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Theater of Music and Poetry by E. Kamburova

Feedbacks from viewers
Elena was 05 march on 1900

Deep, multifaceted, wise, elegant and ironic Tribuntsev and competently and accurately compiled play - a very emotionally offensive spectacle. The actor holds the hall from the first to the last minute. After a chilling working week, you begin to feel your thawing soul. Thanks to Timofei Tribuntsev, Alexander Marchenko and everyone involved in creating this miracle!

Elena was 17 february on 1900

A wonderful performance. Incredible, insanely talented Tribuntsev keeps the audience from the first minute to the last. We liked the infrequent, but to the place, exits of Boris Melikzhanov. Very strong philosophical emphasis in the presentation and processing of the play. This is an intellectually and emotionally delicious event that can change the vain, with small grievances, the mood for something bright and warm inside ... I advise everyone !!!

Minihan was 06 september on Seasons...

Wonderful performance, thank you! But the scene is very poorly visible, everything that happens in the meter from the floor is not visible behind the spectators' backs. You need to ponyaat the farther, the higher!

Natal`ya was 05 september on Seasons...

This is the best performance in my life! Admiration, delight!

Irada was 06 september on Seasons...

I am delighted with the talented work of all the performers: actors, singers in particular, musicians, and the whole creative group. Thank you very much for your high professional work and artistic taste and imagination.

Natal`ya was 05 september on Seasons...

The event is fantastic !!! Impressions of the sea ... Thank you!

Minihan was 06 september on Seasons...

Thank you! Great performance!

Anonymous visitor was 07 april on Seasons...

Thank you very much! Daughter 16 years in vostorege.mechtayem get to Absinthe and dr.

Irina was 07 may on Seasons...

Great performance! The game of music and light, caused a lot of emotion. Bravo to artists, the director and everyone who created such magic

Elena was 29 april on 1900

Tribuntsev is one of the best contemporary actors! Thanks to the theater for this solo performance!

Kseniya was 05 may on Seasons...

I liked it very much !!!

Ludmila was 03 may on Seasons...

The sheer delight All liked: live music, beautiful voices, dances, costumes, interesting theatricals. Support Thank you

Viktoriya was 05 may on Seasons...

Zamechatelny spectacl - krasivy, gluboky, 's izjuminkoi'. Bolshoe spasibo

El`mira was 03 may on Seasons...

We really enjoyed the concert! Many thanks!

Aleksandr was 03 may on Seasons...

Brilliantly! Brilliant !! It's brilliant !!! Fantastic, wonderful performance!

Natal`ya Borisovna was 02 march on Seasons...

Delight of the soul from a meeting with real art! Thank you for the flight of fantasy, the saturation in time and space, the brightness of the images. I wish success to the theater and all the performers.

Elena was 20 june on Seasons...

A fairy tale and a dream turning over the idea of ​​music! Space management and professionalism of musicians and performers - that's what drives spectators to this magical theater.

Tat`yana was 12 september on I dreamed of a garden ...

The performance really liked! An unusually warm, creative atmosphere, a real immersion in the Chekhovian era. The mood of the performance - pinched, light sad, gentle and touching images created by actors, are not perceived by "roles", because all performers literally live on the stage. Chamber space is used by the directors to the maximum, there is absolutely no barrier between spectators and what is happening on the stage, the actors look directly into the eyes of the audience, from which the entire action of the performance is perceived even more sharply. And what wonderful voices! .. Everyone - in his place. And I would like to say a few words about Elena Kamburova-I liked her very much, as she experienced for the actors and the audience during the whole performance. It was simultaneously in the stage space of the play, and in the space of the auditorium - as if on the border of two worlds, smoothly flowing one into another, reacted vividly to every change in the emotional background. In a word, the theater of Elena Kamburova, in which we visited for the first time - is the theater where you want to come back again and again, because this theater is with a soul!

Uliya was 08 june on I dreamed of a garden ...

The theater of Elena Antonovna Kamburova is our favorite family theater. And all the productions of this theater are fondly loved. And the play "I dreamed of a garden" - he is very special, bright, sincere. Watched it 6 times in 2 seasons. And we will come again and again! After all, a miracle does not happen much.

Voroncova Nataliya Arturovna was 03 jule on I dreamed of a garden ...

It's delightful! As if I lived all day with real people of the beginning of the last century. Perhaps the words and romances sounded especially heartfelt because the action took place exactly one hundred years ago. Mental thanks.

Nataliya was 03 jule on I dreamed of a garden ...


Svetlana was 05 jule on I dreamed of a garden ...


Elena was 04 february on I dreamed of a garden ...

Delight. A special bow to E. Kamburova for the light of her soul.

Ol`ga was 12 june on Silence behind the Rogozhskaya outpost

March 10 saw a delightful performance "Silence for Rogozhskaya Zastava." All the songs are painfully familiar. Each of them is a whole spectacle. Nostalgia for the past time. Silent sadness of a bygone youth. The voices are really golden! Thank you

Uliya was 22 june on Drops of the Danish King

Wonderful performance, warm, touching, sinking into the soul. Beautiful voices of actors and a completely trusting, chamber atmosphere. Very, very recommend!

Tat`yana was 10 february on Drops of the Danish King

Were on a wonderful play "Drops of the Danish King" in the theater of Elena Kamburova. Impressed. Very much ponravilos.S gladly go to other concerts. Thank you

Larisa was 10 november on Drops of the Danish King

A wonderful performance! The soul washed with tears and joy! ... Thank you

Irina was 22 june on Drops of the Danish King

The performance is stunning. Marvelous voices, very sincere manner of execution. And the atmosphere in the theater is somehow special.

Ol`ga was 22 june on Drops of the Danish King

Very pleasant impression. The atmosphere is almost homely (in a good way). If you love the songs of Bulat Okudzhava, be sure to go.

Irina was 08 september on Drops of the Danish King

A wonderful performance. Such a unity of actors and spectators, as if he came to visit old friends. Thanks to the actors for the wonderful performance of the songs. Even tears in my eyes were turning. Thanks also to the actors-children for their sincerity and selflessness.

Anonymous visitor was 08 september on Drops of the Danish King

I really liked the performance and the atmosphere created by the actors. Recommended to my friends

Irina was 08 september on Drops of the Danish King

It's delightful. Thank you.

Svetlana was 08 september on Drops of the Danish King

A great performance, my husband and I really liked!

Ol`ga was 14 june on Drops of the Danish King

Thank you very much! The performance is very good! I advise everyone! It's really like they were on a visit! Mentally, comfortably, like at home!

Sergey was 08 june on Drops of the Danish King

Wonderful voices and wonderful atmosphere. For Okudzhava who grew up on the songs, this is a journey into youth.

Irina was 09 june on Drops of the Danish King

Great performance! Very soulful! Thank you!

Tat`yana was 08 june on Drops of the Danish King

Thank you all very much! It's hard to express the depth of emotions! So much love for the author, for life, for us, people, and so talented everything is done! Each performer is a miracle with a voice-masterpiece and a pure, singing heart! I did not expect such strength! Thank you very much for the miracle!

Margarita was 09 may on Drops of the Danish King

We visit the theater every week and my 14 year old companions unanimously said this is the best thing they saw and where they were. The best that they experienced in the theater. Thank you, we were happy.

Andrey Ivanov was 09 may on Drops of the Danish King

And the actors and the entourage - everything was fine. Thank you

Lubov` was 22 april on PS Dreams ...

Wonderful delightful performance!

Anonymous visitor was 26 april on Drops of the Danish King

I really like the performance and theater, high level of presentation!

Anonymous visitor was 14 april on Drops of the Danish King

Many thanks for the performance, sincere and heartfelt. Got great pleasure and emotional charge.

Nataliya was 08 may on Drops of the Danish King


Lola was 08 may on Drops of the Danish King

Very necessary performance. Many thanks!

Anonymous visitor was 13 march on PS Dreams ...

Thank you for a wonderful evening, very stylish, great voices.

Ahmet was 13 march on PS Dreams ...

It was a gift ticket :) In fact, I would recommend that everyone begin to get acquainted with the theater with PS ...

Larisa was 12 february on PS Dreams ...

Many thanks for these "Dreams" ... Still in the amazing, pure aura of this performance! Cleanliness of voices, scenography, beauty of poses and movements!

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