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Feedbacks from viewers
Yana was 03 june on Faust and others

Visiting the performance was a pleasant surprise, because the event was a cat in a bag chosen for KudaGow on a certain date. Confused is that of the familiar Petersburgers, incl. leading theatrical (in a good way :)) way of life, no one knew about such a wonderful place. For the theatrical performance today, the absence of skittishness and jokes below the plinth, justified by the words "modern art", is already a big plus, and then there's the staging, the game of young actors, the light ... Everything is more than pleased. In general, the play for those who do not understand "modern art" :) Thank you very much to everyone who put his soul and work into creating the play.

Natasha was 07 february on Hamlet

Actors, as always, play great and the audience applauds standing. But why, why put this lattice, beyond which there were no favorite faces. And how creak!

Anna was 15 january on Dubrovsky

Very bright and emotional statement. I liked the unusual decision to take the actors from the stage to the auditorium.

Lidiya was 22 june on Hamlet

Thank you for immersion in the classics! I liked the performance of the actors to me and my son (22 years). Particularly struck by the behavior of the public. Young people aged 15-19 years did not make noise, did not distract actors from the game. I would love to see other performances of the Pushkin School Theater! Kurakova L.D.

Konstantin was 12 september on Scopen's Scouts

Great performance. All artists are 5 with a plus. Particularly impressed were the performers of the roles of Skopen and Mr. Geront.

Andrey was 11 september on Scopen's Scouts

Thank you very much for the performance! To say that I liked it very much - do not say anything! They had an excellent evening - they laughed heartily, experienced a huge number of emotions together with the actors. Remained very very satisfied!

Ekaterina was 03 september on Hamlet

One of the best performances. I want to single out "Hamlet" - well done, !!

Nina was 03 jule on Hamlet

Many thanks, the show really liked!

Mariya was 11 june on Masquerade

Delight! No words wonderful game! Costumes and music are an organic addition, and the interior is worthy of framing the play!

Mariya was 22 may on Hamlet

An unforgettable experience! The game of actors fascinates, completely immersed in the world created on the stage. Especially struck by the actors: D. Wolves and P. Khazov.

Tat`yana was 04 june on Masquerade

I liked the performance very much. The chamber environment, talented and sincere actors' play and the classical text without any unnecessary embellishments left a strong impression.

Larisa was 25 january on Masquerade

I liked the performance very much. Many thanks) We were in your theater for the first time.

Elena was 07 january on Scopen's Scouts

I liked the performance very much! Especially Skapin. Many thanks!

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