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Feedbacks from viewers
Irina was 05 january on The Snow Queen

"Snow Queen" performance is not just for children! Wonderful scenery and acting! Fascinating! Enchanting! I advise everyone to visit. We were 31.12.2017 and the place we got on the balcony and we did not regret it! A wonderful performance, bright, spectacular and you find yourself in childhood! Thanks to the actors and theater staff! Super!!!

Svetlana was 24 november on Mad Money

Very pleased! The costumes are wonderful, the actors play fine (especially fond of Telyatiev). It was both interesting and funny. Electronic tickets are really very comfortable, the staff is very smiling and nice. Sitting in the 2nd bed of the 1st tier, note that only 2/3 scenes are seen so - but still the impressions are only the most positive!

Sergey was 24 november on Mad Money

A bright, humorous performance, as, however, always on Ostrovsky. A great play of actors. Full room. We sat in the first tier, 2-3 seats in the first row, can be seen very well, even without binoculars. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Irina was 20 november on Vasa Zheleznova

The premiere performance was wonderful, the artists were worried, but from the middle of the play showed all the virtuosity of the performance! The performance was looked at in one breath, even a son - a teenager noted it. Excellent setting with the disclosure of the idea of ​​the work. Makes me think. THANK YOU. Organization of a meeting of guests at the highest level.

Ludmila was 20 november on Cinderella

Were yesterday with my son 5 years. Good staging. Children reacted, experienced, laughed, rejoiced. The theater is wonderful, with velvet curtains, a huge crystal chandelier, lodges and other attributes of the academic theater. We liked.

Ekaterina was 15 february on Subarctic

Were with my son (12 years), the performance was wonderful, the cast was wonderful. Classics, which the children must see. I liked everything very much!

Irina was 11 january on Subarctic

I bought tickets to my parents, they really liked it, they did not miss me, even my dad! all were satisfied and left the theater with a charge of positive emotions.

Ekaterina was 02 february on Subarctic

Was at the play with her daughter (9th grade), the performance according to the 8th grade program, and she and I liked it. Very convenient location of the theater and comfortable hall.

Ol`ga was 16 february on Subarctic

Thank you, I really liked it, the children, they looked with pleasure for 9 years, then they discussed what they did not understand.

Oleg was 02 february on Subarctic

the performance really liked, especially the seven-year-old son! Many thanks!

Ol`ga was 09 november on Subarctic

Wonderful performance, walked the whole family, not a bit regretted!

Olga was 05 january on Subarctic

Dima 12 years really liked the specter "Nedorosl" January 5, 2015 at 11:00, even asked to go again. He broke out at the end that he was still a little better than Mitrofanushka, so that everyone around was cheerful and laughed with understanding ... Thank you. The images of Skotinin and Mitrofanushki are transmitted vividly and, most importantly, modern

Natal`ya was 13 december on Subarctic

Went with children 10 and 11 years. They were not very clear, but the performance of the artists was appreciated. We, mothers, are totally ecstatic. Feel free to recommend.

Svetlana was 08 march on Subarctic

Children 15 and 11 years looked "Недоросль" in ДК МАИ. I liked it very much. Most memorable Skotinin - a great game!

Irina was 22 november on Subarctic

I liked it very much. Thank you.

Mariya was 09 november on Subarctic

The performance is rather boring, the hall is ugly. Poor sound. The diction of the actress, Mitrofanushka's mother, is terrible. The hall is bad, the toilet in the DC is dirty. Performance for the top three.

Irina was 01 february on Subarctic

Very good performance, classic, according to the book. Actors play smartly. There was a full hall, mostly teenagers. We watched all with great pleasure.

Marina was 02 november on Subarctic

With great pleasure we watched the play "The Minor". The performance was wonderful, the actors played brilliantly, with full dedication. Many thanks to all.

Natal`ya was 20 november on The truth is good, but happiness is better

Many thanks to the actors for the wonderful performance! Have a rest soul! Very pleased! It is gratifying to see in the hall the lack of free places, including after the intermission! Very few in Moscow there are theaters, unfortunately, where the actors honestly do their work, and the directors do not mock the classics! But the Small Theater, thank God, preserves traditions, preserves theatrical values! Thank you for that! Health and good luck!

Ekaterina was 01 march on Subarctic

I liked the theater very much, courteous and attentive staff, comfortable dressing rooms. The performance is excellent, Skotinin was on top! However, I think that "Non-Horoscope", like other comedies of the school curriculum, is created for adults more than for children. Actors fellows! We will go to other performances.

Viktoriya was 01 march on Subarctic

Thank you, wonderful performance, awesome actors play!

Nataliya was 01 march on Subarctic

March 1 were with his grandson in the play "The Minor" in the Maly Theater. Everything pleased, starting with the benevolent attitude of the theater employees, convenient places to the impeccable actors' play. The performance through the school program interested the grandson, watched with interest immovable. Thanks for the excellent work of all those, who is busy enlightening the younger generation, who does their work honestly, with a soul!

Irina was 23 march on Subarctic

I liked the performance. Thank you. We really hope that we will have time to visit your theater before closing.

Visitor was 01 march on Subarctic

Great performance. Thank you!

Larisa was 02 november on Subarctic

Thank you, received a charge of positive emotions, were with the children, they liked it.

Svetlana was 02 november on Subarctic

The actors' play is magnificent, both adults and children liked it. Buying tickets on the site did not make the slightest effort, everything is simple, fast and affordable. Thank you.

Anastasiya was 05 january on Subarctic

The staging of the comedy is very good! The actors of the theater are great, especially Starodub and Mitrofan.

Marina was 01 march on Subarctic

The performance is super! I liked it, more than such performances!

Andrey was 01 march on Subarctic

Thanks to the "great Talents", people who love doing their work! A magnificent production of an immortal comedy in the most wonderful performance. The classics are absolute !!!! In general, performances for modern adolescents - is in our time almost a heroic deed. In order not to descend to them, but to raise them. And this is achieved in this performance. I was with my son for 11 years. In the full hall there are classes 5-7. And silence, attention, full inclusion in action. My deep bow to the actors, to all who put such a wonderful thing. There are few, very few in Moscow now of such true, beautiful and correct performances. If you are "sick" for the minds and souls of your children, then boldly go with them to such productions.

Tat`yana was 01 march on Subarctic

I liked it a lot, thank you

Ekaterina was 02 february on Subarctic

Performance is excellent, high quality. The shortage is complete chaos in the wardrobe, the whole impression of the theater is spoiled. Very stupid and unprofessional cloakroom attendants, they should be worked with.

Irina was 02 february on Subarctic

The Small Theater is a classic. Classics with a capital letter. The performance of Nedorosl is another confirmation. I recommend everyone who loves Russian art and literature, especially adolescents.

Natal`ya was 16 february on Subarctic

Thank you Ogom! They were touched by the game to tears.

Svetlana was 23 march on Subarctic

Many thanks to the Artists! Sumptuously!

Viktoriya was 31 january on Subarctic

A wonderful setting for teenagers. Wonderful actors, we really enjoyed it (went with my son, 12 years old). Very interesting finds from the actors, which is especially animated by the youth in the hall :)))

Elena was 16 february on Subarctic

I really liked the play. Thank you.

Irina was 02 november on Subarctic

The play "Nedorosl" very liked!

Dasha was 16 november on Our people - we will be numbered!

Good day, November 14, we visited a wonderful play "Our people will be numbered" "We received a sea of ​​positive emotions, a beautiful setting, a wonderful game of actors! Bravo, bravo, bravo!

Vladimir was 07 november on KING BORIS

Great performance! Classics of theatrical art! For the first time I visited the Maly Theater, very beautiful. True place was not "the best on the big ticket", but somehow they got help looking, sitting sideways to the scene :)

Lidiya was 30 april on The Mysterious Box

Performance for recreation. Easy, beautiful, great orchestra.

Tat`yana was 25 april on The Mysterious Box

The performance really liked, easy, musical and positive! It will please both children and adults. Especially liked costumes and scenery, bright and competently selected. and of course I really liked the idea with the orchestra on the stage !!

Margarita was 25 february on The Mysterious Box

A stunning performance, a play of actors, an atmosphere and the theater itself! Thanks for a wonderful evening!

Kristina was 07 january on The Mysterious Box

The setting inside did not affect. I liked the organization-all in time and prompted everything.

Irina was 25 february on The Mysterious Box

Thank you. Liked. On the next visit to the capital I will definitely come

Svetlana was 25 february on The Mysterious Box

A wonderful performance! Bright costumes, live music, beautifully selected actors! Thank you Little !!!

Vera was 08 june on The Mysterious Box

Veikoyoepny performance. The Magnificent Orchestra. Thank you for a well-researched evening.

Kcheniya was 07 march on The Mysterious Box

The performance is just super!) I'm delighted!) The actors play at 5+, beautiful scenery, a live orchestra! I'm still under the impression) I recommend it to everyone! Comedy cheerful in 2 acts) we laughed heartily!)

Sergey was 13 february on The Mysterious Box

I liked it, it's a great acting game. Knyazev Sergey

Nina was 07 march on The Mysterious Box

Was on March 7 at the Maly Theater in the play / vaudeville Mysterious box. The performance was very much liked.

Panaleks was 30 october on The Mysterious Box

Great, I liked it.

Uliya was 08 december on The Mysterious Box

The play left an ambivalent impression. On the one hand is very beautiful, musical. The game of Alexander Klyukvina, Alexandra Ermakova, Olga Pashkova is impressive. On the other hand, it is very striking (perhaps because they were sitting close), not the age-matched match of actor Alexei Konovalov (Saint-Félix), the young man plays very elderly.

Visitor was 30 december on The Mysterious Box

The performance is wonderful!

Dar`ya was 13 february on The Mysterious Box

With pleasure we watched the vaudeville "mysterious box". Bright performance, the original decision to arrange the orchestra right on the stage!

Natal`ya was 13 february on The Mysterious Box

The performance produced a very pleasant impression from the beautiful actors' play, the musical accompaniment of the orchestra, and left a good mood after watching. Many thanks!

Elena was 04 january on The Mysterious Box

Excited! Svetlana Kryuchkova reads wonderful

Anastasiya was 04 january on The Mysterious Box

It's boring, the plot is banal, I did not like either the grown-up or the 14-year-old. They regretted that they would not hand over tickets when replacing the performance.

Irina was 04 january on The Mysterious Box

I liked it very much. Thank you.

Aleksandra was 04 january on The Mysterious Box

Very pleased! Thank you!

Evgeniya was 07 january on The Mysterious Box

Beautiful vaudeville. Live music is amazing. Wonderful decoration, good voices. Thank you!

Evgeniya was 07 january on The Mysterious Box

Beautiful vaudeville. The orchestra perfectly fits. Good voices. Nice decorations. Thanks.

Nikolay was 26 october on Mad Money

Brilliant acting of the cast, highly professional work of the director and artist of the sets. Thanks to this, the performance looks at one go. As a result, a perfectly spent evening and a charge of good mood for a few days.

Ol`ga was 29 september on Poverty is not a vice

Great performance! We got pleasure from the building itself, the production, the actors' play !!!

Lubov` was 26 september on TALENTS AND DEVELOPERS

We liked the play very much. The small theater does not change traditions, and a wonderful play of actors

Elena was 05 december on Auditor

Thanks to the site I visited a small theater, got a lot of impressions and good mood. A wonderful play of actors, attentive attendants of the theater and comfortable conditions made a unique impression. I played with my daughter and received a lot of thanks from her.

Inna was 11 february on Auditor

I really liked the play. The actors played wonderful! Got a lot of fun.

Aleksey was 23 may on Masquerade

Stunning performance and the very atmosphere of the theater. The game of actors is magnificent, especially Boris Klyuyev. I am very glad that I went to the theater.

Marina was 03 june on Auditor

Small Theater pleased! Classical production, while very lively and dynamic. A wonderful play of actors, an excellent work of the director. And the main thing is that it is not terrible to bring a child. A wonderful performance! Thank you!

Marina was 02 november on Masquerade

Beautiful classical setting. The actors play is wonderful. Klyuyev, Nevzorov and Nosik made an impression

Evgeniy was 05 december on Auditor

the performance itself was standard, at last the main stage was opened, Khlestakov - not quite what I expected to see, it was more likely Mishka Yaponchik. Cranberry - Strawberries are beautiful, long wanted to look at him live, to all other claims there. Try not to take balconies - a lot of schoolchildren on the classics on weekdays, grabs them for an hour and a half, then hell cacophony begins from their conversations - whispers.

Irina was 15 march on Auditor

Just wonderful! Beautiful scenery, a good game of actors, a great mood ... What else can you expect from a theatrical performance. Classics are relevant at all times. I recommend.

Ekaterina was 06 may on Masquerade

Has received a great pleasure with real art, incomparable in sensations with other modern productions, for example, the Vakhtangov Theater. This is real creativity, when the viewer lives with the artist's life of the hero. Thank you very much for preserving the classical productions.

Natal`ya was 21 march on Auditor

"The Inspector" is very pleased: the actors are gorgeous, the scenery is chic! Many thanks to the director for the classical production of "modern vision" and other tricks! Thank you for a good performance!

Dmitriy was 19 october on Auditor

Many thanks, especially for staging performances in the original, without newfangled experiments. modern children do not read much, and going to the theater becomes the main opportunity to introduce them to classics

Ol`ga was 29 june on Masquerade

Has received great pleasure. Thank you.

Uliya was 11 may on Masquerade

The whole performance was pleasant. However, Klyuev in the image of Arbenin did not convince us. He could not reveal the depth of the image, And Nosik, Nevzorov and Kharitonova - on top, thank you!

Nina was 06 may on Masquerade

Have fun. Thank you

Alla was 03 june on Auditor

We thank you for the pleasure. Full rapture and a lot of positive emotions. Thank you.

Katya was 01 march on Auditor

The production left most positive impressions. It was the best show I've ever seen. A fascinating game of actors, scenery and costumes. It's delightful!

Marianna was 05 december on Auditor

Thank you for the excellent opportunity to purchase e-tickets on your website. The performance is wonderful.

Ekaterina was 21 february on Auditor

Sparkling comedy Gogol was very modern in the Maly Theater, Really a night of rest and laughter in beautiful scenery and antique furniture. The actors played in such a way that they simply did not feel the game at all. Solomin and Fedorov were able to crystalically approach the classics and, most importantly, zadat desire to visit the theater.

Al`fiya was 11 may on Masquerade

A magnificent performance, an amazing performance of actors, the whole audience applauded standing!

Marina was 21 march on Auditor

Great performance !! The play of actors, costumes, scenery. As my son said: "Now I realized that the" Inspector General "is a comedy"

Tat`yana was 21 march on Auditor

Spectal is wonderful! The actors play is gorgeous !!! Many thanks.

Natal`ya was 21 april on Masquerade

The performance does not capture immediately, in the first act everything seems a bit prolonged. But in the second you look already holding your breath! Liked the wrong word, the Maly Theater as always beautifully puts classics!

Sergey was 11 april on Auditor

Great performance! Each actor played amazingly his role! We went out with a great mood from the theater!

Inessa was 15 october on Auditor

10/15/2014 A magnificent performance: dynamic, bright! The governor is an experienced rogue, fooled by the young scoundrel Khlestakov. Every city official is involved in the intrigue "the inspector is coming to us". Many thanks to all the actors, all the staff of the theater for a wonderful evening.

Elena was 02 april on Auditor

Thank you for the magnificent performance "Inspector"! Talented and very modern! It is necessary for young people first of all, t to without the Newfangled desire of directors constantly on the stage to swear and undress naked! Special thanks to the audience. staff and administrators in the lobby and hall! Elena Leonidovna!

Natal`ya was 02 april on Auditor

A masterpiece of classical production. Performance with a sign of quality. Everything is excellent, from the props to the final scene. Thank you all and a special thank you to Yu. Solomin.

Oksana was 06 may on Masquerade

Good afternoon, thank you very much for the wonderful performance "Masquerade".

Natal`ya was 19 october on Auditor

The production is excellent. The game is simply incomparable. Very grateful for the pleasure

Nina was 06 june on Masquerade

The performance is wonderful! Chic costumes, musical accompaniment, dance numbers. All the performers deserve praise. Arbenin - too good ... Thank you for a wonderful evening!

Ol`ga was 11 november on Auditor

Great performance! Looks at one go, I recommend! Actors played great, in general I'm delighted!

Mihail was 19 april on Masquerade

A stunning production! Got a great pleasure with the girl! Thanks you!

Natal`ya was 23 may on Masquerade

Beautiful Arbenin! Very good Nina. Thank you!

Ludmila was 19 october on Auditor

Many thanks for the pleasure given, the great game of all the actors!

Natal`ya was 11 april on Auditor

The play is staged in the traditions of Russian theater classics precisely according to Gogol. In modern life, you want some kind of drive, novelty. Yes, even so long in time-3 h45min. We left in the second intermission, apparently, were not ready for this. In any case, thanks to all the creators of the play!

Elena was 13 february on Auditor

On February 13, I visited the Maly Theater (the stage at Ordynka), I liked the performance very much, the actors played magnificently. I had a great time, I laughed heartily and believed in what I saw. Perfectly!

Ella was 23 may on Masquerade

Many thanks to all the actors and the director for an unforgettable evening at the Masquerade. The performance produces a very strong, terrific impression.

Indira was 21 march on Auditor

Liked very, wonderful performance, great game! Thanks!

Elena was 06 may on Masquerade

Everything is very good. At the play was Vyacheslav Zaitsev, the author of costumes, rose to the stage, congratulated the actors

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