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Moscow theater "Courage"

Feedbacks from viewers
Zoya was 18 june on Visiting the magician

We went with my daughter for 3.5 years. All the attention of the child was busy. Children are sitting on cushions, some are hard. Time spent well, but most of all I liked the children's room at the exit from the Atrium.

Elena was 28 august on Visiting the magician

"Visiting the wizard" A magnificent performance, a wonderful organization. The child was very fond of 5 years. The second day after the play conjures ...)). Thank you!

Aleksey was 05 october on Three oranges

The child liked it and so did I.

Popolyakova Margarita Vladimirovna was 20 september on Visiting the magician

Wonderful time!

Il`ya was 22 march on Woe from Wit

Unusually, sometimes shocking

Kamilla was 06 april on Three oranges

I liked everything, thank you

Ekaterina was 23 march on Three oranges

It was a small holiday! Thank you very much! For the wonderful atmosphere, for a good fairy tale, for an amazing game of actors, for fighting with pillows!))) Children are happy, and therefore I too!)) Wait again for visit))

Sergey was 08 march on Visiting the magician

All is more than wonderful

Anna was 09 february on Three oranges

The play did not like. Since the very long and tedious beginning of the plot. And the story itself is silly. The performance is considered interactive, because There is communication with children on the course of action. So in my opinion, communication was not enough. The children became bored. The only thing that I liked so much is the dancing with the pillows after the performance and throwing these pillows by the children in the parents and back.

Ludmila was 23 november on Visiting the magician

A wonderful performance, suitable for children 5-8 years. Actors are very skillful in moderating children's activity. The theater itself is very comfortable and cozy, both for kids and for parents. I liked very much that parents can see on the screens the broadcast of how the children are sitting in front on the pillows.

Inga was 09 february on Three oranges

Thank you so much. Children really liked it, we will come to you again.

Rosica was 13 october on Three oranges

Thank you for this amazing performance! I had not seen such ecstasy for my daughter for a long time! Live performance, constant communication with children, the ability of actors to keep their attention, a fairy tale that is created on stage and in the hearts of the audience - all this will bring us to you again and again! Sincerely, Myroslava's mom)

Elena was 26 october on Visiting the magician

A wonderful children's play, really childish, a child of 4 years, remained impressed!

Ludmila was 23 november on Visiting the magician

Many thanks for the wonderful performance, our children (4 and 7 years old) were very pleased! Very comfortable cozy theater, a worthy play of actors! With pleasure, a hairpin yet! Alex and Lyudmila, the children of Taisia ​​and Ilya.

Oksana was 23 november on Visiting the magician

Very, very much. We are delighted and have already bought tickets for New Year's performances.

Natal`ya was 10 november on Three oranges

On the grade

Mariya was 28 march on Toy Bureau

Children's delight is guaranteed! At the request of the child went a second time. I especially like how everything in the theater is organized - children's places, informing parents. The performance is very kind. Children from 3 to 6 years will be especially interesting.

Ol`ga was 12 june on A day at the theater

We went with my daughter to the NG show and the play "Paint." I think that for a small spectator (3-4 years) this theater is just a find. I liked very much the organization and quality of the performance, the interactive game with the spectator and the final finale, when the actors come out to the viewer and arrange either a disco or a war on the pillows. The child was delighted. So do I. We will come again and call friends. Olga and Vasilisa.

Marina was 02 november on Treasure Island

So everything is cool! Children really enjoyed it! Thank you !!! <3

Natal`ya was 21 september on Paints

Thank you for the wonderful performance of Paint.

Anna was 01 november on Toy Bureau

We all liked it, thank you, enjoyed it

Irina was 01 november on Toy Bureau

I liked it very much, we will come again!

Mariya was 17 august on Treasure Island

Children really enjoyed it!

Evgeniya was 23 august on Paints

Very pleased!

Elena was 31 may on Paints

We thank all the employees of the theater for the positive emotions that we get when watching your performances! This is the third performance that we visited with my son. Very colorful and kind play.

Visitor was 29 june on Toy Bureau

All super baby is happy

Lidiya was 01 june on A day at the theater

Theater Courage "Paint" justified completely the name was very colorful the children are delighted with

Julia was 29 march on Toy Bureau

I liked it very much, we will come again!

Vitaliy was 26 april on Treasure Island

Children liked the performance, especially the spider. Thank you!

Olesya was 05 april on Paints

Beautiful, bright, kind, interesting, instructive performance! As always, actors play with great impact and love for small spectators! We will be happy to come to new performances of a wonderful theater in the future !!!

Ol`ga was 12 april on Toy Bureau

Pleasant performance. Thank you very much!

Elena was 27 april on Toy Bureau

We went with my son for 6 years. I liked the performance very much. The son asked me to take Paints for the play. So I hope to visit again soon, your wonderful theater!

Nataliya was 05 april on Paints

We liked! Thank you!

Natal`ya was 16 march on Treasure Island

Thank you. My daughter is 5 years old. I liked the idea.

Elena was 28 march on Treasure Island

In the theater Courage was not the first time and looked "Treasure Island". For the first time visited three years ago at the play "Bureau of toys." Today the theater is still at its best. From the very beginning, an amazing atmosphere: courteous, courteous and competent staff, talented and ardent actors. I want to say about the actors' game separately. Dear actors, thank you for that energy that you bring to the kids and their parents! We recommend everyone to visit the Courage Theater and get a lot of pleasant impressions. I want to return to this theater. But they did not have time to leave, and the children are already asking for another performance. What is there to do? Of course we will!

Irina was 12 june on A day at the theater

Absolutely unexpected performance in the Courage Theater. I myself was a guide and enjoyed watching and "learning" how to revive the tour and turn it into an amazing performance in which the spectators themselves operate. Very good sample. This is what modern children need, and adults are very interesting.

Tat`yana was 10 march on A day at the theater

Good day! I drove my daughter for 7 years on "Day at the theater." From the story of the child, she liked everything (except soup for lunch :), although she liked the dinner). Even at the very end of her head or pillow hit or struck someone that nemgogo smeared a good mood and impression. The idea is very good and overall I liked everything. Staff are friendly

Il`ya was 02 march on Treasure Island

All ok, come again for something

Aygana was 09 march on Paints

Thank you. We liked it. We plan to see the Toy Bureau.

Ekaterina was 01 march on Toy Bureau

Very good performance. Our restless child sat out the whole play on the spot and was very interested in what was happening! Thank you!

Uliya was 16 february on Treasure Island

We've already been to see you on New Year's shows. We like everything very much. Thank you!

Anastasiya was 02 february on Treasure Island

Good afternoon! The text of the play, to be honest, leaves much to be desired ... And with Stevenson nothing in common) but interactivity won everything), and cozy pillows-class! The child liked it. And this is the main thing!

Ol`ga was 08 february on Toy Bureau

Thank you so much! The performance really liked my daughter (3.5 years), and myself. An interesting idea of ​​interactive communication with small viewers, instructive content! I think we will visit your theater more than once!

Galina was 08 february on Toy Bureau

Very pleased! Thank you!

Irina was 30 december on Paints

Were on performance 30.12. I liked very much and me and my daughter 4,5 years. A fascinating plot, an excellent actors' play, bright scenery and costumes, an incendiary New Year disco with Santa Claus at the end of the performance will not leave either children or adults indifferent. In the foyer of all met Snegurochka with Krosh, in the hall before the presentation, master classes were held on making New Year's cards, garlands, etc. After the performance, Father Frost and the Snow Maiden presented gifts to children and were photographed with all comers. Let's go to all the performances in this theater.

Tat`yana was 24 june on Toy Bureau

Were with the child 2 years 8 months - very much! Interactive performance, interesting plot for the child, great costumes. To the work of the site no complaints! I recommend!

Lenajet was 24 june on Toy Bureau

Interactive performance for children. Colorful, fun and original even for parents. Time flew by unnoticed. There are many memories (especially from a motorcycle and a ball). And a very memorable title track. Before the show all the children are given coloring books with pencils, and afterwards - dancing and fighting with pillows, on which the children actually sit in front of the stage.

Valeriya was 03 november on Treasure Island

Super! But Spider was frightened ... for a while at home he was afraid to sit alone in the room.

Al`fiya was 07 november on Paints

Thank you very much, for the happy eyes and indescribable delight of my girls.

Anna was 20 october on Treasure Island

Thank you very much !!!! Children are delighted that in the near future we hope to master the whole repertoire of the theater!

Visitor was 07 november on Paints


Elena was 19 october on Toy Bureau

All very cool! Thank you! We will definitely come again!

Angela was 02 november on Toy Bureau

This performance has become a classic. The child is delighted, and this is the main indicator of a quality product. Thank you.

Ol`ga was 19 october on Toy Bureau

We are grateful for such a magnificent performance !!!! Very relevant for children. Great acting game !!!! Good staging !!!!!

Uliya was 02 november on Toy Bureau

Thank you so much! Representation very much. True, our child (3 years 2 months.) Was hard to sit out 1 hour. 10. At the end ran around the room. Quality performance!

Nadegda was 19 october on Toy Bureau

I liked the performance very much. Thank you very much for the pleasure!

Elena was 03 november on Treasure Island

Many thanks. The performance is amazing. Son in full delight. We will definitely come to you for other performances.

Kseniya was 17 november on Toy Bureau

The most wonderful performance, according to my three-year-old daughter. Thank you very much!

Marina was 20 october on Treasure Island

I liked it a lot, thank you.

Ekaterina was 20 october on Treasure Island

Excellent impressions and the parents and the child, have received great pleasure from the production! The child was delighted! The actors play, humor, colorful! All on top !!!! Thank you so much for what you are doing! We will visit your theater more than once, because this is a real holiday, which you arrange for the guests of your theater with every show !!!

Uliya was 19 october on Toy Bureau

A wonderful performance! Thank you

Alla was 06 october on Toy Bureau

The child was ill and could not come (

Tat`yana was 09 april on Toy Bureau

A stunning performance! I liked both adults and children! Excellent acting, costumes, the main idea of ​​the play! I recommend that you always visit the performance of the Toy Bureau and Courage Theater! Be sure to come back! Thanks to the actors!

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