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Feedbacks from viewers
Il`ya was 09 january on "Fools"

Defended all traffic jams in Moscow. Miraculously found a parking space, scrolling a couple of times. Hanging their tongues on their shoulders, they reached the beginning of the performance with all the truth and not truth. And ... Comrades, it was great! We had a good laugh. The play itself is at its best. The actors play at altitude. Humor is on top. I would like to carp only to the hall, because during the performance in one of the premises there was a five-minute bacchanalia, but ... The actors with their improvisation could wrap this in a plus. We are delighted! Bravo!

Tat`yana was 22 november on "Fools"

Were with my daughter (10 years) at the play 10.11.17. Have fun, thank you to the actors. Easy, kind, understandable performance. Actors well done, from the first minute plunged into action. My daughter really liked Sophia! Dear actors, thank you for a great evening!

Ol`ga was 22 november on "Fools"

Went to the play "Fools" on Friday with my mother. Both were pleasantly surprised. Excellent relaxation after work week. The sea of ​​humor, an excellent game of actors, interesting theatrical finds, good musical design and fervent dances. The performance is not only for adults, but also for children. In the hall, the children laughed more than adults)) Everyone was in highs. At times, spectators were participants in what was happening. As if we are also residents of this village. All actors coped with their task. Especially I remember the doctor with his wife and villain (such as Koshchei) with tremendous plasticity. Bravo, comrades. I certainly descend again, when there will be an opportunity. Want to relax and neighing from the heart - the play "Fools" 👍, what the doctor prescribed.

Lana was 15 november on "Fools"

Went with her husband to the play on November 10. All bravo, bravo, bravo !! Such positive, upbeat mood remains so far. I fell in love with the teacher and the doctor, and the husband - in the wife of the doctor. Many thanks to the talented director Rustam Mustafin and all the actors.

Nadegda was 15 november on "Fools"

Cheerful, kind performance. On the one hand, nothing special, the scenery is not much, they do not change, but the actors' game captivates - they play well, charismatic, all the characters are interesting and colorful characters. It seems that the performance is simple, but after it you are in a good mood and want to "continue the banquet" for the soul))) It is very convenient that the performance takes place in the building of the Mosconcert, after the end you can stroll and sit in a cozy cafe)

Uliya was 07 november on "Fools"

Went to this performance. The play is very good, positive, and the actors have coped with their task. I recommend to go and see everything with my own eyes.

Elena was 07 november on "Fools"

October 29 saw the performance "Fools". BRAVO !!!! Easy comedy! Actors are laid out 100 percent. Familiar situations of life are played on stage. Charge a good game of actors and their positive energy. We went home with good mood. Thank you! With impatience we will wait for new premieres! Elena.

Il`ya was 02 november on "Fools"

Good, kind performance, very cheerful. Excellent acting, good production. A lot of music, dances, sparkling jokes. I recommend to visit the whole family, you will be satisfied!

Evgeniya was 01 november on "Fools"

went with my husband. nothing special was not seen. but once you can look. next to the children sat, they kind of liked it.

Liliya was 30 october on "Fools"

October 29 this year. was with grandchildren (14 and 11) in the play "Fools", we liked the play, I laughed with children without a break, rested and got a charge of vivacity. The plot of the play itself is a mixture of fantasy and reality. I liked the production, the ease of music and dancing. The artists are expressive, their characters are reliable and very bright. A very organic couple of the Zubritsky couple Nikolai and Elena performed by Dmitry Shvetsov and Irina Antoshina. . In general an excellent performance I descend again. I recommend that you go, you will not regret it. RS, In addition, the performance takes place in the Moskontsert Theater Hall, which is located in the center of Moscow, where one pleasure and the metro are just a couple of steps away.

Margo was 30 october on "Fools"

Was at the premiere of the play. I was very pleased! The actors gave all 100% !!! The performance for any age, is imbued with kindness, like our all-time favorite black and white films! I recommend to everyone!

Sergey was 30 october on "Fools"

The performance is very cheerful and cheerful. I like!

Elina was 27 october on "Fools"

I really love the live game, so I really liked the performance, starting with the scenery and ending with the jokes of the production. Everyone who likes simple but positive productions must go to the show !!!

Aleksandra was 27 october on "Fools"

Were with my son for 9 years, I thought it was early, as it turned out that there is not. A great comedy for family viewing, an excellent actors' play. We are looking forward to the next performances !!!!!!!!

Irina was 27 october on "Fools"

Was at the play on October 11th. If you honestly did not expect that you like it. I recommended to go to friends, they are going to go in November. I want to get out with them again and take the children with me. This is a very cheerful and kind show. A lot of positive and jokes. Until now I am impressed by what I saw. Thanks to the director and actors!

Irina was 27 october on "Fools"

I liked the performance very much, I recommend it to everyone !!!!!

Ekaterina was 26 october on "Fools"

We visited you on the 11th of October. And I will honestly be surprised, pleasantly surprised. After all, now attracted to the hall by frank scenes and modern jargon ... And you, despite the fact that this topic is also relevant, everything is "good", sincerely and somehow easy. In the hall there were schoolchildren and it was noticeable that they were INTERESTING, And this is an excellent indicator. I wish your team success!

Vladimir was 26 october on "Fools"

I admit, initially was skeptical about this performance. But how could I be wrong. The action on the stage from the first minutes captures the viewer's attention and keeps him to the end of the play. A catchy plot, a great game of actors, especially the main characters, make the production mandatory for viewing. Definitely I will recommend to friends!)

Natasha was 26 october on "Fools"

Thank you very much for the bright, cheerful and kind performance "Fools" You decorated our family evening and charged with a positive! We are waiting for new performances.

Ol`ga was 26 october on "Fools"

It is really a comedy that causes laughter and looks in one breath. The play before the last action keeps the attention of spectators. If you want to get positive emotions and get a good mood, I recommend to watch this performance.

Kirill was 24 october on "Fools"

An amusing comic fairy tale with a dynamic plot, unexpected turns and an unpredictable finale was prepared by the actors of the Unity Theater. In the view of a lot of music, dance and humor, so it looks in one breath and charges with positive emotions. Not without the instructive subtext, which is in every fairy tale. The setting captivates with sparkling jokes, the eccentricity of the characters and their incredible antics on the verge of reason. And of course the power of all-conquering Love! And what about without it !?

Aleksey was 01 october on "Fools"

I watched the performance on the 23rd of September. I liked it very much. Light, airy comedy. Very funny. Many original thugs. A fine troupe. An excellent director. Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aleksey was 01 october on "Fools"

Was 23 September. SOPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marina was 27 september on "Fools"

Easy, cheerful performance! Dancing, music, dialogue, interaction of actors, humor - the elements of which this entertainment is composed. It can be seen that the professionals are really playing their game - some actors shone like diamonds. At the beginning of the performance, there is a feeling that you do not understand anything, but over time the whole picture of what is happening is revealed and is formed into the full picture. Great performance, suitable for family viewing! It will not be boring.

Marina was 07 september on "Fools"

Were with friends in the play of this director. We really enjoyed!!! I hope this comedy will be just as bright and cheerful '

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