the surface" - the horrors of fascism and the desire of the Allies to conceal them in order to reduce the role of the USSR in the war) but this is said tens and hundreds of times. Or is it to the 70th anniversary of the Victory? Very patriotic performance, but I would not recommend viewing it to friends.

Ol`ga was 26 january on Scarlet Sails

In the New Year holidays they visited together with my family, which consists of 3 people (I, my husband and daughter are 14 years old), this performance. As always, and we are passionate admirers of this theater, we were very pleased. As always, the work of all the participants is at a high level: actors, costumers. Moreover, this is a performance where many sing, although the attitude to these kinds of events is mixed, but we were satisfied. And, of course, the culmination of this performance did not leave us indifferent. Thank you very much for the holiday you give us!

Ekaterina was 31 october on Chekhov-GALA

I liked it, I do not regret about the time spent, the performance is dynamic, I did not have to miss it. I love Chekhov. This is only my second trip to this theater. Both times were successful. I hope to come again, there are already scheduled performances, which I would like to go.

Elena was 16 november on Scarlet Sails

Many thanks for the story about love and faith, for a wonderful performance, an explosion of emotions, sincerity. The film is insanely emotional! My children enjoyed 12 and 13 years very much, discussed for a long time, remembered the songs. We are grateful for this miracle! THANK YOU!

Natalia was 16 november on Scarlet Sails

A musical, poetic performance. I'm already an adult, but this familiar story helped me to relive moments of delight

Ludmila was 16 march on Scarlet Sails

March 14 on the stage of Comrade Yermolova held a mono concert of Sergei Yurievsky "Familiar unfamiliar" instead of the canceled performance "Flight with an Angel." I respect Jurassic, scenes from the plays played great, lost in time, all plunged into the created S. Yu. On the stage. I do not understand Brodsky's poetry, that is why, at times boring (he read a lot of his poems). Meeting with S. Yu. Jurassic was pleased. But, I really wanted to see the story about Chagall, it's a pity that the performance did not take place. When will I be in Moscow ????

Ol`ga was 01 november on Yin and Yang. White version

Great performance! Alexei Veselkin gorgeously plays the role of Fandorin! I advise everyone.

Ludmila was 16 march on Scarlet Sails

I really liked the performance: the production, voices and manner of performing all the soloists!

Anonymous visitor was 21 march on Yin and Yang. White version

I was very pleased with what I saw. As always, the actors are great. The plot is insanely intrigued! Unravel the skin of the characters brewed all this mess is extremely difficult! Come and you to break your head over the soonest solution!

Nadegda was 27 february on Scarlet Sails

Sumptuously! We will come to you again!

Svetlana was 28 march on Scarlet Sails

Beautiful performance. I went with my daughter, but I liked it most of all. Unusual scenery, not quite the usual interpretation, beautiful Assol, wonderful songs. And when the scarlet sails sailed at the end, I even got tears. I highly recommend those who have teenagers.

Alisa was 05 may on Scarlet Sails

Thanks for a wonderful evening! As always, Ramil Iskander, Denis Balandin and Ilya Isaev are magnificent. I went 11 years with my daughter. And she, and I really liked the performance and the play of the actresses. It's not very clear why 16+ costs. I think you can safely go with younger teens. The ending with scarlet sails over the hall is fascinating, even if you expect to see it. The play leaves very bright feelings.

Kseniya was 06 november on Chekhov-GALA

Madly liked the performance! A beautiful, deep play of artists, enticed and fascinated! There was something to laugh at and think about! Remained wonderful emotions after visiting this performance.

Elena was 16 march on Scarlet Sails

My daughter (18 years) was walking with her friend. Were in full delight with the game actor, and special effects. Now I recommend it to everyone.

Igor` was 08 january on Chekhov-GALA

The first time I visited the RAMT - so the tickets took unsuccessful - on the mezzanine, where a part of the scene is simply not visible. But even this did not spoil the impression of the performance! Excellent acting of the actors, the set action - all five story lines went simultaneously and alternated, as a good clockwork. Bravo to the director and actors!

Ol`ga was 04 october on Scarlet Sails

Great, very much. Thank you

Konstantin was 28 december on Scarlet Sails

The performance is unusual, the plot is somewhat different from the book, or rather the reading of the book is another. Assol and remains a teenage girl, it is not very clear how to her, a tomboy, an adult man falls in love. However, in general, music and its performance are worthy. They play all very emotionally, it is clear that they are investing.

Anna was 31 october on Nuremberg

Great performance !!

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