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Theater "Mel" of E. Makhonina

Feedbacks from viewers
Nataliya was 26 march on Puss in Boots

The performance is designed for schoolchildren. Young children of 4-5 years old can hardly sit out for almost 2 hours even with intermission

Uliya was 18 december on Marriage in Italian

The play immediately engages in the turbulent life of the Italian family. The theater is cozy, homely, and the viewer is completely immersed in the atmosphere of the play. Together with the actors is experiencing violent emotions and enthusiasm! How wonderful that the performance "Marriage in Italian" reminds us of important human values, about the family, about children and makes us think. After the performance, there is a sense of purification and, at the same time, fullness. And what a game of actors! A wonderful Sunday evening, I recommend!

Uliya was 18 december on New Year's performance of "Emelya"

I was with children 3, 8 and 10 years on a tree in the theater MEL last year. Very cozy, family atmosphere. Beautiful costumes. It's great that the show was loved by all our children near the tree and the play! Then they discussed the performance with each other and beat it at home 😃 We will definitely go this year too !!!

Tanya was 03 november on Frosty

I also liked the performance very much. And the performance of artists is professional and the production is good, not quite classical. , There are interactive with children. The room was warm ..

Ekaterina was 16 february on Mousetrap

In the theater, Mel was the first time. The theater impressed with its cozy atmosphere, and the play looked one breath.

Elena was 26 september on Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

Were at the play with the child on 26.09.15. The theater is small and cozy. The performance was like, at the end the child said: "I want more!"

Ekaterina was 16 february on Mousetrap

I liked the performance. Decorations and light are very interesting.

Natal`ya was 10 november on The Scarlet Flower

Very much ponravilos.osobno snyishke.Spasibo great for the holiday!

Galina was 18 april on Hamlet (staged by E. Makhonina)

We watched Hamlet on the 18th of April. Of course, it's worth a look! The original idea, the costumes are good, the great Hamlet, the amazing Ophelia, played by a very young very talented girl, and all the young actors are worthy of praise! They played very well. Actually, it is their game (Hamlet, of course, in the first place) and the performance is drawn! Unfortunately, the details spoiled the whole picture so much that it is impossible to say nothing about them. Footwear! When the "king" came out in winter boots, which were right at the eye level of the spectators, since the performance is on the stage, it was awful! The king after this personally for me in the play was gone. It seems that some performers went into the theater's premises and went to play Hamlet in this unclean street shoe. In my opinion, with such great costumes, it would be worth more respectful of them! And sometimes very loud. Elderly people would be hard to watch. Once again many thanks to young actors! Yes, I want to mention the work of two guys who played three roles (guards, Hamlet friends and gravediggers), well done!

Pavel was 22 february on Tomorrow was the war

A stunning performance! For a long time I did not get such strong emotions! The children playing in the play are extraordinary! I want to go again, and bring as many people as possible)))

Oksana was 06 march on Tomorrow was the war

It was the first time in this theater. Cozy, cute, homely. The play left a strong impression. It's just fantastic, that the main roles can be played by children ... I recommend that all adults and children from 10 years of age should be viewed compulsorily. And do not be embarrassed by the small size of the theater and the lack of scenery on the stage - where there is Iskra, Vika and 9 "B" - they are not needed.

Timofey was 23 october on Tomorrow was the war

I almost accidentally got into this performance, I never regretted it. The theater is small, homey, but not guessed. that young actors will so well enter into their role. Well conveyed the atmosphere of those times. Thank you so much.

Igor` was 15 may on Tomorrow was the war

To put in the role of the whole soul in 15 years is just amazing! Especially struck by the game Lisa Fedorova, which managed to out of a funny image Zinochka Kovalenko, to which we are all used to after the famous Soviet film, create a real drama. Simply clever. Katya Voronina) surprisingly accurately conveyed sensitivity, intelligence, the depth of Vicky Lyuberetskaya, which could not not love. And of course Alisa Tarasenko is a true Spark, looking at which it was easy to believe that in a year she would become a coherent Soviet underground). Looking at Valya Vorobyova, Lesha Khvorova, Alena Alibina, Ksenia Suvorova, I caught myself thinking that I do not see children in them 21 century, playing the role of the generation of their great-grandfathers, namely, them, girls and boys of that distant pre-war period, the line between the stage and life has become so blurred that it is simply amazing! A huge thanks to you, dear!

Nataliya was 21 february on "My poor Marat"

For the first time, it can be said by chance, I got into this theater. Small, affable - at once, in all it is felt, that you here waited. Welcomed in the dressing room, romantic candles on the tables in the foyer. In this case, no one does not impose anything. The hall is small, large distances between the rows - it is comfortable to sit. It's about the organization. Performance. Artists play with full force! 2.30 h with such a soul tell their not a simple story ... We received great pleasure. Thank you very much for a wonderful evening! We will definitely come again.

Irina was 19 march on Too married taxi driver (Ray Cooney)

Was at the play in the theater "Mel". Very cozy theater, friendly staff. Actors are beyond praise, they work with full dedication. Not for one minute for all the time of action do not release the attention of viewers. Thank you very much for all the staff of the theater. I recommend.

Pavel was 21 february on "My poor Marat"

Sincere actors (especially liked Lika), a piercing performance, a tiny cozy theater. On the whole, I liked it, it's a pity that the hall was half empty (probably because the theater is not fastened).

Ol`ga was 21 february on "My poor Marat"

Good performance! The actors are beautiful. There were few spectators, which is surprising, because The quality of the game actors above all praise! I watched the same performance in the Mossovete - there were much fewer impressions, but ticket prices were three times higher). The chamber of the theater and the full return of the actors are the success of this performance. Thank you

Ol`ga was 25 january on "My poor Marat"

Were at the play with a friend on January 25, 2015. Terrific. At some moments, they could not stop the tears. Thanks to the actors! True, Lika and Leonidika are not played by the people who are listed on the site. Come again!

Irina was 17 may on Frosty

I liked it very much. And not only for children, but also for adults

Mariya was 22 february on "The eldest son"

The actors play is amazing! Good luck to them and good luck. You fellows!

Sergey was 13 september on Little Baba Yaga

Very low quality

Marina was 07 december on "My poor Marat"

Were there in May 2013. The performance was good, but it seemed a bit prolonged. For three hours he walked without intermission. And in the evening, after work, it is difficult so long to sit out!

Irina was 16 november on "The eldest son"

Visiting the performance was a great pleasure! The spectator managed to plunge into the life of an ordinary family, to experience and rejoice over them ... Excellent actors' play and a pretty swing in the scenery ... I advise you to visit this performance, something your venerable and young spectator will find in him! :)

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