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Children`s musical lecture "Piccolo"

Feedbacks from viewers
Al`bina was 11 june on Edward Grieg

I liked it very much! Ella Fradkina is a wonderful musicologist, I would like more such events to be held. The only drawback is the price.

Katya was 03 february on Tistu is a little magician

The performance is wonderful, the kids listened and watched with attention. The only request is to the organizers, we will go to one more performance in December and do not want to repeat the situation that was yesterday. We arrived almost before the start of the performance, it was difficult to park, and when we entered the hall, it turned out that all the seats were occupied, fortunately, there were friends who took their children in their arms and we were able to sit down, although 3 tickets were bought, we got only one place (there were two of us with a child, my husband could not go). Of course, the employees began to fuss and substitute additional seats, but there was no question of a comfortable accommodation for the three of us. Therefore, we would like to ask you to resolve this issue. And also a request for organization, at the end of the concert the performers invited all the children to come up and play the instruments and touch the sand, there were a lot of children and everyone, of course, wanted to, 7 minutes passed and the theater staff asked everyone to leave the hall promptly, maybe there was the next performance after our ... There were a lot of children, the last practically did not get to play and touch the sand, so I would suggest either not to offer the children to play at all or to make more time between performances. And so everything was wonderful. Thank you very much, no organizational moments spoiled the experience, but I want everything to be in harmony and organization and presentation.

Ol`ga was 28 september on Man orchestra

Thank you for the magnificent concert, which both my son and mother liked, we plan to become your regular listeners in the future, with respect Olga

Ludmila was 08 november on Vibrator and five magic wands

It was wonderful, I liked both me and the child. Olga Mikhailovna is a subtle psychologist, the play is built in proportion to the age of the children. In a fairy tale at once you are immersed, and the text and music very harmoniously supplement each other. We will definitely go to other performances of this cycle.

Nataliya was 31 october on Vibrator and five magic wands

Amazing! Olga Piccolo is simply an amazing sorceress, an excellent organizer and a high-class professional! How much need of strength, desire, enthusiasm and love for their work and, most importantly, for children, to create such unforgettable performances! Thank you!

Elena was 14 february on sleeping Beauty

Perfect, like all the performances that we visited. Olga Piccolo is a great psychologist, capable of capturing children of any age, even the smallest. Children listen to both the music and the story as spellbound. We try not to miss a single performance. Thank you.

Anna was 21 september on Xylophone and Bells

Thank you for the concert. Mom really liked it, especially the professionalism of the host. The child liked to touch the instruments after the concert. A fairy tale about the seal and raccoon we now tell at night.

Mariya was 21 september on Xylophone and Bells

I like my mom very much! My daughter responds much more calmly about this event. Let's try to go to another lesson for one lesson.

Larisa was 21 september on Xylophone and Bells

Thank you. Everything is very delicate, intelligent, beautiful! A little loud .... Thank you. We will come again necessarily.

Elena was 31 january on Pinocchio

Stunningly interesting, exciting! Amazing combination of music (vibraphone), fairy tales and sand animation! We are delighted! Thanks to Olga Piccolo !!

Larisa was 07 december on Children's album of the glass boy

A huge thanks to all the creators of this magical, amazing, cognitive, educational, delicate, wise holiday!

Uliya was 20 september on Harp and Viola da Gamba

A wonderful event! The child really liked it!

Natal`ya was 27 may on Sorceress Cello

Excellent concert-performance-performance, like all Piccolo lessons !!! His son really likes Piccolo's concerts, and at the end of this concert he had an opportunity to pick up a bow with the musician and play the cello of the 18th century !!!! Delight and the son and me!

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