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Theater "Mansion"

Feedbacks from viewers
Ekaterina was 10 may on Zangezi

a wonderful performance, emotions are the most positive. Many thanks to artists for the subtle understanding of the poet

Oleg was 24 april on "AGAIN" A.Kamyu

Being at the presentation on 20.04.18, I remembered K.F. brothers Coen "whose man was not", by the way, and in Wikipedia about it remember. It's not for me alone that the analogy goes into the eyes. And even somewhere Bashmachkin "a little man with small desires" in the French manner. Sometimes I just wanted to stand up for him: "May you leave him at last from him ...." An interesting idea. Interesting game of Constantine Gayaho in the role of the protagonist around which the plot revolves. Nice and Natalia Eskhi, reincarnated in the course of the performance in completely different characters. Great!

Anastasiya was 19 march on Indian classical dance

Bright, colorful and lively performance! Live sound, amazing atmosphere and amazingly talented dancers. The concert really liked, we will definitely come again.

Uliya was 21 september on SHORT DreamweaveR FMDostoevsky

Thank you very much! I, as an unsophisticated spectator, are satisfied with the performance, but I hope that it will become more spacious in the hall. I would also be happy to receive an invitation to a meeting-discussion of this and other performances. The last meeting on "meek" like in 2012 was, and the audience more and more)

Alexi was 30 november on SHORT DreamweaveR FMDostoevsky

Went to the meek for the second time. The first time - 5 years ago. Everything is super!

Aleksandr was 13 october on So spoke Zarathustra

Thank you for the interesting production! The combination of monologues, choreography, vocals, interweaving of the German language fascinates, helps to better understand the author and an hour and a half flew by unnoticed. I did not want to leave.

Uliya was 09 may on Cabaret Decadance

Thank you, I liked it!

Nadegda was 13 march on So spoke Zarathustra

Thank you very much for the performance! A magical, subtle and fascinating production, and Dmitry Podnozov is absolutely indescribably beautiful. Special thanks for the part with tea drinking, to look at the beautiful conversation of beautiful people is a pleasure.

Olga was 26 june on So spoke Zarathustra

Great performance !! Thank you)

Connstance was 13 march on So spoke Zarathustra

Everything was great!

Uliya was 12 april on So spoke Zarathustra

Thank you very much - to the theater, to the actors and spectators for the extraordinary atmosphere of intimacy. We will come again)

Katerina was 14 march on So spoke Zarathustra

It was very emotional and true, I would have said it unusually, not like everyone else, this performance will be remembered for a long time. Thank you very much for this work to the actors !!! I was very satisfied))) very much!

Semen was 14 march on So spoke Zarathustra

Many thanks! We really liked it, and we will definitely come again!

Vera was 11 may on Girls. About This and About That ...

Thank you for the wonderful performance! I liked the game of actresses and especially singing. It was interesting to remember the classics and listen to unfamiliar things. And thanks for the performance "Decadence"

Tat`yana was 15 april on PUSHKIN-PUSHKIN or Kin-PushkinPushkinPush

Yesterday I saw "KINPUSHKINPUSHKINPUSH", I want to thank the wonderful actor duet of Catherine Ionas and Mikhail Kuznetsov, the director Boris Birman and all those involved)) The performance looks in one breath, a lot of humor, good subtle humor, the audience reacted somehow very synchronously, that we were all on the same wavelength. Thanks to such a chamber scene, really, you feel yourself not just a spectator, but a participant in the process. Bravo!!

Marina was 05 march on PUSHKIN-PUSHKIN or Kin-PushkinPushkinPush

For the first time was in the theater "Mansion". I really liked the play. Everyone who loves Zoshchenko's work, Averchenko, you here. Good actors, thank you. The only minus-uncomfortable to sit tall people, the distance between the chairs is very small. I do not know how to arrange chairs during other performances, but this is such a problem.

Tat`yana was 15 april on PUSHKIN-PUSHKIN or Kin-PushkinPushkinPush

Yesterday I saw "KINPUSHKINPUSHKINPUSH", I want to thank the wonderful actor duet of Catherine Ionas and Mikhail Kuznetsov, the director Boris Birman and all those who are involved)) The performance looks in one breath, a lot of humor, good subtle humor, the audience reacted somehow very synchronously, that we were all on the same wavelength. Thanks to such a chamber scene, really, you feel yourself not just a spectator, but a participant in the process. Bravo!!

Elena was 03 october on PUSHKIN-PUSHKIN or Kin-PushkinPushkinPush

Great performance !!!!!!!!! We walked for two generations, I liked it so much that I did not express it !!! Many thanks to the actors, Catherine reincarnated from the image to the image and thereby forced the audience to dive at the time when the anniversary of Pushkin was celebrated. Many thanks for the pleasure !!!!!!!!!!!

Inna was 01 jule on The King Dies

Great performance! Filosovskaya sostplevlyayuschaya high, makes you think about many things ... THANKS for a wonderful evening. With best regards Inna

Nadegda was 23 march on The King Dies

Thank you for the stunning performance. Dmitry Podnozov is more beautiful than anything that exists.

Lubov` was 26 september on SACRED WORKING BOOK (flashback)

Great theater. I could return to reality for a while, but a good acting game and my imagination brought me back. I liked the performance myself, in addition to what Pelevin had, apart from his interesting thoughts, there was the director's hand, which added a good amount of humor to all this. It was very appropriate. Pelevin with humor - and it is necessary. I liked the amount of music that distracted from sometimes very important thoughts. Important thoughts should be combined with relaxation, one can not immediately serve them, music was like a conductor between thoughts and us. I like it! But, I advise you to read the story "the holy book of a werewolf" for a start, because it's hard to watch without understanding the topic.

Galina was 27 may on "AGAIN" A.Kamyu

I really liked the play. A wonderful game of actors, a tense, rapidly developing plot ... And with this, attempts to reflect (the viewer) on the meaning of human existence and on the attitude to the world. 5+

Angelika was 15 may on "AGAIN" A.Kamyu

The actors were amazed by their play! I am delighted! Thank you!

Ivan was 27 february on "AGAIN" A.Kamyu

There were 27.02. A wonderful performance! Very pleased! In general, everything is according to the book, but the actors play, the work of the regression work allows me to feel the world of the protagonist more fully and sharply, rather than create my imagination, after reading it! And if you have a thought flashed through your mind to go to him, then definitely go and do not doubt!

Aleksey was 16 march on "AGAIN" A.Kamyu

True play of actors. Excellent catching setting. Have reflected) Thanks!

Tat`yana was 15 march on "AGAIN" A.Kamyu

An unusually piercing performance. I immediately reread Camus. Thank you.

Kate was 01 jule on "AGAIN" A.Kamyu

I liked the production very much. Bright and emotional. Breaks templates.

Elena was 15 march on "AGAIN" A.Kamyu

Thanks, the performance impressed. With pleasure we will come again

Tat`yana was 15 march on "AGAIN" A.Kamyu

Thank you! I really liked the play. I re-read Camus.

Lena was 15 march on "AGAIN" A.Kamyu

A wonderful play of actors

Timur was 25 january on "AGAIN" A.Kamyu

I liked it very much. Thank you for a nice and interesting evening.

Anna was 12 november on The ship Exupery

Very delicate and exquisite performance. And very touching. In a stylish, aesthetic, popularly-staged chamber theater. Everything is at the level of emotions, guesses, movements, hints. Such a theater of the absurd, but the pleasure of it is enormous.

Lubov` was 26 march on P. Gynt

We watched in the "Mansion" the premiere play "Per Gynt" (Saturday, March 26). The game is wonderful. And the overall impression of the performance is the same. Not all, unfortunately, realized that the play takes place in the hospital for mentally ill people. There are hints in the course of the play, but it becomes clear already in the first scene, when one character for a long time monotonously beats against the wall. And what else to explain everything that is happening on stage? Futile search for the elusive self? Perhaps, and so ... And yet: an error in the text. Henrik Ibsen must, of course, be corrected. At the end of the day, darkness is not coming from the west, but from the east. So, or otherwise, look at "Pera Gynt" in the "Mansion", do not regret it!

Nikolay was 26 march on P. Gynt

I liked the performance. And the actors play, and the ambiguity of the plot.

Yana was 04 march on SACRED WORKING BOOK (flashback)

Thank you for the spectacular performance! I liked it very much. And Pelevin is brilliant! :)

Konstantin was 29 march on SACRED WORKING BOOK (flashback)

I liked it

Dmitriy was 19 october on SACRED WORKING BOOK (flashback)

Hello! In the theater "Mansion" yesterday were the first time. Impressions, both from the production, and from the theater as a whole, were only positive! Thank you so much! We will definitely come again!

Lisiza was 03 june on SACRED WORKING BOOK (flashback)

The fox is adorable and looks like a wild sometimes even more than in a book. Action - here it is, very close, reach out and touch ... Final - even, probably, more impressed than in the book: in the book you only read about it, and here it is, you are part of what is happening, jumping into the rainbow flow Together with A Huli. Performances from books (especially loved ones) are always harder to watch, because you constantly compare with images that long ago, from the first reading, live in your head - and, of course, the images do not match. But at this performance I forgot for a few hours about my "they all did not do so!", So bright was the Fantasy On Theme.

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